Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Feb.17/10)
Baron Bon Tail Vagon
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
11 lbs

Let me tell you, I had the name Baron long before Donald Trump named his newest off spring Barron.  And don't think that adding an extra "r" to the Trump spelling fools me into thinking they didn't steal my very royal name.  Humphhhhhh!   Baron Bon Tail Vagon (that's me) doesn't need Mr. Trump's fortune either or his fancy barber for my beautiful sable colored coat (red coat with black overlay).  I just need one special forever home who will appreciate a very social dog. 

Want to hear more about me and why I might be the perfect match for you?   I'm about 5 years old so I'm well beyond that puppy stage. You know that stage when puppies are so adorable but they chew on everything you own and often have accidents? I weigh 11.5 pounds which is just a wee bit on the thin side but that's better than being overweight when we're a small breed. That also means I can have some extra treats while I'm learning the routine at my new home. 

My legs are a bit longer than the average Doxie but there's good news to that. One, my belly won't scrape on the ground when we walk and two, it will help me keep up with you easier when go for our walks. Oh, yeah, I LOVE to go for walks and play outdoors. I can teach you how to play fetch because I'm pretty good at it. Squeeky toys, I can take 'em or leave 'em. I act like a prince in the car when I get to go for a ride - another reason I deserve the name Baron. (I wonder if Donald Trumps little darlin' is that good on car rides?) I sit quietly in the backseat or might look out the window but I have to tell you that I would be a lot safer if you'd crate me in the car or use a doggie seat belt. I could get injured so badly if you had to slam on the brakes or if an accident happened and I went flying. OUCH! 

More of my really good qualities are: I like other dogs, big and small, pretty much immediately. No one has thrown a cat (whatever that is) in my path yet so I'm not sure what I'd do with one of those. I am not a real vocal dog. I can bark but only for good reasons and I'll hush up quickly. If you have to leave me at home -  *sighhhhhh* - I'll be a martyr and be just fine until you return. If I need to use a doggie door, I can do that. I am friendly, happy and may just follow you around the house. I've had my dental done and I'm up to date on shots so if you'd just buy some good quality dog food for me, I shouldn't be much of an expense. I've also been neutered a little late in life but better late than never, right? So you may want to talk to my foster mom about the adjustment period in a new home. 

We could be really fine together, I'm sure. Any chance you'd like to adopt me, Baron, and watch my Bon Tail start Vagon?

Also watch my video

Darling Baron found a great home, with a compassionate couple, residing in 
Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb.19/10)
Poodle/Coton de Tulear "poo-ton"
Female/spayed/shots current
17 months old
13 lbs

"Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Lucy in the sky with diamonds......." -- I don't think the Beatles understood that diamonds don't really make you happy. I sure don't need diamonds or even pearls. I just need ONE FOREVER HOME. I have come a very long way from one of those pet store horror story beginnings. Thank goodness someone rescued me and taught me how to trust and love again. 

 I am an awesome dog in every way. Look at my list of good traits - my foster mom brags that I am VERY sweet, loving charming, playful and I will follow you EVERYWHERE you go staying right at your heels.  I LOVE toys and I can help you shop for new toys whenever you want. I like to cuddle and you know what? When my fur grows out you'll find that it is so silky soft that you won't want to stop petting me as I cuddle up to you and that's just fine with me. I'm also charming and loving so your friends will think you hit the jackpot. I'm small like a miniature poodle and weigh only 13 pounds so that makes it easy to pick me up, travel with me, and love me, love me, and love me some more.

If you want diamonds, you probably need to go to a jewelry store. But if you want me instead (I hope, I hope) just contact my foster mom for an application. I'm going to thank you in advance for picking me and giving me my dream come true - YOU and me in my forever home!
Lucy hit the jackpot with her great new Mom, who adores her, residing in Grayland, WA

(Adopted Feb.27/10)
Toy Poodle
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
9 lbs

Little Sky will brighten your life as though every star was left on to shine just for her. Little Sky deserves the best of homes having suffered some abuse in her past. She responds well to praise (who doesn't?) and LOVES to play, play, play. She has a sweet disposition and she loves to snuggle. She gets along with other dogs, big and small. Little Sky has just a bit of shyness in her but still wants so badly to be part of the real world. There is an occasional accident in the house but with a good solid routine that she can rely on, that issue will be resolved. Any dog will have accidents if the humans aren't paying attention or follow a routine. 

Little Sky will light up your life if you'll consider being her forever person.
*note Sky is a puppymill survivor, it will take a patient person, with time and love in their heart, she also needs to be rehomed with another doggie to give her more security.*

Sky has a wonderful home with two brothers, Cloud and Spirit (nka Chico and Marley) residing in Ocean Shores, WA

(Adopted Feb.28/10)
Princess Neena (nka Daffodil)
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old

I am a small Cockapoo and my name is Princess Neena.  Princess is the name my Foster mom gave me and Neena is my name that my family gave me before they gave me up.  I started out in a Puppy Mill for two years and after I was rescued I went to my new home where I stayed for a year.  I am a 3 year old little blonde girl who is very nervous around men.  I can’t tell my foster mom why I am so afraid but I would love a forever home with a single woman.  I love to be hugged and cuddled and I like to run and hide under the bed or a table because I am a bit shy.  I am quiet and I don’t bark .   I am mostly house trained but have an accident now and then when I don’t get put out side regularly.   I would love to have a home with that very special person who will teach me to trust again.

Please adopt me and give me that special place called “My Forever Home”.

This sweet girl was blessed to find a special mommy, residing in Sequim, WA

(Adopted March 11/10)
Australian Shepherd
Male/neutered/shots current
11 months old
22 lbs/15 " at withers

Miguel is a beautiful active puppy who is eager to please his person.He loves toys and chews and running in the yard with the other dogs. He is learning to play ball and is working on commands. Miguel is house trained and walks fairly well on a leash. He loves to go for car rides and is good in the car

Miguel plays well with other dogs his own size though he can be a bit pushy with some smaller dogs. Miguel needs an active experienced owner who wants a dog to take hiking and to agility and is willing to do training with him. Because he is a big puppy he will not be placed with children (teens OK) or in a home without a yard.

If you have the energy and time to work with this beautiful boy you will find yourself the owner of a true “heart bandit”.

Residing happily in Walla Walla, WA

(Adopted March 11/10)
6 years old
15 chubby lbs

Twinky, Twinky, Little Star,
Now I wonder where you are,
My own family for ever more,
Be it just one or be it four,
Twinky, Twinky, Little Star,
Let me be the one you adore.

Hi everyone,
Just as there are a million stars in the sky, there are a million dogs in the world who are unwanted and need homes. I've worked so very hard to do all the right things and be the best I can be to deserve my forever home. I was overweight through no fault of my own. People just didn't feed me the right things either because they didn't care or didn't know better. I'll continue to work hard for my dream forever person and home. I'll be good if you have to go to work and leave me alone for awhile but I will miss you. I'll take you for walks every day so we can both be as healthy as possible and live a long life together. I'll be happy whether I'm an only dog or if I have some brothers and sisters. I can be happy in an apartment, condo or a mansion. It makes no difference to me as long as I'm loved and I can love you back. I'm also not the barky, yappy kind of dog so that's a bonus and don't you just love my unique color? I'm dictating this message to a typist who thinks my fur color is just elegant. Oh, and that reminds me, I can live without my own personal secretary if you'll just adopt me and love me.

How about it? Could we be happy AND healthy together?

Please also watch my video with my friends.

Fabulous new Mom, now residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted March 11/10)
*sweet lil Chuppie passed to the bridge Aug/15*

Chuppie (formerly Chunky B )
7 lbs  
8 yrs old
Please visit Chunky's Blog to read his progress
"The Biggest Loser:-)"

Please enjoy Chuppie video, it will make you laugh

You all may know me as Chunky B... but I asked to have my name changed since I am not so chunky anymore!  It really does not reflect who I am striving to be now. 

My name is now Chuppie (rhymes with Soupy) 

I was originally surrendered by my previous owner to our local shelter and due to my weight issues I needed a secure foster home where they knew I would stick to a regimen of good food and lots of exercise, so of course they called Furbaby Rescue.

I am loving life living in my foster home with 4 other Chi.  I am in heaven, beds everywhere,  open laps to lounge in... its fabulous.

I am a very well socialized Chi,  I like other dogs and people. I am perfectly crate trained and potty trained (I use a doggie door like a champ) Like all Chi I enjoy sleeping under the covers or wrapped up in a  blankie.  In my foster home they have cats too, I try to chase them "sometimes"  but they are SO fast!  Sometimes I just let them walk right by, I guess I have to be in the right mood to bark at the cats.

I am quiet, not a barker.  Of course I am ahppy to alert you if something needs your attetion, but my foster family says for a Chi, I am quiet. I like playing with toys, and enjoy a bit of tug from time to time.  I am a TOTAL heat seeker... most Chi are. 

You can always find me on a bed that I have pushed up to the heat register.

A history of bad dietary habits gave me some bad teeth, so I went in to the vet and had to have some of them pulled out. (just in the front) But all the rest are now clean and sparkly! My tongue does hang out a tiny bit, sometimes but everyone says its SO cute. At first my blood work showed high liver values, but with all my weight loss.... I am super healthy now!

Right now my life is all about walks, love, snuggles and good healthy food. The vet says they want me to get to 6 lbs then I will be the perfect weight. 

My new perfect home would be with someone who loves to snuggle, talk walks,

meet people and other dogs. (big or small, I like em' all)

 Let me know if you think we could be right for each other!

Finally the perfect home was found, happily residing in Lake Stevens, WA

(Adopted March 21/10)
Kenny (aka Keno)
Male/neutered/shots current
10 lbs "has lost 7 lbs"
6 years old

Kenny is an elegant and sweet little boy who very much needs to find his forever people.  He asks very little for himself other than to enjoy a good meal, a car ride now and then (which he loves) and mainly to cuddle up with those he loves.  This is a little boy who very much needs to feel attached to his family.  He tends to strongly attach to one person but does warm to others with no fuss.  Kenny does fine with other dogs, cats and strangers, as long as he has time to "warm up" and doesn't feel rushed or threatened.  He would benefit from a reward based obedience class to boost his confidence.  Kenny would do best in a home where he was not left alone all day.  He is used to the company of other dogs and would really love to have a stay at home person and another small dog companion, if possible.  It is really time for him to find his family.  He has a lot to give.

Please also watch my video with my friends.

Living happily in Monroe, WA

(Adopted March 24/10)
Teddy (fka Keanu)
Chihuahua X
Male/neutered/shots current
22 (still chubby lbs)"lost 7 lbs"
6 years old

This confident and outgoing six year old little boy is looking for a family to call his own.  His foster mom thinks he must be a Chihuahua/corgi mix (chorgi) with those straight up ears and tubular body.  She showed corgis, so has a good eye for them.  He looks at you intently and wrinkles his little forehead.  Teddy is a sweet boy who loves to go - anytime/anywhere.  Because he is outgoing and confident,  he would benefit from training to help him understand what his humans are expecting of him.  He gets along well with other dogs and when he sees dogs playing wants very much to join in.  He also is fine with cats.   As Teddy's personality is more dominate than submissive, he would do best in a home with no small children.  He is used to being with other dogs and would very much appreciate being able to have another dog to play with.  He is very much committed to his weight loss program and loves to go out everyday for exercise.
Please also watch my video with my friends.

Now happily living in Puyallup, WA

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