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(Adopted May 31/03)
Terrier Mix
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
15.6 lbs/12"tall

Rambo is a sweetie. His soulful brown eyes gaze into your saying “Don’t you want to be my person? I will love you for always.” He is cuddly and full of fun. He has the greatest smile and just wants to be with you …when he isn’t busy exploring. Rambo can be an escape artist especially when he is in a new place so it is important to have a securely fenced yard. He loves to play with other dogs, and does well with children...

Shelby (Jack Russell/Chihuahua)
  & the Six Pack

I swear it must be puppy season, and careless owners.  Shelby was found in a garage giving birth to these six precious babies.  The babies (April 2/03) are about 10 days old.  All attempts at finding her owner came up blank, so than I was called.  Shelby according to my vet is about 3 years old, at this time weighs 14 lbs.  she is so sweet, she gave no hesitation as I handled her babies, and gave me a tail wag, and a Bichon wave...she is a darling, dancy girl.... she and her babies (when old enough) will need a home.  There are 4 males, and two females...
April 14/03 (3 weeks old)

(Adopted June 4/03)

Shelby is available (June 3/03) her new parents, have had family medical emergencies, and do not feel, it is a good time to bring this girl home, I am very sadden by this news, as they were a wonderful home, but now a bit about Shelby, as she now needs a new forever home.  Have you ever met that special person, who is like an old soul, that is Shelby, she is a wonderful girl, kind hearted, intelligent, she has a uniqueness that is hard to describe, living with such a special dog, enlightens your heart.  I know her beginning was not good, I know someone was mean to her, as there are things that make her uncomfortable, I am in wonderment, that anyone could have harmed her, as she has the kindest, and gentlest nature.  Whatever family adopts her, will understand, once they get to know her, that she is more than special, she is an angel, that whoever she touches, will be so very lucky.
She found that lucky family, living locally in Lynden, WA, great Mom and Dad, and adorable Cocker named Rufus:-)

Nine weeks old



Ivy *passed to the bridge Oct/16 she had an awesome family and was adored*



Yanni *nka Cosmos
passed to the bridge March 24/17*

Mikey (nka Cooper)went to his new home May 24.  He now has a great Mom, a super young boy, to play with, and a Dad who loves this special pup..residing in Lynden, WA.
Ivy went to her new home June 12.  And is she a lucky spoiled baby, parents who came every weekend to spend time with their new daughter.  She has a new brother also, a peke brother, who I am sure will show her how to wrap the parents around their paws, which I don't think will be too difficult:-) residing in Bellingham, WA...
Cato (nka Torro) went to his new home, May 24..he got a wonderful family, with his new brother Nelson, new to him, but one of my spoiled in Sequim, WA
Kevin (nka Harley Davidson) went to his home, May 24, another lucky puppy, who went to a dear family, his new bother Junior, with a special place in all our hearts for Cuddles, who passed away in April 03, residing in Sequim, WA
Eden (nka Molly) went home June a nice family, wonderful kind Mom and Dad with two special children, residing in Tacoma, WA.
Yanni (nka Cosmo Rae) went home May 23...words cannot describe this kind, special woman who adopted him, except, I wish there were more people in this world like her...he will be forever adored residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted June 3/03)
Gigi (nka Muffey)
Yorkshire Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
5 lbs...

Whew, foster Mommy said, she was so glad, she had a preapproved home waiting for me, cause she said she would have had to shut off her computer, when people looked at my adoring face...Gigi was given up due to family changes...she is so adorable..she now resides happily with her brother Scooter, a darling Yorkie, and a special Mom, who spoils them both with tons of love and happiness, living in Lynden, WA.

(Adopted June 9/03)
Readopted Dec. 14/04
Chi/corgie/doxie hmm Basjeni(actually we don't have a clue)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old

Yes I know, Jenny Craig is in my future, well honestly I had this family, they said they loved me, I used to go for walks, and hikes, which I love, but that all changed, my family said they had to move, and I needed to go elsewhere.  I am a happy boy, I like most other dogs, I know I like children age 9 and over, since my playmate was a little can you open your heart to me, and this time, give me a FOREVER home, I never did anything wrong, I just want someone to care for me for the rest of my life...
Augie found a wonderful family in Bellingham, WA..thank you Tina, for having such a great home and family that Augie will thrive in..

Well Darling Auggie did not thrive as well as hoped for in his home, he and the young son, seemed to have some issues, and he came back after one year...Auggie now has a very nice home, with an couple (no kids) in Olympia, WA

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