Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Feb.6/05)
Wire haired Dachshund
Male neutered/shots current
9 years old
12 lbs

Otto is ABSOLUTELY precious...if his foster Mom, did not have 3 doxies, he would not be leaving...he plays with toys, loves to play/chase the vacuum, gets along well with the resident doxies, likes the car, likes walks...he is wonderful...more information soon. Otto lost his home, because his Mom passed away, and Dad was not home enough to care for him.  Otto has a wonderful home, with Mom, Dad, teenage boy, and other doxies...happily residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted Feb. 20/05)

"It is with great sadness that we wanted to let Fraser’s friends know that he passed away on Tuesday, September 4/07 at the age of 14.

He was with us for 2 1/2 joyful years and we grieve his loss.  We will miss his intelligence, his sweet face, his eternal optimism, his constant companionship and even his stubbornness.  Dan/Lee"

Soft Coated Wheaten X
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 9-10 years old
50 lbs (AND DIETING)

Frazier is a sweet gentle boy. When he wants your attention he leans his forehead against you or gazes at you with his big brown eyes. He loves big soft doggy beds, car rides and short walks. He would rather be where you are than outside and sleeps beside the bed or at your feet. Fraser gets along with other dogs, has lived with older children but mostly just wants to be with his person. Frazier came from the same home as Roddy (on this page) and was given up because the family said they had allergies and needed to take better care of themselves. If you want an undemanding boy who will make you the center of his life Fraser is the dog for you. , I Eleni, (Furbaby Rescue) meet Fraser, when I took Roddy into my home for fostering, I meet Fraser for a very short time, I have never meet a kinder, loving soul as this boy, he looked at me with those eyes, and I was lost in his love and forgiveness, he absolutely melted my heart, this is a dog to be cherished, and you will never regret bringing such a special love like him into your home and heart. Fraser really hit the jackpot with this very caring home...I want to thank Lee and Daniel for providing exceptional love and care for this special boy, and to thank you both for the kind donation in Fraser's honor...residing happily in Kirkland, WA

(Adopted Feb. 22/05)
Tootsie (nka Rosie)
Pomeranian (maybe a mix)
15 months old
Female/spayed/shots current
15 lbs

So did you make a new Year's resolution? To get off the couch and get more active, to take the walks, take up jogging, or possibly owning a dog that would excel in agility...if you did, look no further, because Toots is the answer..get your butt and get going...look into her soulful eyes, jump on your bike and lets move...this is the girl for you, she is exuberant, happy, fun loving and a go getter...and watch out, cause keep-away is her favorite past time...she is too big for a Pom...but I swear she is a Pom, in looks, movement, activity, coyness...and I am not sure if she is anything but a larger version of one...her intelligence gleams from her, her zest for life puts us to shame...and yet this girl was left as a puppy outside to live, and than said she did not get along with a resident larger dog, and all we find, is a dog who wants to play, play and play more...get her into obedience, sign her up for agility, and you will find the most awesome lil girl begging to be loved, and at the end of the day, please let her cuddle up on the couch with you, and worm her way into your heart...are you up to the challenge of owning this special girl, and guiding her to be perfect... she has the qualities, love and inspiration to astound you your heart...she is ready to jump in...
Rosie got such a wonderful new home, Dad that is always around, and Mom who dotes on her..they love her completely, residing happily in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb. 25/05)
9 inches
5.5 lbs


Girl with an attitude!

Maddy is her own dog and will let you know it in no uncertain terms. She was a dog few people would think about trying to get near only weeks ago. She was so matted she couldn't see, her ears so infected, she couldn't hear and mats so tight, they pulled her skin raw in places. Her mouth must have hurt with the loose teeth and gum problems she had. The noise and confusion upset her. The whole world seemed out to frighten or hurt her, she was sure. Touch her, she would spin, growling and barking, frantically trying to protect herself. Maddy was grumpy, ornary and down right nasty. Maddy was lucky though. People around her wanted to give her a chance, somewhere under the huge matts, under the big attitude, they saw a tiny dog in need. So they contacted Furbaby Rescue.

Maddy went to the vet the day after she came to her foster home. All six teeth she had were beyond saving and to be removed, but that didn't stop tough little Maddy. She turned up her nose at any offerings of soft food and pushed her way to another dish. Tiny Maddy ate hard kibble for dinner that night and enjoyed it thoroughly. One tough little mamma.

She now lets you hold her, carry her around in the crook of your arm. Maddy enjoys being held and petted more and more each day. Often, if you stop petting her head, she will often nuzzle under your hand to remind you to keep stroking her. Maddy still gets defensive if you get too near her face at times or if you handle her without warning. She pulls that tough mama attitude back out, with a growl and some challanging barking at you...she'd give you what for, but her bark is indeed worse than her bite, for she hasn't a tooth in that grey little head. She'll fall asleep cuddled in your lap or by you on a bed or couch. What a long way from a dog that couldn't be touched...she was so afraid then...

This little dog will need a VERY special that will be gentle and watchful, patient and understanding of her behaviors and help her learn trust and love again. Maddy seems to be crate trained and is willing to potty outside if you take her out frequently. She is not very interactive with other dogs and would probably do best as an only dog. Her tiny size requires that you be able to see and navigate around her, as she usually has only one speed...straight ahead, at her funny little Maddy waddle.

Poor Maddy, an attitude and a half for such a tiny gal. But she had to have it or she would have died long before she came to rescue. Do you have the attitude and a half to help her back to love and trust?
Maddy found her way to a lovely, caring woman, who adores this fiesty older gal, residing happily in Bellevue, WA

(Adopted Mar.5/05)

Tibetan Spaniel X
2 years old
17 lbs
13 inches tall
Male/neutered/shots current/microchipped 


Tevi was found wandering along a mountain highway months ago. The person who found Tevi, kept and tried to reunite him with his former owners, but they never showed up to get him. This is sad, Tevi is a very nice dog and deserves a good home. Tevi has been an outside dog, at least for the last few months, so he needs house training again but he is active and smart so should catch on quickly. He is quite shy as well, dancing just out of reach, with his plumed tail wagging and a grin on his face. Tevi would love daily brushing to avoid matting that gorgeous coat and to control shedding.

He is gentle and sweet, wanting so much to BE someone's...but he's not sure how yet. He gets along with the other small dogs at his foster home. Tevi will do well with continued gentle reassurance that he is welcome in a house and one that is tolerant of any mistakes he makes while adjusting. We do not know if he tolerates cats.

Tevey is completed adored in his new home..residing in Seattle, WA



(Adopted Mar/05)
  4 year old, 13 inch approximately 11 pounds, b/r, undocked and uncropped (all natural) minpin.

Bridgett has been through a lot of confusion and turmoil lately.   she found herself in a shelter at Christmas time.   She was pulled from the shelter, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated .  she was adopted out and returned twice due to housetraining issues.  Bridgett is now in a minpin specific foster home and is making huge improvements in her houstraining.....amazing what yummy treats will do for a minpin!!!! 
Bridgett is very loving and trusting of  her foster mom, giving kisses and snuggles, but it has become apparent that Bridgett has a deep fear of men.  The foster dad is working with Bridgett with this by taking over feedings and giving her many treats but a "woman only" household would be best for Bridgett.  Due to her continued housetraining a person that was home at least part time would be wonderful.   She is cratetrained and working on basic doggy manners. 
Bridgett is doing okay with the minpins of the house but has taken a dislike to the jack russell.   her ideal home would either have no other dogs or a submissive male minpin. Bridgett has her own family now, Mom and teenage daughters, who needed her, as much as she needed them, residing in Portland, Oregon

(Adopted Mar. 5/05)
Silky Terrier
Female spayed/shots current
App. 3 years old

There are many heroes, but most go unnoticed, especially Animal Control, no one really knows these people, only the person in uniform, doing their job, and what is behind the uniform? People with feelings, who go home at night after seeing the horrors, and crying in their sleep, feeling helpless to only help as much as they are allowed. In rescue, at times we get upset, wanting these people to do more, but they can only do, what the laws allow them...but no one told this officer to relentlessly help this dog, days it took to capture this terrified girl, but this officer would not give up, she only knew that in the dead of winter, with no protection from the elements, no food, she would die, and she had to get this dog to safety, finally her persistence paid off, she captured her.  This lil girl entered the shelter, terrified...but this is not where animal control ended her journey, her and the staff worked with this lil girl, nursed her through two bouts of kennel cough, and befriended this scared baby... if not for this very dedicated and caring officer, this girl would not be here, she would be dead.

I named her Ashley, the moment I laid eyes on her, and when I called her, she ran to me in glee, she had a tail wag, and a smile on her face...putting her paws on me, to please "pick me up" notice me...she kissed my hand, and licked my face...her joy is something to behold.  She came into my home tentatively, having to join the household dogs, after the initial greet, all resident and foster dogs decided she was no threat...she loves jumping up on the couch, cuddling with you, bow playing, she is wonderful.  She has some submissive traits, but she is already showing her zest for life.  She is friendly and loving with my husband, but at this moment seems more secure with me, but that will change...she likes to wander in the yard, in true Terrier fashion, nose to the ground, but the moment you call her, she bounds to you...oddly she knows her name, from the moment I called her.  She will only be adopted to an adult only home, and a fenced yard...we do not know why she was a stray, or what happened to her, and why no one ever came for her..she is the only one who has that she is looking for that perfect home, and she will be a would be nice if she had a playmate.  Ashley has a really great home, with a fabulous woman, and also has a beautiful Cocker Sister, Sunshine, to show her the way, to be the happy wonderful dog she is meant to be.  Happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Mar. 7/05)
Mini Schnauzer
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years old

Otto has a new home, with an older gentleman who just lost his companion, so the two of them have happily united.  Residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted Mar.13/05)
Jack Russell/Chihuahua 
Male/neutered/shots current
8 months old
App. 9 lbs

Clifford was surrendered by this family because they said he would "snap" at their children, when no adults were around.  The "snapping" was random and inconsistent.  When Clifford arrived he was very scared, shy and timid, he did end up snapping a couple of times, BUT NOT now.  He loves to ride in the car, walks well on the leash, he is housetrained.  He sits on both of our laps ( not afraid or uncomfortable with men or women), he sleeps in the bed with me, and 3 other dogs.  He loves all the dogs here and wants to play with all of them.  I have fallen in love with him.  He can kiss your face forever.  He has started to chew on the furniture a couple of times.  So he needs lots of toys, chews and distractions while he outgrows puppyhood.  He likes to steal laundry.  He is a puppy and has some puppy power. He is very energetic, and at this time in his life, he will not do well being left alone, he may get into too many he needs someone who will have patience with him, as he grows into an adult.  He will need a friend, a doggie friend, a cat..someone to get into trouble with and to let him play with.
Clifford joined a wonderful family of love...his best friend is "Fast Eddy" and adorable Pom mix...and he has one of the most caring Moms a dog could ever want...residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Mar. 18/05)
Toy Fox Terrier/Maltese
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months old
17 lbs 13" tall

Ricky is a happy boy; his big smile and enthusiasm lights up a room. He loves people and other dogs. Ricky was given up by his owners because he was “too hyper”. At the shelter he was “too shy”. Ricky is not really “too” anything. He is a normal, loving, bouncy 18 month old puppy. He loves to play with toys and other dogs; run through the yard chasing balls; ride in the car and cuddle on your lap. He needs some training and some ways to expend his puppy energy.

Yes, the parents have been seen and he really is toy fox terrier and Maltese. He seems to be fairly well housetrained and has some house manners. He would do best with a fenced yard or an owner who needs a running partner. He would love to have another dog to play with. He needs a family that will commit to him and will love his outgoing puppy personality. In return he will crawl into your heart and be your best friend.

Ricky has a wonderful new home, in Birch Bay Wa..with an adorable lil Shih Tzu sister, where I know he will be so loved and spoiled.

(Adopted Mar.19/05)
Pomeranian X
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2 years old

I am a good lil boy, I am a bit anxious when I first come into a new home, but I settle down nicely...I am happy, playful and a real cuddlier...I am pretty good at listening to coloring is so pretty, it is a gorgeous chocolate color with burgundy highlights...I do well with other dogs, I tend to do the humpy dance since I just got neutered, and my hormone level is a bit high right now, I have already learned to leave the girls alone, since I don't like to get snarled at. and my foster sister Sydney does that real well...but I will calm down...I love to cuddle on the couch with you, give kisses...I am going to be a great dog, if you give me some time, and love....
Dexter has a very caring family, nice people who had just lost their dog, and needed a friend to love again...thank you Michael and family for being very special people, residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Mar.26/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
15 lbs
App. 12-15 months old

Thor is a not only a sweetie but is a wonderful smart boy. He learned to use the doggie door right away; and with a doggy door, there have been no accidents in the house. He is very much a people dog and is a real big “love hog”. He is friendly with everyone, he doesn’t growl or snap at people but is big kisser. He loves to run in the yard and he rides quietly in the car. He listens when he is told no and he doesn’t chew up shoes, etc. Thor is a great “guard” dog. When he sees someone walking down the street or coming into the yard he woo’s at them and then runs to get you to show you the “intruder”.

Thor loves to play with other dogs and would love to have a doggy friend to play with in his new home. His only problem is that sometimes he gets a bit rambunctious for older dogs but that is his age. This playful little boy is full of fun and cute tricks; his best one will be how fast he crawls into your heart.  

Well he crawled right into Judy and Mark's heart..Thor was a very fortunate baby to pick such special people to call his own...happy and spoiled in Kent, WA

(Adopted Mar.20/05)
Terrier X
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 1.5 years old
12-13" tall
15 lbs (long and lean)

Elmo is a dream dog!  Gets along well with everyone--human, child, other dogs, but NO CATS.  He is a fabulous guy!  Housetrained, playful, very quiet and well-mannered in the house, not "barky" at all, and comes complete with beautiful, soulful brown eyes and a cute little underbite that makes him look as if he's smiling.  He gives hugs and kisses freely and loves to sit with you.  Even though he has only been in foster care a short time, I can tell that he would be anyone's idea of the perfect companion and best friend. As a plus, since Elmo REALLY doesn't like cats, we've been told that he's a great mouser!   Foster Mom and Dad already love him to pieces and they know that you will, too!
Elmo has now got a very special new Dad, and being spoiled in Lake Oswego, Oregon...from the streets of Mexico, to the lap of luxury, one lucky lil boy.

Cairn Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
*Suddenly on April 1/05, sweet lil Boxi had a convulsion, and died suddenly and crossed to the Bridge.  He was a darling lil boy, his foster Mom and Dad adored his quiet and adoring nature.  He is very journey sweet boy. 
Sweet little Boxi's story is that he was surrendered to the Tacoma Humane Society by a family member of his person who was put into a nursing home. Poor little Boxi is a senior Cairn terrier and was suddenly separated from the person and the home he was used to. A nice young gal adopted him and it only lasted about two weeks. She was gone from home to much and Boxi needs some work with house breaking. I have had him in my foster care for two weeks now. He is neutered, current on all shots and just had his teeth cleaned. Boxi does not have any great medical issues I know of BUT I think he is deaf, his vision is very limited with depth perception being the worst. He really should see a canine ophthalmologist.  I also can tell he has dementia (which is confusion just like senior people get). He is very sweet and shows no aggression, but he is also stand-offish. He has sat on my lap for about a 5 minute period of time. He sleeps on the floor on his doggy bed and he does need house training. I feel Boxi should have a stay at home Mom and or Dad. He deserves and requires a lot of attention. I feel he should not be around young children's energy. He is very happy to just mill around the house follow you around, be petted and scratched and loves those treats.   He has been through a great trauma for a dog his age. His new family will have to have a lot of patience, love and understanding. I had a dog a lot like Boxi and they are a true joy if you have the right spirit to deal with them, because they need you and depend on you so much, and they deserve so much. 

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