Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Sept.22/12)
Mini Dachshund
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old

Prior to foster care, Shorty had been living year round outdoors at the end of a chain. The only remaining evidence of this difficult period in his life is the residual bits of pitch on his coat and the irregular edges on his ears. His sweet personality and adventurous spirit shine through. He fit into his foster family easily, playing with a crew of dachshunds, playing chase, ball, and tug of war. He loves to snuggle and is eager to be near people. In an effort to join his people, he leapt into the swimming pool. It isn’t clear whether he enjoyed the swim or was surprised and paddling to safety.

Despite his charm, he can be trouble! Shorty will climb over baby gates and 3 foot pet gates rather than be left alone. He hasn’t damaged any shoes or furniture, but he found it terribly entertaining to chew his dog bed and pull out the stuffing. Having spent so much time outdoors, Shorty is equally content to go to the bathroom indoors. He is smart, and will learn given training and/or the use of a belly band to break this habit.

Great new Dad, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Sept.22/12)
Burlington (Burli)
West Highland Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old

*sadly sweet Burli passed from heart failure Sept.2/14*

Burli is a sweet easygoing boy but doesn't want to miss out on anything.  He's housebroken, neutered, UTD on Vaccs and has recently had his teeth cleaned.  His DOB is Dec. 2004, he's microchipped and has a slight heart murmur which is nothing to be concerned about.  He suffered from grain allergies so must be kept on a grain-free diet.  His coat is growing back where it was lost in reaction to being fed a diet containing grains.  It's a slow process but there's more and more hair every week. Burli's former owner died so background information is scant.

Burli gets along well with other dogs, likes people, cats and small humans are unknown. 

Burli has a super Mom, who really knows Westies, residing in Boise, Idaho

(Adopted Sept.22/12)
Papillion/Tibetan Spaniel X
Male/neutered/shots current
11 lbs
5 years old

I never expected to actually hear any music when I met Beethoven my newest foster dog.  Naturally I didn’t think he could compose or play the piano but was I surprised when I heard him sing.  It’s a lovely soft tone rather like an elegantly played trombone piece.

Little Beethoven is an adorable dog who is soft, cuddly, and loving.  He doesn’t bother the cats in his foster home and he gets along very well with an assortment of dogs.  He’s learning to trust men and boys.  He is gentle and friendly.

His owner became ill and could not care for him any longer.  He came in with a large “ish” group of fellow canines who were all a bit anxious about their transition.  Beethoven has had to move around a bit until a more long term foster situation became available to him.

His first stop was the vet to get a dental and be brought up to date with vaccinations.  Second stop was a holding foster home.  Third stop was boarding since there were no foster homes available.  Fourth stop was with a temporary foster home where he began to relax.  Fifth stop is back at the second stop and then he will move into a longer term foster home for stop number six. 

Whew!  All of that moving about, change of every sort, and Beethoven is still a happy go lucky little fellow.  He even tried on a new name for a couple of weeks!

This little guy is a lot of fun and would be a great companion dog.  He is a great jumper and doesn’t need steps to jump into bed at night.  He’s easy to get along with, always wagging his silky tail, and his foster mom thinks he’s gorgeous and lovely to have around.

He’s been very patient while things got sorted out for him and is waiting for his forever and ever home.  Musical fans only need apply!

Lovely new parents for this special boy, residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Oct.15/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
11 lbs

Lizzie is a wee charmer whose gorgeous dark eyes could melt anyone!  She's the consummate undercover snuggler, loves to ride in the car, must know what's going on in her household, and plays well with other dogs.  This 4 y/o sweetie is spayed, UTD on vaccines, is about 95% house-trained, microchipped and had her teeth cleaned recently. 

Lizzie is devoted and loving and would do best in a household where someone is home most of the time as she does have a little separation anxiety that's more attributable to her wanting to be with you than being left alone.  She tips the scales at about 11 lbs and is fed Wellness CORE (turkey & chkn) twice a day.

Lizzie has a sweet Mom who adores her, residing in Richmond, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Oct.21/12)
Trixie and Valentine
Females/spayed/shots current
5 & 7 years old

Sister Act- Trixie and Valentine

Trixie and Valentine’s owners were facing serious challenges to their health and could no longer care for these delightful dachshunds.  They are well behaved and love to sit in your lap or cuddle in the bed.  They stick together and love to run in the yard and roll in the grass.  They are true to their breeding and like to wander through the brush.  They need a secure yard because they are inclined to dig and can escape in a blink of an eye.  Trixie and Valentine come when they are called and are very loving.  Two are no more work than one doxie in this case and the sisters need to be adopted together.  Their big brown eyes will capture your affection.

These darling sisters are now residing in Bellingham, WA 


(Adopted Sept.23/12)
Cairn Terrier mix
Male/neutered/shots current
6-7 years old
20 lbs
*Pippin suddenly passed from a stroke on Oct.4/16 he is so missed*

Pippin is a happy fellow.  He’s been getting a lot of exercise, eating healthy grain free food, and is losing some of that excess weight in a healthy way. 

He’s being fostered on a ranch with a lot of dogs and he’s been doing so well with them, having a great time, that we think he should be fine with another dog, though he would be content to be the only dog, too. 

He’s completely house broken and has nice indoor manners.  He travels well, loves walks on a leash, and enjoys companion and cuddle time with humans.

Pippin’s dental care had been neglected so we had that taken care of and now he looks gorgeous!

He is such a lovely little dog and is looking for someone who is looking for a dog with a little something “extra” in looks and personality.

It turns out that I love to swim and it's not only great fun, good exercise, but healthy for my body.  I have the greatest foster mom EVER and she takes me swimming a couple of times a week in a special pool for dogs.  Gosh do I ever love it.  My foster mom is so generous to offer this amazing outlet and benefit to me.  Furbaby definitely considers it going above and beyond....and yet it's so perfect for me that it's just part of my routine now.
Great family, prior adopters who we just love, residing in Mission, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Sept.30/12)
Schnauzer X
Male/neutered/shots current
D.O.B. 21/06/12 (currently 12 weeks old)
8 lbs (presently)

Schnauzer alert, here I am...adorable.  My Dad is purebred Schnauzer, my Mom is Schnauzer/westie/poodle..and yes Ebony is my littermate.

As with all puppies, I am delightful, I run, and play, pee, poop, eat and start over again, if you have the energy, to love me, train me, I will be awesome...

It is recommended that with all pups, to sign up for a reward based training, we can help you with that, with the amazing Friends for Life program, 

Crosby is happily residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Oct.5/12)
Schnauzer X
Female/spayed/shots current
D.O.B. 21/06/12 (currently 12 weeks old)
5 lbs (presently)

Are you a Schnauzer lover? well this lil princess fits the bill, she is adorable.  Remember folks, she is a puppy, and puppies are lil balls of energy.  They run, play, eat, poop, pee and start over again, so be prepared.  If you love this breed, you will love her.  Her Dad is purebred Schnauzer, and Mom is Schnauzer/Westie/poodle....

It is recommended that with all pups, to sign up for a reward based training, we can help you with that, with the amazing Friends for Life program, 

Ebony has a great new home, and a new doggie friend, residing in Kent, WA

(Adopted Oct.28/12)
7 years old
12 lbs

Amos was pulled from a shelter adoption area due to concerns about his medical condition.  He is the fourth little dog we have taken in needing cardio diagnostics.

We got all of those things for him and he has been given the green light to go ahead and take care of any of his medical needs and he does not need any medications.

Amos is the kind of little fellow that everyone just falls in love with and the surgery vet for the day after he had his cardio work up asked if she could do a dental on him right away so he could find a home and share his joy with a loving family. 

So…Amos is ready to go out.  He’s absolutely cuddly, funny, loving, and joyful.  He kind of scurries about wagging his tail most of the time.  We think he might be about 7 years old though he acts just like a puppy. 

It appears he is potty trained but will need to be kept on a potty schedule.  He hangs out with the little dogs for the most part but is used to being around larger dogs and doesn’t have a problem with them.

We have tried crating him at night and he cries but eventually settles down.  Obviously he wants to sleep with a human like many of this breed. 

Amos will be your best friend.

Amos resides in Bremerton, WA


(Adopted Nov.17/12)
Cocker Spaniel
Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old

This very sweet boy has had ear infections in the past and because of that, his ears need close monitoring .  Also he does have dry eye, which is easily taken care of.

Dusty's birthday is May 03.  His health is now very good, the ear and eye problems are under control but he will need a diligent owner that will give him the eye and ear meds twice a day.  He's a very sweet boy and loves to be with you.  He sleeps with me at night and is a gentle snorer!

He's neutered, had his teeth cleaned (one extraction), had a deep ear cleaning, has an AVID microchip, had a Senior Blood Panel before the neutering (results were good - WBC high due to infections).  His vaccs are UTD so none due til 8/15. 

I feed Wellness CORE (Turkey & Chicken) twice a day.  I give him his eye and ear meds just before I feed him. He's house-trained and not a barker.  He will howl if he gets stuck someplace and can't find me.

Dusty is a very nice boy and will be a loving companion for someone special.

Dusty is now residing happily in Anacortes, WA


(Adopted Nov.25/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
12 lbs

Hi there!  My name is Daisy Mae and I need a forever home.   I used to have a family... But they took me to a really scary place called a “shelter” and left me there. They said they were moving and couldn’t take me with them.  I was in that shelter place for a long time and I was really, really scared. Then a nice lady came and took me away, but I was still afraid and was very grumpy with her... I’m sorry though, ‘cause she took me to my foster mom and she is really nice to me.  There are other little doggies here for me to play with and I like that and I’m not so scared any more... Except for sometimes I remember bad things that used to happen to me and I get kinda grumpy but I’m trying really hard not to be.  Foster Mom calls me a Grumpasaurus,  I’m not sure what that is, but she smiles at me and kisses me so it must be OK.  My favorite thing is to play ball!  I love to chase balls and catch them and I even bring them back so you can throw them again!  I like fuzzy squeaky toys too!  And I LOVE treats!  I’ve learned about all sorts of new treats here... Carrots and bananas and blue berries and hot dogs and tortilla chips and CHEESE!  YUM!  Foster Mom plays this game with me that she calls “training” I like it ‘cause I get to learn new things and have treats too!  I learned how to sit and stay (mostly) and lie down and go in my crate and come out, an paws up and an paws down... Foster Mom says I’m a very clever girl.  I like to go on walks especially on nice clean sidewalks... I don’t like to have mucky paws.  I love to go for car rides and meet new people and get cuddles and attention.  But the best thing ever is to just cuddle up close with my person and be loved.  Do you think you could love me?

Daisy Mae is an adorable, loving little girl who is a wee bit bossy and a wee bit grumpy and a wee bit stubborn with very definite likes and dislikes:

                               Her "Likes" are:                                                                               

            Playing ball
Lap time and cuddles
Belly rubs and Butt scratches
Car rides
Sleeping next to HER person

Her "DISLIKES" are:

Going outside in the rain
Sharing toys/treats/cuddles with other doggies
Border Collies
Vacuum Cleaners

Daisy Mae really just wants be with her person; she will sleep with you and follow you everywhere.  She loves to play... and balls are her favorite.  She walks very nicely on a leash, is housebroken but will not use a doggie door.  She prefers that you take her for a walk instead.  She is not yappy like some Papillion’s... But she will alert you to any strangers or other dogs approaching.  She is very well behaved in the car and in public, likes to greet new people and other dogs, seems to be OK with cats, but she can be bossy, especially with other female dogs.   She tends to have itchy skin, so she needs a special (no chicken) diet.  Currently she is on the Acana brand salmon based kibble along with rice and veggies and is doing really well on that.    Otherwise she is a very healthy girl.

      We don't know a lot about Daisy Mae's background, but from her behavior we know that she has been dropped and injured, probably more than once so that she is afraid of being picked up. With love and training she is learning that being picked up can be a good thing; her new home will need to continue this work. She has been teased excessively while crated causing her to be defensive when in a crate. For this reason she should NOT be crated unless absolutely necessary.  In her foster home she has a crate available to her, and likes having it to sleep in it during the day or retreat to it when frightened or stressed, but it is always her choice, never forced on her.  Her new home needs to understand and respect this.

Daisy Mae has some specific requirements for her new forever home: 



            NO Big Dogs

            NO Crating

            An experienced dog person who can continue to work with her to build her confidence

            An only dog household or perhaps with one similar sized subordinate male


She will not be placed in a home with children of any age, so please do not ask.   A yard is not terribly important, she is not an outdoorsy kind of dog, provided she gets a couple of potty walks a day she will do just fine with the great indoors.   She is crate trained and likes having the security of taking the odd nap in her crate or having it to retreat to it if she gets scared or stressed, but crating her should not be a part of her daily routine.  She really is a little sweetheart just waiting for the right person to love her and be adored in return.

Update 11.27.11 - Daisy Mae is all set for the Holidays in her little red coat.  Isn't she adorable!   Daisy has made tremendous progress since coming to Furbaby;  she was unhappy, traumatized and mistrustful of just about everything.  Now she is much happier and more trusting.  She has learned that she likes tummy rubs and butt scratches and ear rubs and her skin isn't itchy anymore.  She is very loving and likes to be in your lap... she gets annoyed at having to share a lap with the other doggies here, but she will anyway.  She would really prefer to be the ONLY Princess in the house though.  She still has her grumpy moments (don't we all?) but mostly she is a sweet little girl who just wants to be with you.  She will make a wonderfully loving companion for the right person.


Update 03.19.11 - Daisy Mae has now overcome most of her fears to become an absolute love.  She LOVES to be on your lap or near you.  She will lean into you and close her eyes in bliss as you rub her tummy.  She is still a bit unsure about being picked up and will hold on tightly... but once in your arms she leans in and pushes close, trusting you not to drop her, even giving gentle little kisses.  She still has issues with sharing..  she simply wants ALL the attention and ALL the toys and ALL the treats... but will grudgingly share when told she must.  Being crated is still an issue and probably always will be.  She still won't use a doggie door, but she is learning to ask to go outside to do her "business" if you can't take her for a walk.  She still has grumpy moments but with lots love and training and patience they have become fewer and fewer.  Her trainer was very pleased with her progress at her last evaluation in late December.   

Daisy Mae is happily living with her Mom and doggie pals, residing in Aberdeen, WA



(Adopted Nov.27/12)
Cavalier King Charles/Maltese
Female (spay date Nov.19)
5 years old (B.D. Nov 2007)
9 lbs
*adorable Mimzie passed away March/18*

Can you love me enough to turn a frown upside down? I so badly want to smile again!!!

If I look unhappy it's because I can't quite believe I was given away by my first owners. Foster mom keeps saying, "Mimzie, trust me. We're going to find you the perfect home." 

My foster mom says I'm "sweet, sweet, sweet". I let her check my mouth, turn me upside down and we got along just fine! No aggression from me. 

What I need to be the perfect little girl (and I am little at 9-10 pounds) is a quiet home. Another small quiet dog would probably be OK but no kids! Of course, that's already Furbaby Rescue's policy but I've earned the right to not be harassed by young people which happened to me previously. I'll warn you right now, too, I love being a lap dog and if that just isn't always possible, I at least want to be close to you. I MUST be able to sleep close to you, too. Just think of me as a piece of velcro. I'm not clingy like Saran Wrap but I do want to be stuck to you like velcro. I want to be wanted. Is that so bad? And you know what? One of the easiest things to do is turn a frown upside down. Shall we give it a try? 

Mimzie had a fantastic new Mom, and new doggie sister "Sophie" residing in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Nov.29/12)
Pekingese x
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2 years old
11 lbs

Calling All Angels!!! 

We've had cute write ups and we've been completely honest but no one comes forward to meet and adopt Stevie. Perhaps that's because we've been too flowering in our write ups. So let's try the plain facts one of which is we need some angels to read this, look at the photos and then apply to adopt this great dog. 

Stevie was born with one small eye. It doesn't affect his life and we're hoping for someone with a big enough heart who can look past that to the real soul of this boy. In addition, Stevie's first few years of life were an unimaginable horror of neglect. Even the vets were shocked. Stevie came through all of that and it's reflected in his strong spirit. Once in foster care, Stevie learned that toys are nice. Yeah, toys are really nice and more is better where Stevie is concerned. This also shows he's recovering from his first nightmarish experiences and learning to be a dog. For those angels who don't like sharing their bed with a pet, this dog is for you. Stevie will sleep in a doggie bed and the only request is that it be in the same room with you. 

Stevie adores being with another happy social dog, and he really needs that, as they make him happy and secure.  This is a darling lil boy who will fill your heart with love.

There's more information available if you wish to communicate with Stevie's foster mom. Please, just consider looking beyond this description. Meet Stevie. Hold Stevie. Fall in love with Stevie. 

Stevie is one lucky fellow to land in such a loving home, residing in Blaine, WA

(Adopted Dec.26/12)
Ricky Ricardo
Male/neutered/shots current
7 lbs
3 years old

Hah! Hah! Hah! I bet when you saw my name on the heading of my write up that you were expecting to see me yelling out for L-U-C-Y!!! Fooled you!! Not this Ricky Ricardo. I've had an awesome life, probably better than that other Ricky dude but suddenly my Dad died and then Mom became very ill. Because I was loved so much they knew it was time for a new home and so here I am. I'm not sure you'll ever find a better trained dog than me but I am spoiled in areas that reward me for my good behavior. You want examples? Hmmm - OK. I started going to doggy daycare when I was 5 months old so I know that word "socialized".  Better yet, I know how to act as though I was socialized. I attended 3 - count them - THREE - training classes and was the star in each one. I love agility and I'd be in seventh heaven if I found someone who loved to exercise daily i.e. long walks, runs, play fetch, work on agility. Now if you want entertainment the Cuban Ricky Ricardo style, I don't sing BUT I do know my style of Ricky Ricardo entertainment and that is - sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, UP UP to get on a chair our couch if you need some snuggling. I'll roll over, dance on my hind legs, twirl and shake your paw. How's that?

Now I'll bet you want to know what rewards I expect....or return for all that good behavior and doggy entertainment. All I ask is that I sleep with my person. I will not tolerate a crate. I am housebroken and as with the poodle breed, I am a bit like velcro. I like to stay stuck to the person I love and adore. I'm hoping to have some toys and chews and Furbaby Rescue backs me up on the situation of no small children in the home. That's their policy and I approve that message. :-) Oops - I think the elections are over so I can get rid of that phrase. Fill out an application with Furbaby Rescue and let's get together for a meet and greet and hopefully a keep.

Ricky has a wonderful new Dad, residing in White Rock, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Jan.6/13)
Pom mix
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 10 years old
16 lbs

Here's Miss Toffee!  Sweet quiet little old lady.  Was owned by druggies and given up to an angel who passed by and saw her plight.  We estimate her age at 10-12.  She's UTD with vaccines, has recently had her teeth cleaned, is microchipped and house-trained.  She's deaf but communication with her is not a problem as she readily responds to hand gestures.  Since we have no background on her we suspect she's a Pom/sneaky-dog mix.

She's a gentle soul but a bit on the unskilled side when it comes to laps but the interest in having her own person is definitely there.  She'll need someone with patience and tenderness to bring out her sparkle and she'll belong to them forever! 

Toffee currently lives with several other dogs of varying sizes and gets along fine with them.  Cats are an unknown but since she gets along with the other dogs and is quite mellow a cat would probably be no problem.


A wonderful family adopted this sweet older gal, now residing in Clatskanie, Oregon


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