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(Adopted Sept. 28/02)
Cocker Spaniel
Male / neutered / shots UTD
24 lbs
7 months old
What can you say about a playful, friendly cuddly furbaby named Freeway!!
 TERRIFIC and SUPER come to MY mind and they will come to YOURS also. Freeway is just a puppy and only wants to be close to you, though he will play for hours with other dogs or children. He loves to be held and will put both paws around your neck and lay his head on your shoulder. If you are laying down he will lay beside you and give you kisses or give you his paw to hold. He rides really well in the car and loves to go on walks, we are working on his leash skills, though for his age he is good. I have never seen eyelashes on a dog that are SO LONG, I only wish they were mine. Freeways' eyes look deep into your soul and heart and say LOVE ME FOREVER and I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!  
Now, for a brief message from Freeway:  

Hi potential Mom and Dad.... I know I am a baby and that adopting me is a BIG commitment for you, so I just want you to know that I am WORTH IT... I will give you so much affection and loyalty that you will wonder how you ever lived a full and worthwhile life without me... I will always greet you after a hard day at work with so much enthusiasm and joy that the BAD days will just melt away into oblivion and you will smile. I am better than a "Martini with Three Olives"and I don't give you a hangover.. And for all you Dads out there, I LOVE to watch sports and play ball with you... Now all you Moms, I will be glad to clean up any food that just happens to drop on the floor, so I help you cut down on your need to vacuum, what more could you ask for..

Min Pin/Doxie
Male/neutered/shots current
5-6 years old

I am waiting for more information about this boy, he is a sweet dollbaby, and once his foster Mom lets me know more...I will just tell you he is in foster care in Seattle .  Gee we never even got a write up on this baby, when he was adopted so fast, no wonder what a wonderful boy.  Now living with a great Mom and Dad, in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Oct. 9/02)
Terrier Mix
Male/neutered/shots current/chipped
13 lbs
6 years old
*sadly sweet Lucky passed to the bridge in the fall of 2013*

How could I have been named Lucky, well as my foster Mom says, I am Lucky cause I am here in her arms.  I was adopted from the shelter when I was 8 weeks old, for 5 years and 3 months, I lived with a family. I was a good dog, I love to play with my red toy (but I was left without my red toy) I was raised with kids and cats, and I did my best to be good with them, I played with them, I gave them lots of love, I love to sit in your lap, I know how to sit, and dance...I am very smart, and I know lots of stuff, and one day they returned me to the shelter "MOVING NO ROOM FOR ME" much room do I need?...I spent  time again in the shelter, not understanding why I was deserted, I was adopted by another family, and one day I was playing with the kids, and a strange man came into the house, and I ran up and grabbed him by the pant leg, I never hurt him, but I didn't know him, and I had to make sure he did not hurt the kids, and I was punished for caring, cause they dumped me back in the shelter...This time the shelter said NO MORE...and called my Foster Mom...and said it is time to find him a REALLY GOOD home, cause I am such a good boy, I deserve to be in a forever home, where people understand I am a terrier, that I have a job to take care of my loved ones...I am happy, loving and a great companion...
I am housetrained, love to sleep on your head, or will be happy sleeping on a pillow, I am crate trained, I travel best in a crate or harness, as I get so busy wanting to watch the world go by, and take awhile to settle down while traveling, so for my sake I do best not being pastimes are your lap, playing with a toy, walks, but I tend to walk you, so have a bit of patience on that. I love other small dogs, and cats..but big dogs scare me.

Lucky is a terrier, and yes he does well with kids, but my concern will be that if there are too many strangers coming and going, he may get protective of his family, so perhaps it might be better if he were in a quieter home, and not set him up for failure.  Or a family that truly understands a terrier.
Well this boy is Lucky, living a wonderful new life in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Oct.12/02)
Sadly Walter passed to the bridge Nov. 27/03..Thanksgiving Day, from an auto immune problem...he is forever missed by his Mom.
Male/neutered/shots current
13 lbs
7 years old

In my mind, I have a vision, in that vision I see you, you have a kind and gentle voice to guide me with, loving hands to stroke me, strong arms to pick me up when I am afraid, in my mind, I see you, you have given me a  fluffy pillow to lay on, a wondrous lap to lounge on, you have opened your heart to me, as I will open my heart to you.  I have a vision, and you are there, we have not found each other yet, but I know you are waiting for me, you will see a beautiful dog, with a kind, loving soul, and I will see you also, when you speak to me, I will know what you look like, I will never see your smile, but I will hear it, I will feel it, in my mind I will know your beauty also, my eyes can not see, but my heart does, yes I am blind, and I hope you will find me, because I am here waiting to find you.
Walter found his new Mom, and what a "very special" lady she is, loves this wonderful boy..happily residing in Mt. Vernon, WA

(Adopted Oct. 22/02)
West Highland Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
14 lbs
1 year old

She is an outgoing, gregarious girl..she does fine with most small dogs, though I tend to think she does better with males. Unknown how she does with large dogs, and will chase cats outside. Maisie does from time to time, do submissive urination. I have had no problem with that here, but I know if she does not know you, or overly excited, or unsure of things this can happen. She may outgrow this, or someone will need to help her with this...
She is a loving lap dog, is very intelligent, though is stubborn...she will be best suited to go to a home, that has knowledge of this breed, and understands them, and no small cute as they are, they are not a breed for everyone...they can be protective of their home, and they need a job to keep them busy...
She has slightly sensitive skin, which is corrected easily with flea prevention and good nutrition.
Her new home is wonderful, they have a spoiled male Westie, Beau, and were so excited to have another furbaby join their household, thanks Mark and Sharon...special people for a special dog, residing in Munroe, WA

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