Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Sept. 21/03)
Gorgeous Georgie
Shetland Sheepdog
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old

Sometimes life does not play a fair hand, this boy has been adored, and extremely well taken care of.  His Dad is now suffering from Alzheimer's, and his Mom, is going through a difficult time, with her job, caring for her husband, and Georgie is losing out on the attention he once had, he is not getting the exercise that he so much needs for his breed.  With sadden heart his Mom, knew his life needed to be changed.  Georgie has completed, beginners, intermediate and advanced training.  He knows hand commands and verbal.  He is extremely smart.  Some dogs he likes and others he may be unsure of, he sometimes has a tendency to lunge at them, though he does not do anything, but this certainly spooks other dogs.  Georgie needs an experienced Sheltie owner, a yard to romp in, and someone who will keep him active, or boredom will result in unwanted behavior. He is a Sheltie, and he needs a job, he needs activity, he needs not apply because he is gorgeous, only because you know and understand the breed.  He is also a barker, as most Shelties are "ask me, I have one"
Residing with a new family in Edmonds, WA

(Adopted Oct. 26/03)
Silky Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
18 lbs
App. 5-6 years old

Crosby is a very affectionate dog, and would like nothing more than to just be with his person.  He does fine with other dogs, but doesn't have a great interest in them, and would do best if the other dog was not an alpha type.  Crosby is dying for love and affection, would do wonderful with a person(s) that were home a lot and could spend lots of time doting on him.  He travels well, appears housetrained, leash trained, he is not great for grooming, and hates his picture being taken:-)

(Adopted Oct. 24/03)
Male/neutered/shots current
10 months old
20lbs. 14 inches tall

Zach is an happy, active puppy. He is very bright, alert and loves everyone he meets. He loves to play with toys, sticks, leaves and especially with other dogs.  He can't imagine that there is any dog who won't play with him and he manages to get most of them to respond.
Zach needs a family who has the energy to keep up with him and is willing to continue working on his socialization and training. In some ways Zach acts much younger than 10 months. He still needs a lot of firm limit setting and supervision but given this he learns quickly and joyfully. Zach would love to have another dog to play with in his new home and would do well with older children. (No young children please.)
Zach is an outgoing full of himself puppy, this boy found a wonderful new home in Seattle, WA 

Joni Before

Joni After

Dylan Before

Dylan After

(Adopted Nov.3/03)
Joni & Dylan
Miniature Poodles
Female spayed/male neutered
Shots current
Joni is 9 lbs
Dylan is 17 lbs
App age 1.5 - 2 years

*sweet Joni passed April/18*

We were found running the streets, alone, scared and hungry, and put into the shelter, our home never claimed us, and we are thankful, because they could not have loved us, to let us get so thin, dirty, matted and flea infested.  The shelter felt it might be better if some TLC was given, and good medical before finding us a home, that is why we came to is a good thing too, Joni was very ill, and we thought we would lose her, but she has the tenacity and spirit as poodles to, to fool the world.  These babies adore each other, it is all the world gave to them ,was each others comfort, and with that they will stay together.  Joni is very outgoing, loving and spirited girl.  Dylan is shyer, he depends on Joni...quickly they learned housemanners, Joni will grab your heart instantly but Dylan will win it slowly...once in their new home, with constant attention, they will blossom even more into stupendous dogs..
I want to thank a wonderful, kind lady, Keeley, thank you for adopting and loving these two little furbabies...residing in Auburn, WA

(Adopted Nov. 9/03)
Miniature Pinscher
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old

At only 4 years old Lucy came very close to being put down because no one could figure out what to do for her. She is a healthy, smart lovable little girl but after losing 3 homes her chances were beginning to look grim. She had several incidents where she was snappy with children and was at times aggressive with dogs. The home who was working with her felt there was nothing else that could be done to save her.

Luckily for Lucy, I met a young woman who had many years of training dogs and who had offered to foster for us if we needed her. Lucy has been in Tamiís home for 3 weeks now and she has made a TOTAL CHANGE in her behavior. She goes into her kennel on command, waits to go thru doors or get out of the car, comes when called, sits for treats or food, drops toys or treats from her mouth on command. No one meeting Lucy would ever believe she was the dog people were giving up on.

The biggest thing is that Lucy seems to have SEVERE food allergies. When she is on raw food with no grains she shows no aggression! She is calm and happy and loves everyone! When she has regular high quality dog food she gets irritable (last time she started a fight with her foster momís Great Dane). Lucy had had virtually no training before this point and no one ever thought to look at food allergies.

Today Lucy is a bouncy, happy girl eager to please with loads of love to give to her new family.  
Lucy has a wonderful new Mom, who spends 24/7 with her new little girl, residing in Vancouver, WA

(Adopted Nov. 9/03)
Bichon Frise
Male neutered/shots current
4 years old/27 lbs

If you are looking for a "small Bichon" keep going, I affectionately call Beau, my baby "Huey"...he is a big boy, not fat, just a big Bichon...and if you are looking for the love of your life, need to met this boy, I fell in love in one day, his happy spirit, loving kindness, and he always has a smile on his face...what a wonderful furbaby.  He would be the greatest companion, for someone who wants to spend a lot of time loving this boy.  I don't think he would be a dog, that would tussle with kids, he is a dog, that would love walks, car rides, watching TV with you, and sleeping curled up on your bed...he wants to be close to you always...and he makes me smile:-) 
Beau has a wonderful new Mom, who now can spend her time smiling at this precious boy, residing in Montesano, WA

(Adopted Nov.11/03)
Cocker Spaniel
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 4 years old

Charlie is a very loving dog who wants a lot of attention.  He gets along fine with other dogs and the cat does not phase him. He loves to walk on the leash and we have even let him out in the yard with us and he obeyed and did not try to run off. He LOVES to ride in the car.  He seems fully house trained.  He likes to chew on raw hides and has the enormous Cocker appetite. His tail is not cropped and he still has his dew claws.  He is not a barker. There is just nothing bad to say about him at all except he will continuously follow you around and bat you with his paws to keep petting him. He will require regular grooming, (haircuts). Charlie is sweet and gentle, and thinks he's a lap dog.  He would make a great dog for anyone who would spoil him has lots of love to give. And darling Charlie, got that wonderful home, with two new parents residing in Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Nov/03)
Shannon (nka Lady)
Cocker Spaniel
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 2 years old
20 lbs

This darling petite cocker was left outside, without food or water, in the cold of winter, thankfully she was saved from this life.  Immediately a home was found for her, as one look and they were in love.  Shannon now lives with her new brother Mickey, with a fabulous couple in Mount Lake Terrace, WA

(Adopted Nov.17/03)
Miniature Schnauzer
Male neutered/shots current
2-3 years old
18 lbs/12"

With deep sorrow, darling Dexter passed to the bridge April 28/2011

This is one camera shy boy, so the best I could get of him, take out the camera and down goes his head.  He is very loving to adults, has no issue with men or women, but have been told he is not kid friendly, so an adult home only. He came into my home, like a typical terrier, wanting to rule the other little dogs, but his match was made by one female Lhasa (don't get a Lhasa mad LOL)...he lives in harmony with the other dogs, and would do fine with another small dog.  He is a good boy, and will be a great companion to the right home, he is totally housetrained, great in a car...a nice boy.
This exceptional boy, has found a great new home, with such a kind lady, residing in Tumwater, WA

(Adopted Nov./03)
Miniature Pinscher
4 years old
Male neutered/shots current

This adorable boy found his wonderful home very quickly, happily residing in Oregon.

(Adopted Nov/03)
Rudy (nka Buddy)
4 years old
Male/neutered/shots current

This sweet boy went to a loving doxie family, who just knew he was the one..happily residing in Kingston, WA

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