Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions


(Adopted Jan.23/16)
CoCo and Pebbles
Coco "Yorkshire Terrier"
Pebbles "Toy Fox Terrier"
Females/spayed/shots current
Coco is 8 years old and weighs 8 lbs
Pebbles is 11 years old and weighs 7 lbs

Coco and Pebbles are best friends who had been happily living with one another and their owner until April of 2015.  Their owner passed away but before their world fell out under them, they were taken in by a friend who hoped to find a new home for them. 

These little angels were brought to Rebecca’s Rainbow and Furbaby Rescue for medical care and fostering and have settled in nicely with Lori, their foster mom.

  Coco and Pebbles are two sweet little dogs looking for a forever home with someone who loves the little dogs.  Pebbles is a bit shy while Coco is quite outgoing and she helps take care of Pebbles, which makes things much easier on an owner.  They are sweet and lively and good natured. 

Coco and Pebbles have been fully vetted including a full senior exam and dental cleaning with X rays and are in good health. 

Now residing in Everett, WA


(Adopted Feb.7/2016)
Standard Pomeranian
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
14 lbs

If you are looking for devotion from a four legged furry wonder, you just found it. 

Gorgeous/stunning/smart/alert/happy are just a few of the adjectives to describe this beautiful boy.  He loves life, toys, can jump/leap and bound right into your heart.

JoJo was adopted by a wonderful lady when he was a year old.  He was adopted by his mom when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she knew she needed a distraction, a reason to fight and win. JoJo was what she choose and together, they won the battle. Life was good until just a couple of months ago when his mom had a major stroke and had no choice but to enter assisted living. JoJo tried living there with her but the mom did not have the ability to remember to take care of his needs. Because he was so loved, the difficult decision was made to find JoJo a new home. So now we are on the search for the PERFECT home for a PERFECT dog. JoJo acts like a puppy, he is so joyous.  He had always lived in an apartment, but in his foster home he has a fenced yard, and he loves, loves, loves it! He runs like a pony with abandonment.  He will be an awesome pet for someone.


Awesome home for an awesome lil boy, residing on Camano Island, WA

(Adopted April 9/16)
Terrier X
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
12 lbs

I can see you staring at my photos and thinking that there’s no way I’m a terrier mix. I can sense you thinking that I’m far too handsome for that mixed breed. YOU ARE RIGHT! I am far too handsome for my own good but I promise to remain humble, faithful and be the great little dog that I am and make you so happy that you adopted me. 

  So you want to know what traits make me a great little companion? 
Well, let me make a list for you: 

* I love riding in a car and walking on a leash.

* I am house broken. If you happen to forget that I’m due to go outside to do my business I’ll give you a reminder with a small whine. 

* I am a big snuggle bug even though I might be a wee bit shy at first. I warm up fast and I’ll love warming up your life. 

* I know commands like come and down and I’d love to learn some more if you are willing. 

* I don’t require a lot of toys but I do love belly and back rubs. 

* I can dance!! Yes, you read that right. 

* I am such a good dog that I usually have full run of the house when foster mom has to leave but like every dog on the planet, I’d prefer to be with my owner if possible. If I have to be confined for some reason, please no crates. I have proven that I can be trusted if put in a bathroom or similar room with food, water, a pee pad, and dog bed and I’ll be              perfectly behaved and wait patiently for you to come home. 

* I do want a securely fenced yard so I don’t get loose or stolen. A dog like me would be worth a million dollars if stolen and I don’t want to be away from anyone who loves me enough to adopt me. 

* I am good with other dogs. Sometimes I snuggle up with them when I’m not following my human around. It feels so good to snuggle with humans or other small dogs.

* Cats……ummmmm, no cats. They’re too much fun to chase and with my tender heart I don’t want anything to happen to another animal. 

* I can love you until the ends of the earth and you won’t be sorry you adopted me. PROMISE!!!! 

If you want a meet and greet or if you have other questions just click on this link…….

Now residing in Edgewood, WA

(Adopted April 23/16)
Schnauzer mix
Male/neutered/current on shots etc
3 years old
15 lbs

This sweet boy found a great home, residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted May 29/16)
11 years old
13 lbs

Hi!  My name is Rodeo! 

I am an older fella but you’d never know it!  My foster Mom says that I act like I’m 3 or 4!  I’m a totally healthy, loving, sweet dog.  I love to go for walks and I love to play with my foster siblings in the yard and in the house.  My best buddy is a one year old Japanese Chin puppy.  We goof around non-stop!  I have been an only dog my whole life, but I would really love to have an active younger brother or sister to play with in my new home!  I am crate trained and I am as quiet as a peep mouse when I’m in there!  I’m fine in my crate—it’s safe and cozy in there!  I am happy to sleep in the crate, but my foster Mom doesn’t make me.  I can sleep in the dog bed on the floor by her bed. 

I am looking for a house with a yard because I am active and I love to run and play.  I will also sometimes howl when my parents leave the house if I am not in my crate!  Therefore, a house would be best for me! 

I came Furbaby Rescue because my Dad started to have severe anxiety and my Mom wanted to make sure that I stayed safe.  So, here I am…safe, sound, happy and waiting for the next chapter in my life!  Dogs never, ever hold grudges…that’s part of the reason why they always go to heaven, no matter what!

If you are interested in meeting me, just let Furbaby Rescue know and fill out an application!

Licks and kisses,


Happily residing in Redmond, WA

(Adopted June 19/16)
Yorkshire Terrier/Prague Ratter
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old
15 lbs

Man, oh man, I just read through this website and there are a few other dogs like me who have lost their beloved owners due to illness and old age. You know, I think my mom probably feels just as badly about leaving me behind as I do about losing her BUT…..BUT….. I’m going to move on and hope that someone gives me my second loving home. I have so much zest for living left in me. I love to go for walks and if you dangle that leash in front of me, you’ll see just how excited I can get for walks. Then there are the car rides. My favorite car ride is to the pet store to find more toys. Want to see me obey commands? Well, just try saying “sit” and see how fast my hindquarters hit the ground. Someone tattled that I know the command rollover but I haven’t yet proved that. I’m saving it for my special next forever human. I love to be brushed and that just keeps me looking so great in between groomings. What more could anyone ask for in a four legged canine friend? 


In my last home I was an only child…I mean, only dog. I’ve learned in the foster home that other dogs being around isn’t all that bad if they’re nice ones. If I get left alone a lot, which I hope won’t be the case, it might be nice to have a friendly doggy companion but do me a favor and let us meet each other first before you sign the adoption papers. I really don’t want to learn to love you and then find out the other dog is jealous and starts to dislike me. I’d have to put on my pouty face if that happened.


Now, for the final piece of information. Drum roll………..I got a glowing report from the vet’s office!!! Ta-Dahhhh!!!! I’m ready to go. The next step is up to you to set up the meet and greet and come prepared to take me home to share your home and more important to win over your heart. Don’t forget the toys!!!! Please! *Doggy Wink*


Fantastic home for this girl, now residing in Portland, Oregon


*Sweet boy passed unexpectedly on Aug.18/16*
Mini Schnauzer
Male/neutered/shots current
10 years old
22 lbs

Max is an active, intelligent, and loving Schnauzer.

He is used to being with his person at night and during the day.  He is used to having access to a back yard.  He is the greatest car companion.  He loves being in the car and is silent and alert to all of the stimulation going on around him.

He is not an alpha dog but we have learned that when an alpha dog goes after him, he sticks up for himself, so we would like to put him in an only dog home or a home without other Schnauzers.

He is with a diverse group of dogs in his foster home and since no one has ever picked on him we have not seen any kind of aggressive behavior from him.  It’s only because he’s been on two meet and greets where we have seen this that makes us feel he should not be with another Schnauzer unless it is a very sweet and kind one. 

Max loves his meals, loves his treats, enjoys walks and is a great companion.  Like many Schnauzers, he does “alert” when “danger” is near but he quiets with a voice command.

Max had one tiny bladder stone and rather than take a chance that this was an anomaly we would like to keep him on a diet to manage his Ph levels.

He has been thoroughly vetted including X rays of his body, a dental with dental X rays, and comes with records of his full senior wellness panel.

(Adopted Aug.28/16)
Chihuahua/Fox Terrier
Female/spayed/shots etc
4 lbs (should be 5)
10 months old

Phoebe is a typical puppy. She loves to play, run around, throw her toys in the air, and all around have a good time.  She loves other dogs, gets along well with cats and enjoys meeting people.  She is quiet, very outgoing and a good snuggler! She is Alert, Friendly, Intelligent, Playful, Spirited and Curious. She had a flea infestation and was very underweight when we took her into rescue. She is healthy now, flea free and gaining weight.  She currently only weighs 4 lbs.,  but should be 5 to 6 lbs. at a normal weight.  She has long legs and is a good couch jumper!

Happily residing in Anacortes, WA


(Adopted Sept.3/16)
Benji and Broxter
Mini Schnauzers
Males/neutered/all medical current
2 years old
16 and 21 lbs

Attention Schnauzer Lovers!!!!!! The best two Schnauzers ever are available for adoption. Before we go any further though we want to settle something right now. If our mother hadn’t lectured us on never gambling, we’d bet you a million dollars that you don’t know how one of us got named Broxter. Well, it’s like this. Our first owners said “Let’s name him Baxter.” We woofed back “No, that sounds like one of us is a butler.” Then the owners said “Let’s name him Boxer.” We woofed back, “No, not unless you want to get into a boxing match with us.” Then it was “Let’s name him Bro.” Oh my gosh, we didn’t think it would ever end so there was a compromise of combining all into Broxter. Lucky Benji got a name that was acceptable from the get go. 

BUT ON TO THE REALLY IMPORTANT POINTS. There are no negatives about either of us. 

We’ve been to the vet and were declared perfectly healthy and everything is updated. 

We went to the groomers and were praised for just wagging our tails constantly. The groomer was so impressed as we met a little girl pug and got along beautifully. I think they would say we are well socialized. Oh, by the way. Most Schnauzers have their tails docked, poor things. Ours never were so they just wag all the better and then flow over our backs               to make a grand appearance. 

We are housebroken and that’s always a questions that’s asked. 

We are quiet all night long, either sleeping in a pen or together in one large crate. We’d probably adjust to sleeping on a human’s bed but honestly, why lose your bed space if we’re happy in a pen or large crate? 

We love squeaky toys and treats. 

We are so very intelligent and are willing to learn. How about considering some formal training and being very active with us every day? We’ll all be in prime health for a very long time doing that. Plus, we’re Schnauzers and like to be active. 

We are bonded and both of us love sitting with humans. Have room on your couch for two more? 

We will need a fenced yard whenever we go out. Some silly woman said that we remind her of a chariot race, how the horses are side by side running at full speed around the fenced yard. Actually, that’s not a silly comment at all because it’s true. If we weren’t running so fast that we make a blur you’d probably see us smiling because the faster we run                           the happier we are. 

We’ve been around children and do very well but Furbaby Rescue would prefer that any children in the household be 8 years or older. We’d never hurt a child but as active and fast as we are we’d feel terrible if we accidentally knocked over a toddler. 

So that’s it unless you want to ask more questions. We’re as good as any Schnauzer gets and if you aren’t already a Schnauzer fan, you’ll quickly become one if you adopt us. Read up on the breed and see what you think or talk to our foster moms. 

Great home, with wonderful new Mom and Dad, residing in Puyallup, WA

(Adopted Sept.29/16)
9 months old
*with great sorrow Jolie passed away from Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis Aug.7/17*

Hi everybody!
Look at my face!  And my ears!  I can make my ears go up and down and even sideways. My foster mom says she can tell just what I am thinking by looking at my ears.
But I don't have time to look in the mirror-I have too much to do. I loooove toys and chewies. Lots and lots of toys. Tugging is my favorite game-or maybe chasing after a ball. I even bring it back sometimes.
My foster mom says that I am curious but I don't know what that means. She said it today after I got a strappy thing out of the laundry basket. And after I poked my head into a cabinet. And tried to see what was on the kitchen table.
It was a busy morning.
I am an expert at cuddling and my favorite napping place is in a lap or tucked up next to my person. My favorite nap time is after walkies. I have learned lots about trotting along on a lead. I don't have to go too far or too fast since I am a little girl (8 lbs) but I can keep up with anybody.
My foster family has three dogs and three cats and I love them!  I want to play with everybody!
Gotta go-supper is ready. Maybe we can meet soon?

Foster mom here. Jolie is a delight. At nine months old she is the perfect age, still a puppy but having learned how to go outside to potty, sleep through the night, and walk on a lead.  She knows "sit", "leave it", "wait" and does  great for an eager pup.
This girl is confident, happy, loving. She gets along with the crew here and is respectful when told to back off. She does well in a crate but also likes sleeping in bed with her people. We think she would be a delightful addition to a  family


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