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(Adopted Aug.1/01)
Alfie (nka Muggins)
Affenpinscher X
10 months old
12 lbs
Shots current

*dear Muggins passed to the bridge from congestive heart failure July 11/2013*

One furbaby, that will always have a bad hair day, after grooming he did look adorable, he is lively, playful and full of mischief.  He can leap and jump, and has a zest for life. Another California baby, he likes to play with other dogs, likes both men and women, the children he has been around he seems fine...he will be a delightful companion. 
This fun loving, if not impish boy went to a great lady, that I had been in contact with over several months, she owned a darling JRT and wanted a companion for him and for herself.  He is now residing in Seattle, Washington, and will get the attention and love he was meant to have.
* if this doesn't rock the boat, here I was loving all the attention that Mom Jill was giving me, she now decided she is fostering other wayward dogs, get a grip first Mom, said this is great, and now is a volunteer for Furbaby...silly woman...I will show her

(Adopted Aug.5/01)

Puggy (nka Charlie)
Cavalier/Spaniel X
4 years old
Shots current
22 lbs

Many words can describe this boy, but the most important is he has a gentle spirit and soul.  He is missing his right eye, due to a car accident, this is the only information I have been given,  he is so sweet and loving.  He will be a very loyal dog to whoever falls in love with him.
A beautiful young woman met Puggy, and saw the absolute beauty in this boy, and was so drawn to him, she did not see that he was missing an eye, only what a special boy he is.  He is now residing happily in Kent, Washington.

(Adopted Aug.12/01)
2 years old
12 lbs.
Available Aug 9/01

Tootsie is wonderful, she has a tail wag, and kisses for everyone.  I have not found any fault with this girl, she does not have the thick undercoat as some pekes do, so will be relatively easy to maintain.  She is available to the right home as soon as she is spayed, which is scheduled for Aug. 8/01.  What a delightful companion she will be.
Toots went to a special family, Mom and son, her husband had recently died, and were searching for a special dog to help them heal, and this girl could only bring love and laughter back into their hearts.  Happily residing in my own town, Blaine, Washington.

(Adopted Aug.29/01)
Buckey (nka Tucker)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X
3-4 years old
16 lbs

Buckey who was formerly known as Vega, was adopted in March, but has been returned, as they stated he did not like to be alone, he would bark.  Here with my dogs, he is wonderful, he needs to be in a home where he either has a dog companion, which would be ideal, or someone that is home all the time.  He is very friendly, social, loving and a happy go lucky boy. Tucker is now living with a family that is home most of the time, with kids to play with, happily residing in Lynden, WA

(Adopted Oct.27/01)
Miniature Poodle
6-7 years old
Shots current
14 lbs.
Sadly Chad passed away with complications from diabetes in May/06, he was adored.

Chad is a darling boy, he is playful, intelligent, and has the deepest bark I have ever heard on a small dog:-) He gets along great with other dogs.  He just had his teeth cleaned and is in wonderful health.  Likes to be brushed, rides well in a car, good on a leash.  He will be a marvelous companion. Chad is now happily residing with a great older couple in Bellingham, Wa..

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