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(Due to Toby's health status, the foster home has decided to have him live out his life with her)
Minature Poodle
Male neutered/shots current
7.8 lbs

 My namie is Toby.  My Mom and I were always together until she had to go to the hospital and into a nursing home.  I waited in my kennel at the vets for over a month waiting for her to come back, but she never did.  I heard them talking about putting me to sleep and I did not understand.  The the vet techs told me they had found a foster Mom for me and I went to a different place with lots of dogs and soft beds.
I had been blind for awhile and my hair was so overgrown that my foster Mom wasn't even sure I was a poodle.  I went to two groomers and two vets.  I had lots of tests and finally I had a big surgery.  Now I get heart medicine and eye ointment every day (for dry eye) and I now I see and feel really good.  My foster Mom says I am quite a character.  
I know I am an old guy, but I think they threw in some Viagra into my medication.  After my surgery I stayed at Carina's house, and boy, is she a hot little Sheltie!  I knew I was in love.  The chase was fun but sleeping with her was even better.  I heard Carina's Mom saying something about Fed Ex'ing me to Seattle.  After I went home Carina even came to my house to visit.  No wonder I am prancing around these days.
I have a good time in my foster home.  I love going for walks with neighbor kids and wandering around the yard.  In fact I stay out so long sometimes my foster Mom forgets I am outside and I have to yelp to get let in. (Toby's bark sounds like the loudest whoop you have ever heard.  It's hard to believe it could come from such a little body)  I sleep a lot while she is at work and sometimes I let her hold me on her lap for pets but mostly I like getting around on my own.  I like it here but I really miss having my own Mon (or Dad).  Does anybody out there have room for me?
Whatever time, long or short..Toby is loved by his "foster, now forever Mom" in Seattle, W
*Toby had approximately 6 months, before he passed to the bridge, he was a funny little boy, loved and missed very much...

(Adopted Oct. 27/02)
Female/spayed/shots current

Missy is in rescue because her owners loved her very much, so much that they knew her safety is more important, than the loss they feel on letting her find a new home. Missy lived a wonderful life, she was taken very good care of, also in their home they owned hunting dogs, and these dogs did not like Missy.  As careful as the owners tried to be, one of the dogs had managed to hurt her, and the last time, Missy was hurt very badly.  They realized that this was not fair for Missy, and if they managed again to hurt or kill her, they would never ever be able to forgive themselves.  For Missy's well being they knew a decision had to be made, and now Missy is here with me.  The family made the right decision, it is too difficult to try to keep the dogs separated, and not fair for Missy to be terrified.  Missy is a wonderful, outgoing and loving furgirl.  She loves people, does good with children, loves to go for carrides, has basic obedience...a really great girl.  She does hate to be groomed though, so will need a very patient and understanding groomer.  
Missy found wonderful parents, along with a new sister Schnauzer, Lucy "May" as Lucy may do anything her heart now Missy can too:-)her transition into a new home will be fine, as she sleeps cuddled in their heart and bed, residing in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted Oct. 22/02)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
11 lbs
*sadly Pepsi went to the bridge March 27/17*

Please do not shy away from me, I was hurt very badly, and my fur will come back on my face, but it had to be shaved to make sure I did not have any more see I was kicked in my face, and I lost my eye, I am very badly bruised also around my cheek and skull area...I was in a lot of pain, but I am doing so much better now, I always had a tail wag and a happy disposition, even though I was hurt badly by people...
I am sweet and loving, they may have beat me, but I am still willing to love someone again..
I will be looking for my new home by the end of October, my foster Mom wants me to stay till she is sure all my injuries are healed well...

Pepsi is such a darling boy, he is tentative about his left side, the pain this boy was in was horrendous, his eye was so ulcerated and infected. Prior to removing his eye, I had him sedated, so he could be cleaned up and bathed, and once his stitches are removed, he will be groomed again, he has the sunniest disposition, and he just looks at you and he constantly wags his tail...even when he was in so much pain, he still rallied to show his love.  He is a real trooper.  I hope the people who allowed this to happen, suffer and I hope I am the one to make that happen!!! Unfortunately I could not make this happen, the laws suck!!!!!
But now for Peppy, he has a great Mom, and no harm will EVER come to him again..residing in Lynden, WA
Sadly Peppy's Mom passed away, but Peppy instantly found a new home with a wonderful woman who adores these special residing in Sultan, WA

(Adopted Oct. 26/02)

Cocker Spaniel
Male/neutered/shots current
24 lbs
3 years old

Hello to all you wonderful people in Adoptionland. My name is Scooter and I am a small Cocker Spaniel with ALLOT of love to give. My Dad passed away and Mom had to go into a care facility so my Uncle in Montana took me and tried to care for me, but I was very scared and he thought I needed more attention. He had a great friend in Montana who does rescue and she contacted Wende, my Foster Mom, and asked if she would take me and help me to find a great home. Well, the next thing I know, I am on a HUGE airplane on my way to Wende. Boy, it sure was scary up there, they did not even have an in-flight movie for me to watch, I sure was glad when we landed and Wende and her friend, Jill were there to love me and give me treats. They even took me to get a nice bath, since I had a bit of an accident in my crate. I was so embarrassed, but they said it was because I was scared and not to worry. They sure are nice. So now I am living at Wende's house with her 5 dogs and we are having so much fun. Her Lhasa Apso is always getting into trouble since she climbs on counters, but I am a good boy and only want to cuddle with her. I do snore a bit when I am very tired but it really is cute so please don't hold it against me. I love car rides, walks and watching sports on TV, (any men out there, I am quite the catch)!!! I do not understand small people so please I would prefer that they only visit, instead of live there, OK???

Scooter will need to go to a home with children over the age of 8 years, other dogs would be fine as he loves to play and we have not encountered any cats yet, so I really do not know how he feels about them. 
Scooter has a new marvelous family, adopted along with Patches living in Salem, Oregon

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