Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Dec. 30/04)
Charley Brown and Peppermint Patty
"Isn't it amazing what a groom can do"
Male and Female (altered/shots current)
App. 5 years old
5 & 6 lbs
*in great sorrow, Patty passed away, July 26/10, her Mom is grieving deeply for the loss of this precious girl*
* sweet lil Charley Brown has moved onto the Rainbow Bridge to join his sister Feb.7/13*

Patty is the ringleader, what Patty wants Patty gets, she is the boss of these two, Charley likes to agree with her, they are very bonded, adorable pair of babies...they strut their stuff, want your lap, want to be held, but tell you what, if you hold Charley, Patty will let you know, my turn TOO....
They have adorable lil terrier attitudes, which I love to laugh at, though I correct them, when they believe life should revolve around them, and maybe it is time, life did...I don't know their story, they were bought in CA, and ended living in the NW...their Mom was not able to care for them anymore with her health, I do not believe that anyone has spent a great deal of positive training with them for housetraining, they do use pads...
These two babies have a wonderful home, with a dear lady, who always has had and loved Maltese...adored in Sultan, WA

(Adopted Dec. 28/04)
Miniature Schnauzer
Female/spayed/shots current
10 months old
21 lbs

Sophie is an outgoing friendly dog, she was rescued from an abused situation, and needs to learn some boundaries, she is happy, playful and at times a bit out of bounds, but that is from lack of teaching, not lack of being a good girl.  She tends to like to be alpha with other dogs, but she lives very well in her foster home with other Schnauzers, and only seems to want to pick on the one male in the household.  The other dogs show her the boundaries they expect.  A Schnauzer experienced person will be a bonus, or a person(s) who will take time to teach this girl, take her to training, and learn together....
Her foster Mom adores her, and knows she will be a marvelous companion to the right home....
She found that right home, with two great parents, now residing in Victoria, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Dec. 27/04)
Long haired Chihuahua
Male/neutered/shots current
10 lbs
1.5 years old

Geordie is a sweetie. He is around a year and a half old. Geordie weighs about 9-10 lbs and we think he is a long haired Chi mix. He may be pure bred chi but he is a slightly bigger than most long haired chi's we have seen (about 8-9 inches high). He is very playful and loves chewies (hooves, pigs ears, nothing is too big for him to get his little teeth around). He can be a little shy at first but warms up quickly. He loves to ride in cars and wants to be on your lap. Geordie spent the last year or more living in a teen age girl's bedroom. Her parents told her she could get a dog of her own but after she bought Geordie from a pet store they decided they did not like him because he wasn't a shih Tzu like their other dogs so they did not allow him out in the house with the rest of the dogs. When Geordie was out in the yard he tried to play with the shih Tzus but they would never play with them. He slept, ate and spent his days in the bedroom. Finally both the teen and her parents decided that they needed to rehome him. This has been very scary for Geordie but he has been enjoying the other dogs at my house and I think he is going to be an awesome pet.
Now residing in a wonderful new family in Mill Creek, WA 

(Adopted Jan. 5/04)
Jack Russell Terrier X
Female/spayed/shots current
5 months old
12 lbs

Chiba is a 5-6 month old puppy. She is very active but not hyper. She loves toys and playing with other dogs. She will fetch her ball for you for hours at a time. She was adopted from the humane society at 2 months and returned at 5 months because they felt they did not have time for her. Like any puppy she can get a little mouthy if you are not careful playing with her. She is only just beginning with house training and is not very good with that. She is spayed, microchipped, all shots up to date and is a great girl.  Chiba now has a wonderful doxie sister, Penny, and a great new life, living in Blaine, Wa

(Adopted Jan.5/04)
Dewey passed away in 2011, he fought many battles with epilepsy  before leaving and now running at the bridge.
Cocker Spaniel
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 6 years old

Dewey was abandoned by his owners because they didn’t have time for him. No one wanted him at the humane society-he’s not a puppy you know. Cocker Rescue was full- no one had room for him. The e-mail came to Furbaby Rescue about the “cocker in need”. The shelter told us that he was still there but he was leaving that night “one way or another”. His time was up.  I rushed to the shelter through the Seattle traffic; barely making it in the Shelter door as it was closing. Told them I was there for “the cocker”.  A worker came out and thrust a leash into my hand with a matted stinky dog attached to it. “We don’t know anything about him.” Dog in tow and a single piece of paper in hand with a name, ”Dewey” and a (false) owner’s address and phone number on it, we headed for home.


Dewey loves the big dog beds and treats at his foster home. He loves to sleep in the bedroom next to the bed and lie on the couch looking out the window. He loves car rides and rambles through the yard. But he really wants a person of his own. He does OK with the other dogs but longs for someone who is his own. Many days he just gives up trying to get through the pack to get pets and lies in his bed looking sad. Doesn’t someone have room for Dewey?  
Dewey was a very fortunate boy, who's new home just adores him...happily residing in Bellingham, WA



(Adopted Jan. 12/04)
Yorkshire Terrier
Male neutered/shots current
4 years old
20 "chubby lbs"

I am rather chubby at 20 lbs. I need to lose a couple of pounds. I am a very sweet boy, tend to be a little shy in the beginning, and I don't like dogs that will bully me. I love to be near you, and love to wander in the yard, as any terrier, with nose to the ground, exploring. My house manners are very good, but I did make a couple of mistakes, when I came to stay with my foster Mom, I was just confused, and had to get used to all these silly Shih Tzu and bossy Sheltie girl. I will play with another dog, if they want to, I like to be up on the couch with you, and cuddle, but it does take me a day or two to warm up...once I know you, I am your best friend. I was given up, because my family said they had allergies, and wanted to do more things, and I tied them down... I am going to be an awesome companion, but no small children please...they make me nervous.  Roddy now has two easy going, loving parents, happily residing in Bellingham, WA




(Adopted Jan.15/04)
Brother Bear
Male/neutered/shots current
App.1- 2 years old
9 lbs

Bear is an astounding dog, he loves other dogs, people, cats, if you open your arms he jumps right into them, he absolutely melts your heart, his foster Mom, just cannot say enough praises for this boy, he is so much more open and loving than most Poms, he stole everyone's heart at my vets, and had to be careful when they opened his kennel and be ready for him to fly into their arms, they had never met one, with such a perfect personality.  He does need a bit more work on housetraining, but even that is coming along... Bear lost his former home, due to divorce, the wife did not want to take care of him, and the husband worked long hours, and Bear was either crated for hours or left outside, not a life that he was meant to lead.  Bear has a wonderful Mom now, along with the resident Pom...happily residing in Tacoma, WA

(Adopted Jan. 16/04)
Silky Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 7 years old
9 lbs

Storm's Wish

I'm tiny in size, just bearly there
With only one eye and long wispy hair
I want to be treasured, oh, do I dare? 
There has to be someone that really will care!

I know it's not easy, not a quick thing to find

A home that will treat me always so kind
Where someone will be with me most of the time
And if I'm not perfect, they truly won't mind

A home with quiet voices, no scolding me hard
A doggy door to use and a little fenced yard

Where someone will brush me, make sure I've no fleas

Who'll see that I'm eager, that I so want to please


Where there is gentle petting with such loving hands

I'm not picky - I'd love a lady or man's

To sit at a knee, someone to cuddle beside

Where I can learn that I'm loved

With no reason to hide


So this is my wish, my hope, my desire
Reading it thru, thoughts of adoption inspire
Our lives together will change, they'll surely transform
That's all I can say 

Yours Sincerely,



Storm was a breeder dog for most of her life. She is very smart and quite affectionate after she gets over her initial shyness. Storm needs an adult only home where she can be pampered and loved by someone who is home most of the day.

Storm needs a person who will continue to work with her to perfect her indoor potty manners. She uses a doggy door but still needs some prompting and guidance. Storm bathes and grooms nicely and greatly appreciates wearing a warm jacket or sweater when she goes outside. She is crate trained. She gets along with other small dogs but is person oriented. Storm will alert bark but is not a noisy dog.  Storm went on a longer journey, one of our foster homes, that moved to Arizona, thought Storm needed to retire with them...she is a happy girl indeed.

(Adopted Jan. 15/05)
Hannah Marie
Female/spayed/shots current
17 lbs
3 years old

This pretty girl, was only in foster care long enough to meet her new special Mom and Dad, who fell in love with her the minute they saw each other...happily spoiled and doted on, in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Jan.19/05)
Long haired Chihuahua
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 4 years old
6.8 lbs
*darling lil Willie crossed the bridge March 14/13, his Mom and Dad miss him so much*

We had a special home in mind, the minute Willie walked in the door...and this wonderful home, meet this fantastic lil furbaby, and off he went to be doted on and loved...happily residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Jan. 22/05)
Rocket Man
Male/neutered/shots current
10 months old
15 lbs

Rocket is an incredible dog. He is sweet and playful and loves everyone. He is a 10 month old bundle of energy that stops only long enough to give kisses and cuddles before he resumes his joyful puppy play all over the house. Everyone who comes in contact with this boy falls in love with him from shelter staff, to our groomer and of course his foster mom.

  Rocket was found as a stray and was in the shelter for almost 2 months without being adopted. This is because when he first meets anyone he is a little shy (for about 2 minutes). After that he is your best friend. He doesn’t seem to care who you are, men women, children, large dogs, small dogs Rocket loves them all.

  We are only guessing at breeds for Rocket as he is truly an enigma. He has Westie ears and Bichon fur with a temperament that could be either or both. He is a low shedder  . He will definitely need grooming to keep the mats down and his coat under control. He seems to be full grown though he might put on a little weight. In spite of his fluffiness he is actually quite slim.

  Rocket needs an energetic family who can set boundaries without stifling his joyous personality. He is only partly house trained and still thinks paper and socks are doggy toys. He would love to have another dog to play with and must have a fenced yard. Rocket has been neutered and microchipped and is up to date on all of his shots. This great boy, found the perfect home, with loving parents, now residing in Long Beach, WA


(Adopted Jan.22/05)
App. 7 years old
40 lbs, 13" tall
Female/spayed/shots current

Genie is a truly great girl. She really wants her own people. She came from the Tacoma Humane Society just hours before she was to be put down. She was originally adopted from the THS when she was 2 years old and after 5 years the family decided that they “didn’t have time for her” any more. She loves to lean against your leg or lie by your feet and especially she loves to be petted. She is great to bathe and loves car rides or just following you around the yard. She would be a wonderful gardening companion. She is house trained and has lived with children and cats. She gets along well with the other dogs but really just want to be with her person.


Genie looks like she is a Corgi/Beagle mix but she could also have Bassett hound in her. She is not barky but when she does bark she raises her head like a hound. Her adoption fee is $150.00. She is current on all shots, spayed and micro-chipped and so ready for a person(s) of her own.  
Ironically Genie was adopted by a lady named you can see them walking down the road, two Genie's side by side, who have bonded so close together...a wonderful home for this special girl...residing in Ferndale, WA

(Adopted Jan.28/05)
Jack Russell Terrier
2 years old
12 lbs
Male/neutered/shots current

As Jack sat at my groomers, a client came in, and the rest is history, never had a chance to put him up for adoption, as his parents found him first..happily residing in Blaine, WA

(Adopted Feb.1/05)
Wire haired Dachshund (possibly a mix?)
Male/neutered/shots current
3-4 years old
18 lbs

Kennie is a real joy. He is funny, playful and devoted.  A real cuddle bug, he loves burrowing under the covers cuddled up next to you. He is definitely a bed dog. He gets along with other dogs and loves having a buddy to play with. He brings his toys to you to throw or tug. Kennie was a stray at a shelter and (possibly because he needed a hair cut!) wasn’t picked to be adopted. His foster mom can’t believe anyone would pass up this boy. He is an absolute delight and his new family is going to be so lucky to get him.

Happily adopted in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb. 20/05)
Male/neutered/shots current

Buddy was put into foster care, and never left...we call this "foster failure" the baby too much, to let him leave...residing in Seattle, WA
*With deep sorrow, Buddy crossed the bridge in 07*

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