Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted July 8/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
3 lbs
12 years old

I am a  dear, sweet, loving old man…yes I am super tiny but looking for a warm lap to call my own. I was found in another state and brought here to Bellingham to find my forever home.  When I was found I only had 3 teeth,  well… the great folks over at Maplewood Animal Hospital helped me out and got rid of those icky teeth!  I could not use them anymore, and they all had to be pulled. So… I have no teeth, BUT I can still give GOOD kisses!  I love all people and get along well with other dogs (big and small). I am quiet and use my wee pad.  I will settle in a crate if asked,  but prefer your bed.

I am looking for a quiet home  where I can retire.  I’d like to be carried around a lot and have my own set of warm blankies. I’d like to be with people who respect my size and have experience with a tiny dog like me.  I still have some good years left,  so I am planning on being around for a long time .

Montgomery update!

Monty is an absolute love and so gentle and sweet. He loves everybody and is quite the little social butterfly. He even loves my granddaughter who is 3 (but a home without children is best for him, she has been trained since she was a baby how to respect animals) Not only does he get along with other dogs big and small he also gets along great with the cats. Even though Monty has no teeth he does not require a special diet! He actually prefers hard food and does just fine eating it. Monty loves to cuddle but if you are busy and can’t give him attention at the moment he is just as happy to curl up in his doggy bed. Monty is crate trained and sometimes prefers to take his naps in his crate or even sleep there at night; it really depends on his mood. Monty is also potty trained. If you put a wee pad out he will use it but if not he will potty outside and even knows how to use the doggy door! Monty’s favorite thing to do is lay in the sun, If the sun is shinning Monty will find a spot to sunbathe, inside or out! Monty is definitely one of the easiest, sweetest dogs I have fostered and such a joy to have around.

This lil fellow has a great Mom, residing in Langley, WA

(Adopted July 12/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
14 lbs

Tipsy Tillie....oops, can't say that because it makes Tillie sound like she's been imbibing too much in cocktails and she's just not that kind of a lady. Mercy!!! 

You will find that Tillie is a very skilled snuggler. She knows where to cuddle to find warmth. She loves to hide under her blanket in her doggie bed so you can't see her but as soon as you call her name, out pops her nose and an eye to check on what's happening. We dare you not to laugh at that one! And if you don't mind, she'll snuggle on the bed with you at night. She might even beat you to the bedroom. 

So let's think about the great features in any dog that we want for a pet. Dogs that don't bark are good and that's Tillie but at the same time she'll be right up front if someone comes to the door and she doesn't immediately approve of them. Many people don't like high energy dogs and Tillie would be thrilled to have a casual quiet lifestyle. She could share a home with older children if they don't play punk rock music on the highest volume level. Tillie will do fine with other dogs as long as they don't make fun of her because she can't run a marathon. In other words, Tillie is just a well rounded lady and who is HOUSETRAINED. YES!!! One of the most important features that adopters like to have in a dog. 

Tillie is currently on a special diet so she doesn't have skin issues. With the right food that is so easy to avoid and the foster mom can tell you exactly which food to buy and avoid vet bills due to allergies. And like so many of us....*sigh*......Tillie could stand to lose a little weight. So again, diet and just some good play time for exercise and Tillie will be fit as a fiddle. 

Tillie is at that perfect age. Settled down and ready to have many more years just being the perfect companion to someone. 

Tillie is now residing in Custer, WA with her new Mom and Dad


(Adopted July 23/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old

If Peter were a little human boy he would live in baseball clothes and always have a baseball cap on with his glove in his back pocket and a ball at the ready.

Peter has one very favorite thing to do and that is to PLAY BALL!  He likes the harder blue balls Squash and Racquet Ball players use because he can demolish a tennis ball after a few weeks of hard play. 

He loves to have a partner but if you are too busy?  He just throws his own ball and has a blast.

Watching this little guy play with his balls is better than watching television and for some just as much fun as watching a baseball game.

Peter gets along with everyone.  He has a sweet and winning disposition, is very well mannered, lots of fun, really enjoys swimming in his foster family’s pool, loves walks which he goes on a lot with four other doxies.  He is cuddly, adorable, and absolutely precious.  He’s young and healthy and though he adores his foster family, he very much wants a home of his own.  He lost his owner when she became ill and he’s been very patient while waiting for his own home.

You really have to meet Peter to experience him.  He’s living in Redmond Washington so he’s pretty easy to find….but keep your eyes out for flying balls!!

Peter could not be happier with the great family he has now, residing in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

(Adopted July 27/12)
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
14 lbs

Watch his Video

Pierre is a delightful, well socialized, loving poodle.  He LOVES people and enjoys other dogs.  A game of ball is his favorite past time, well… that and snuggling!  He enjoys walks,  and is potty trained.  His owner has had to move into a Bellingham Assisted Living facility,  and is unable to care for him anymore.  Her hope is that she might still be able to see Pierre from time to time… but knows that is a lofty wish. 

Pierre just wants to play and love… he is a gem of a dog!  Pierre was adopted for a couple of weeks, but the resident "grumpy" cat was just not happy.

    Lil Pierre hit the jackpot with this compassionate family who adore him, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted July 30/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
27 (chubby lbs)

This enchanting girl found her home immediately.  She is now residing happily with a great couple and their Lhasa Cookie.  Residing in Lynden, WA

(Adopted Aug.9/12)
Female/spayed/shots current
8 months old
6 lbs

I am a kind and gentle soul.  I might be shy for only a moment,  but I warm up quickly.  I love to snuggle and give kisses.  I am playful and a bit silly.  I am quiet and reserved,  and looking for a quiet home to blossom into the dog I want to be.  I like other dogs and seem good with cats.  I am required to attend a reward based obedience class in your area once I am adopted, but its included in my adoption fee.  I am working with a trainer at Tails-A-Wagging to learn all the things I need to be a good, happy girl.

Lovely home for a darling dog, residing in Hoodsport, WA

(Adopted Aug14/12)
Male (will be neutered prior to adoption)
10 weeks old
2 lbs (estimated to be 6 lbs as an adult)

Watch his cute video with his kitty friend

Update July 31/12:

Thor had an accident,  and is doing well,  but his adoption process has been halted for now.  You are welcome to inquire about him to the email address below, as well as request an application,  but his adoption will not occur until he is 100% healed. Please note, we cannot give any direct updates on our dogs in rescue unless you are interested in adoption and have an application on file. We will make updates on his bio page for all to see.

On 7/27,  Thor was accidentally stepped on at his foster home and he broke his right front leg.  Unfortunately this is the most common injury to occur to a small dog.  He is in a splint and healing well and will have a recheck appt in 2 weeks and have his splint changed at that time.   The splint is holding very well and due to his young age, there is a good chance he will not need surgery, and the leg can heal normally with the splint.  

Thor is in good spirits and happy as always…  

This cute, social and well mannered little boy is looking for his forever home.  Do you know a lot about puppies?  We eat, play and poop, take a nap and it starts all over again!  Thor is being fostered in a home with exposure to kids,  other dogs and cats.  Small dog experience is a must for such a small dog.  Get a  lead on his adoption by reading BEFORE YOU GET YOUR PUPPY,  free download here:  

Thor has the BEST family, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Aug.31/12)
Coton de Tulear
Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old
17 lbs

Foster family:


“We have fallen in love with Cubby.  All of us have.  He is so beautiful and smart AND fun.  He is probably one of the most handsome dogs we have ever had with us and he’s absolutely delightful.

Cubby’s breed pretty much demands that he be very attached and loyal to his human(s).  He wants to be with you wherever you go and that makes him a very nice companion dog.  We take him pretty much everywhere we go.  He loves the adventure and we enjoy his company.

Unfortunately for Cubby, there is a bias against 9 year old dogs, which is a shame and a lot of people are really missing out on a great dog.  He is extremely healthy, appropriately active, cuddly, and attentive.  He has many many years ahead of him.

He’s still very puppy like and when he runs he bounds just like a cottontail bunny.  It’s charming. 

Cubby will make you laugh, keep you young, and be your best friend in the entire world.

Cubby was a lucky boy to have found his way to his new home, residing in Anderson Island, WA


(Adopted Sept.4/12)
Bichon Frise
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old
17 lbs

Calling all Bichon lovers!  Have we got a terrific dog for you! 

Jade is the type of dog that wakes up every day ecstatic to be alive.  She appreciates everything she is given, and gives you so much more in return.  Jade is bubbly and energetic and loves to go for walks, which is good since she needs to lose a little weight!  She does these adorable little dances when we come home from work or when she thinks she's going to get some food.  She is extremely friendly and treats each new person she meets like her new best friend, cuddling up next to them and being her sweet, affectionate self.  Jade gets along great with our dogs and cat, but really just adores people.  She is house trained and a real charmer.  She loves to play with her toys or do blitzes with her bichon buddy in her foster home.

Jade has been through quite a lot health-wise (she has had bad ear infections, some teeth extractions, and even a false pregnancy!) but she is all cleaned up and ready to go now! Her only downside is that she likes to bark when visitors come to the door, or sometimes when out on walks.  She isn't threatening; she is just letting people know that something is going on.  However, this is something that can be easily worked on in a training class.  Since she does bark at this point, we don't recommend she go to an apartment or condo. 

Jade is a fun, spunky, energetic, patient, loveable, and easy-going little dog who is looking for her forever home.
Jade was adopted by a prior adopter, who is amazing, happily living in Mission, B.C. Canada


(Adopted Sept.6/12)
Yorkshire Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
10 lbs
7 years old

Asumi is too sweet for words.  He lives to be with his human.  The wee bit of a waggler vibrates almost constantly.  He's a very happy soul and loves to get his scratches and sweet words.  Not quite 10 lbs, he's about 7 y/o.  He was left at the "night drop" as a stray so we have no background info on him.  He's neutered, UTD on vaccs (next due in 7/13) and has had his teeth cleaned.  He was named by my Japanese exchange student and Asumi means "love" and "graceful."  He rides well in the car, is house-broken, and is ferocious with the squeakers hiding in squishy toys.  His neck seems to be sensitive and he wears a small harness rather than a collar.  Asumi gets along well with other dogs but cats are an unknown.

Residing happily in Bellingham, WA

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