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2 yr
Male/neutered/shots current
Teacup Chihuahua
3 lbs

Hi, my name is Oden. I am a tiny little Chihuahua who is looking for a permanent, responsible and loving home.  I had a pretty rough life so far. When I was a puppy I fell out of a shopping cart and broke my leg. It was repaired but I do have a small bone deformity... but it does not slow me down!

Do you know much about tiny Chihuahua?  We do best in a quiet home where we can be the center of attention.  Being held is our number one concern- so a home where I would be alone for  the day is not for me.

I also have a large Molera or Fontenel.  And we have  some information about it listed below.

A home inquiring about me must have Chihuahua experience, and no large dogs or children in the home.  Sorry I am too frail.  You would need to understand I CANNOT be allowed to jump off of ANY surface to mini stairs to couch and bed would be a requirement. Get used to getting me a fabulously wardrobe!  Since I am so small and thin, sweaters are a must for me.

I used potty pads in the house and will sleep in a crate, but would prefer your bed. I am quiet when we can be together and when I can see you but I am a little howler when left alone.

If you are looking for a companion to with you all the time, I might be the one!
Read about the Chihuahua Molera
Now residing happily in Puyallup, WA

(Adopted Feb.3/08)
American Eskimo
14 months

Let me introduce myself.. I'm Abby. I a VERY loving dog who almost did not make it to Furbaby Rescue if it was not for the love and support of some very important people.  You see, I led a very sheltered life... my previous home did not socialize me to the world so I had  a big problem with new situations. They said they could not deal with me so they took me to my vet to be put to sleep!  The wonderful vet there knew I was  good girl and just needed someone to teach me how to feel good in new situations. That vet called Furbaby Rescue and here I am.  I am in a  very loving foster home who has lots of dog training  experience so I am really learning all I can. I live with other dogs in my foster home and even get to go to Doggie Day Care 2 days per week. ( go to on Tuesday's and Thursday's to see me playing, I'll be in Playroom 1)

You  need to understand I am a work in progress.  I am going to need time to adjust to my new surroundings, but since I adore people so much I bond very quickly.

Plan on taking me to a reward based obedience class, as it will be a  requirement for my adoption. 

If you think you are open to taking the time I need to be the best girl I can, lets meet.  I'll  be saving a kiss for you.

Abby now has another Eskie to romp with, residing in B.C.

(Adopted Feb.6/08)
Bichon Frise
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old

Charlie AKA  (Love bug) is a darling!  He is FULL of energy and absolutely loves to go for walks...long or short, he's ready.  He gets along great with the resident dog, and they like to chase and wrestle.  He is a cuddlebug, who just wants to be with you and love you like you have never been loved. He loves other dogs and can only go to a home who has  another dog who also wants a buddy no exception on this one.

Charlie is doing good on his house training he could even be crated with another dog in the same crate while you are gone for a short time.

Charlie  is a talker when you get him he will let you know what he thinks of you being gone it is like he talking to you. He does bark when someone is outside or comes to the door. He has been trained not to bark when in the back yard by saying the word Boss which is the water bottle sprayed at him if he barks while in the back yard.

Charlie  would make a great walking partner he could do long walks. His bark and protective stance will let others know not to mess with you.

Charlie loves to play fetch and will play as long as you throw the ball for him but he likes to play inside the house with the ball. When he is in the back yard he will run around like crazy trying to get the other dogs to run with him. He will need a fenced yard.

One of my Favorite adopters, adopted this boy, now being loved and spoiled as well as
Munsin, Cuddles and others in Spokane, WA

(Adopted Feb. 4/07)
Chihuahua X
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old


"My family didn't want me because they said I was too barky and protective of my house. Didn't they know I am a Chihuahua ? I thought that was my job. I was terrified in the shelter. It took me 3 days to come out of my crate and let the lady with the treats pet me. After that, I curled up in her lap and gave her love.”

Colby is a doll baby. He is slightly shy at first-for maybe 5 minutes, and then he is a complete love. He would rather have pets and cuddles than treats. He gets along well with other dogs, loves to ride in the car, sleeps happily in his crate but would be willing to cuddle on the bed if you wanted it. He is house trained, walks well on a leash and has beautiful manners.

Because of his breed we are looking for a home for Colby with children no younger than 12. Though he does like his yard, he could live well in an apt or condo. This dog is a gem and the family who adopts him will be a very lucky family.

Colby got a wonderful new Mom, residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted Feb.9/08)
Slick and YoYo
"sadly YoYo passed to the bridge Sept.18/12"
dear Slick passed to the bridge Aug.24/16*
Cairn Terrier X
Females/spayed/shots current
App. 5-7 years old
18 lbs

Slick and Yoyo have been breeding bitches all of their lives. They have mostly lived outside. Every night they came in and slept in their crates. Every morning back outside to run around, lots of freedom but little human attention except for the 2-3 times a year they had puppies. Then they were in a big crate while they “did their duty” and when the pups were old enough to sell then they were “released” to run around outside again.

It took 2 weeks for these girls to believe that they were allowed inside and even longer for them to learn to run up and actually ask for pets and treats.  They have never been abused so they are not afraid of people but they just couldn’t believe that someone would scratch their backs or their ears or hold them on a lap. They still seem incredulous sometimes when they are getting attention.

Slick is the leader. She runs up to you with her big grin and loves her pets and treats. She is a dominant dog and is Yoyo’s protector from any threats. Slick is an adventurer who is interested in anything new and keeps close track of everything going on around her. She learns quickly and is willing to try most new experiences- usually with her big joyous grin on her face.

Yoyo is the shy girl. She takes a bit longer to warm up to people but once she does she is a love bug. She is sweet and really wants to be loved and cared for. She is a little worried about new experiences and looks to Slick to guide her.

These girls walk well on a leash and do OK in the car. They get along well with other dogs but will probably chase cats. They are just learning about house training though they are pretty well paper trained and are very well crate trained. They need to go to a home with a fenced yard and to a family who has some dog experience since they still need some work on training and socialization. Though we would love for them to be placed together, if they are separated, they will only be placed in a home with another dog or dogs. These little mamas deserve to finally have a family of their own to come home to. 

  Great home for these two girls, residing in Freemont, WA

(Adopted Feb. 15/08)
Female/spayed/shots current
11 months old
10 lbs

I will be the first to tell you, this picture does not do me justice. I am adorable!  I'm a sweet, dainty girl with a very shiny coat and such soft fur I can't wait for you to pet me.

I was surrendered to our local shelter and according to my previous family, I am not fond of fast moving kids, but I do enjoy people and other small dogs quite well.

I have been playing at doggie day care and have settled in like the rest of the pack. I have been showing some good house manners at home but on walks I have shown to be reactive on the leash- a common trait for Pekes... but one that I can overcome thru an obedience class.  A reward based obedience class will be required for my adoption-   I am potty trained and am a pretty quiet dog.

Since I am still just a pup I do not have  my full Peke Coat in, but I think I am a very pretty girl.

Roxy girl has two super parents, residing in N. Delta, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Feb. 16/08)
5 years old
11 lbs

 I am glad to meet a friend like you!  I have known lots of people but some I would never call a friend. You see, I was left inside an apartment when my family skipped town one night and left me there all alone. The apartment landlord found me, days later...and took me to the shelter.  The nice shelter staff called Furbaby Rescue... and here I am.

You can't tell from this photo... but I had so many fleas lots of my fur is missing.  I have a skin  and ear infection- being treated... but it caused a lot of hair loss.  It should all grow back and I will be the most beautiful boy... I promise.

I am pretty sore in my ears, but I tolerate my medicine. The nice people over at Pampered Pets Grooming made me very handsome and I feel so good!

As for my personality... I am a typical Pom, happy-go-lucky, cheerful, intelligent and seeking a good warm lap. I am good with other dogs and enjoy meeting new people.

I hope we can meet soon, and I can learn to call you friend.

Perfect doggie for a perfect home, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb.17/08)
Corky and Sadie
Poodle/Bichon Frise
Male/Female/altered/shots current
2 years old
18 and 12 lbs

February 17/08  we will be 2 years old we are litter mates and now we are best of friends and we must be kept together for life we are very bounded. We sleep together in our crate but would love to sleep in your bed with you, we will cuddle right up next to you and keep you nice and warm. We are protective of each other around other dogs but we are learning it is ok for other dogs to be around us. We are very loving dogs who just want you to hold us and love us.. We do like to play with our toys we love to have the ball thrown for us.

We know how to sit and we are very smart and listen well we do great with going outside and going potty.

Corky: I am the male I loved to be brushed and bathed and I soak it all up and will let you brush me as long as you want.  I will paw you and let you know I need you to hold and love me. Between my sister and I, I am the leader, I want to make sure she is taken care of and will always love and protect her to the end. 

Sadie:  I am the female I let my brother think he is the one taking care of me but I watch out for him also. I am good in the bath but I don't really care to be brushed out but I will let you. I am the one who wants to play a lot more them my brother I am tiny and so cute I have great eyes and I know how to get my way with my eyes.

I follow my brother wherever he goes even if he is in trouble. I will even go to time out with him I really love my brother.

We will do best in a home without other dogs.

What a great home was found for these two imps (thank you Carrie) residing in East Wenatchee, WA

(Adopted Feb.18/08)
Sally "PeaPawd"
Female/spayed/shots current
4 lbs
4 years old

Peapawd is very sweet and loves people she is very social, in her foster home she is the "greeter" of all guests who come and go. She is an active girl, and likes to go for walks (with her sweater on) but outside is not her favorite place to be she would prefer to be burrowed under some blankets nice and warm. Peapawd loves to go for rides and behaves very well in the car, she is potty trained but if she is left for more then 6 hours without going out she may have an accident. Peapawd will need a home WITHOUT CATS and she seems to get along best with other Chi's. Peapawd is a goofy girl who keeps her foster family laughing she is like a class clown and the more she knows she is entertaining you the more she wants to do it, she is a little stubborn though with a mind of her own and would definitely benefit from taking a basic training class and or would also enjoy agility.   
Now residing happily in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Feb.28/08)
Blackie & Shadow
Miniature Schnauzers
Males/neutered/shots current
3 years old
14 lbs

These boys are cuddle babies, love to cuddle in your lap.  Sweet endearing boys.  They are crate trained, walk fine on a leash, good in the car.  They are housetrained.  They do well with other dogs...great furbabies.

Shadow and Blackie are litter mates, came into rescue, because the other dog in the household, who is a service dog, took a dislike to them.  In foster care, they have absolutely no issues, that the foster Mom can determine...loves everyone.  They have a very good and genuine loving attitude.  As you may have guessed, we will only place them together, they love each other, sleep in their crate at night together, and believe they will be happiest staying together.

Shadow has been debarked:-(  These two boys do have allergies, so they need to stay on a strict allergy diet.

Now residing in Burnaby, B.C. with a couple who adore them.

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