Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted March 8/14)
Lucille Ball
Bichon Frise
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old

ďHey, does anyone out there know of a nice human looking to adopt something that looks just like a little white lamby Ė only itís a dog?  Oh they need to be looking for a girl, too.

That might be me!  I am a Bichon Frise.  I have a soft curly coat that begs to be petted.  I am sweet and a lot of spunky fun.  I love to go for walks, play, ride in the car, and I really like my crate for my quiet time.

I am potty trained very well and let me tell you; it is very hard to keep on that schedule when I keep moving around and every house has different rules and locations for where I am to exit. 

I have had a rough 7 years but I donít wish to burden you with the drama or upset anybody.  The important thing for you to know is that I am a good dog, I need a home, and you will like having me to share your life with.

I am very people oriented and do not want to be with any other dogs.  I have had to learn to fight for my life and to fight for food, a bed, toys, pretty much anything that pertains to my safety and comfort.  I donít trust other dogs any more.  I feel fortunate that I still enjoy life and can trust people.  I am happy being around other people sometimes but I sure want a home of my own.

My name is Lucille and though Iím a little girlie, Iím also a lot of fun and have a love of life, but I need a home base.  Could it be that you might have one for me?Ē

Now residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted March 16/14)
Yorkshire Terrier mix
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
7 lbs

Dear lil Monty recently found his way into rescue because of a family member illness.  It broke their hearts to say goodbye to him, but there simply was no choice.  Monty is a very sweet little guy and once he gets to know you is the ultimate snuggle bug!  He can be a little timid/shy with strangers and just needs a little time to warm up.  We are still getting to know him and he is settling into his foster home very nicely.  He does okay with the other dogs, but much prefers the  attention of his human.  If you have an empty lap and need a companion to hang out with ~ Monty is your man!  When his human sits down he is in her lap in a flash!  Car rides?  You bet!  Just open the door and he hops in lickity split!  Faster than you can blink! 


  Monty is housebroken, crate trained and walks like a champ on a leash.  He most definitely is in the 'Velcro dog' category with his chosen human!  Are you his new BFF?  Inquire within!

Great home for this lil fellow, residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted April 8/14)
Male/neutered/shots current
12 years old
18 lbs

Hi!  I'm Curly.  I'm an older gentleman and my foster mum says I remind her of Winston Churchill...I don't know why she thinks you?  

I'm 12 y/o, a quiet guy, I'm...ahem...neutered, up-to-date on my vaccinations and a very pleasant fellow if I do say so.  I do have "Pug eyes" so artificial tears twice a day is recommended.  

I'm in need of new accommodations as my former dad passed away.  It's nice here but I need my own human.  It's a bit noisy with the other dogs, I'm accustomed to a rather quiet life, so I find a nice bed somewhere and imbibe in my many daily snoozes and I'm pretty good at it if I may brag a bit. I'm a gentleman so I do not get on human beds or the furniture.  There is a multitude of dog beds here so I have a couple of favorites and nestle in one of them for my naps.  I'm a good eater and currently dine on Taste of the Wild Bison and Venison...a half cup twice a day suits me fine as it's quite delicious.  
Things didn't go very well for me before my dad passed so I had an ear infection and bacterial infection on my skin.  That's all cleared up now but I'm still working on regrowing hair on my tail and undercarriage.  Everything else passes muster so I'm ready to move on to a nice peaceful permanent home with some loving gentle older people.  So anyone looking for 18 lbs of love and attention?

Residing in Aberdeen, WA

(Adopted April 21/14)
Terrier/poodle/dachshund mix
Female/spayed/shots current
3 years old
13 lbs


My name is Cindy, I came to my foster home due to an illness in my family.  I am told I am a terrier/poodle/dachshund mix, but I know Iím cute as a button and sweet as can be.   I am 3 years old and up to date on my shots and a clean bill of health.   I really want a forever home that will have time to do some of my favorite things.  I love to go for walks, I really love playing with toys, and I donít mind if I even have a playmate.  At first I am very shy, but in time I learn to trust you and I love belly rubs and scratched under the chin.  I donít  really get on furniture unless maybe Iím invited but I love to lay on the floor by my foster momís feet and she will rub and pet me.  Sometimes I put my little paws on the chair, mostly I want to get some love and attention or sometimes  I am saying I want to go outside to do my business.  I have never done any of that in my foster momís house, I am pretty well trained to go outside.   I will sleep in a kennel, but I really love the new bed my foster mom made me and maybe it will get to go with me in my new home. (I hope hope) I am the sweetest lil girl and I do come to my name and really donít bark a lot, but only to greet people at first coming into the house, that is so exciting.  I would really love to meet you and see if you can be my forever home.  

Cindy got a great home and in memory of Rosie, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted April 23/14)
Miniature Schnauzer
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
14 lbs

I'm Susie!!!  I'm four years old, spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, cute as a bug's ear, and need my own person to love.  I'm a bit small for a Miniature Schnauzer and tip the scales at about 14 lbs.  

I've not had the best start in life and have been shuffled around a bit so sometimes I'm very shy.  When I don't know what's coming next, I just lie down and wait.  My mom scoops me up and tells me everything is going to be fine and give me a good scratch on my chest.  I was bought to make puppies but saved at the last minute.  I'm too sweet for words my foster mom says and I'm an excellent snuggler!  I frequently have what my mom calls "morning beard" goes every which way but we don't much care.  

We're still working on the house-training but I'm getting better.  I must go outside as soon as I've eaten so I can take care of "business" as mom calls it.  

So if you've got room in your heart and home for a great snuggler, I'll be yours forever!  

Susie is now happily residing in Bremerton, WA

(Adopted April 26/14)
Hope (nka Chub)
Miniature Schnauzer
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
11 lbs

Schnauzer Rescue #4 came by her name quite easily.  Through everything she endured it seems obvious that she held out ďhopeĒ that a better and different life was out there waiting for her.

Hope has been so grateful to everyone who has helped her regain her health and helped integrate her into a home where she can experience love and security.

Sheís not a snuggly dog at this point.  She was the most ďshell shockedĒ of the Schnauzers.  Jay and Rochelle who are not Schnauzer people, per se, were more than welcoming when Hope was discharged from the hospital. They have quickly figured out that if Hope is typical of most Schnauzers that they must be a wonderful breed indeed. She is fun to watch as she learns something new every day.  One day she learned how to jump up and down off of furniture.  Another day she learned what fun a giant Irish Wolfhound can be to follow around. 

Hope is getting along with the other dogs and cats and enjoying their company.  She is catching on to potty training very easily.  She will tolerate a crate but if she really wants OUT she will bark.  She likes to ride in the car.  She is pretty mellow and enjoys a cozy nap.  Hope has been through a lot of changes of late and is luxuriating in all of the things she was denied for so long out of sheer greed and disregard for humane treatment of this little angel.  She is content just to ďbeĒ and watch the world go by.  She is curious and as she is learning trust she is becoming quite interested in what is going on around her. 

Awesome parents for this lil girl, residing in Yelm, WA

(Adopted April 29/14)
Boggie and Teddie
Boggie (Cavachon) Teddie (Shihchon)
Males/neutered/shots current
3 years old
18 and 14 lbs

DarnÖ.this sounds really bad, like our father was a Don Juan. Well, I guess perhaps he was because we share the same father but we each had different mothers and yet we're the same age. Boy, Daddy must have gotten around quickly!  Does it really matter? Not really. We love each other and we're good dogs with so many good traits so let's move on. 

We were surrendered to Furbaby Rescue through no fault of our own. "Life changes" was the comment of our previous owner. I guess that can cover a broad territory from loss of job, too old to care for us, divorce, new babies in the house, who knows? The foster moms have heard it all before so again what matters is we're good dogs and again, let's move on.   

We definitely are bonded and do everything together including sleeping, eating and playing. Boggie is the large and goofy one. I think he should have applied for residency at Disneyland for us. We love being outdoors and running and playing so a fenced yard would be awesome! Foster mom gave us an "A" as far as being housebroken but as always, you'll have to show us what to expect once in our new home and follow through until we're sure we understand what you want us to do. Oh and before we move on again - we aren't cut out for apartments. We must be in a single family dwelling hopefully with that nice fenced yard. That's because Boggie is just too goofy and lively for apartment living. One more, "let's move onÖÖ."

Foster mom has more information and she'll answer any questions you have. We have one question for you - When can we do our last "Let's move on and move in with you?

Happily residing in Lacey, WA

(Adopted May 10/14)
Chili (nka Tilley)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old 

I'm Chili!  Let me tell you I'm very sweet and I'm waiting for my forever people!  I'm six years old and a bit on the chubby side (my foster mom calls me Chili Bean) but I'm on a diet and love those baby carrots!  Life has been great since I'm now in a warm loving foster home.  I had a rough go of it before as my former owner had dementia and kept me in a box in the shed.

I've had a dental (several extractions), but have no problems with those baby carrots or the kibble. I'm house-trained, up-to-date on my vaccinations and have been spayed.  So I'm good to go!

Snuggling and rooting under blankets is something I'm pretty good at and I especially love the scratches and pats when I'm on the couch with my foster mom.  She says I'm very quiet and don't sound the alarm unless the backyard is invaded by aliens.  

I don't play with toys but do like to find a nice bone to gnaw on from time to time.  So if you have some raw bones that require work, or a spot next to you that needs warming, I'm your girl!  

Great home for a great lil girl, residing with Pippin Mission, B.C. Canada

(Adopted May 16/14)
Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
10 lbs

Have you ever watched the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the story of the man who starts aging backwards? Aside from the fact that Iím a female, I feel like my life is parallel to Benjamin Button and my name is just coincidence. I was in a horrid puppy mill and was forced to breed and have many litters of puppies. That made me feel like an old lady just like Mr. Button felt and looked old. But now Iíve been rescued by these wonderful people at Furbaby Rescue and I feel like Iím aging backwards so I have a chance to enjoy the younger years I was cheated out of. I look younger since I was groomed. I feel younger since the vet gave me all the care I needed after so much neglect. 

Iím a bit shy to begin with because of my first years in life but honestly, itís so great here that I decided to quit wasting time on not warming up and get acquainted. Itís been great. I love, love, love my foster Daddy so Iíll be OK with a mom or a dad or both. Foster mom has been watching me and shared that Iíd do best in a home with another small dog and/or with someone who is home a lot. I have to agree with her. I just donít want to be home alone a lot. 

I do have to learn potty training because I never had a chance to learn that real well being kept in a crate for so long but foster mom said Iím doing pretty good considering I had no clue at first, I already have found the dog door, and even starting to take myself out and do my business. Please realize Iíll do my very best but Iíll need your help and patience while I perfect that training. Here again, another little doggy who knows where the door is and how to do that stuff, would be a real asset to me. 

Want some good news?  Iíve been ignoring the resident cat! Iím a good eater but a little on the thin side. Puppy mills arenít known for healthy or abundant meals so you could spoil me a bit until I reach my ideal weight. I LOVE to put my paws up on you and crawl deep into your arms. I only hope I can crawl into your heart now. 

Want to know more about me?   

Buttons is now living in Puyallup, WA


(Adopted June 1/2014)
Yorkshire Terrier/Norwich Terrier ?
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
10 lbs

Undoubtedly youíve heard about the Belle of the Ball or perhaps youíve even been one at some point in your life. Well, Iím Bella the Ball or Bella chase the ball. Yes, I am multi-talented. I can play fetch non-stop and thoroughly enjoy it. I can sit like a chipmunk for treats and thoroughly enjoy that. I can curl up on your lap and thoroughly enjoy that. In fact, being on your lap goes beyond thoroughly enjoying it. Thatís almost a must and a highlight of my life!!!


Iím a well rounded girl. At one point I lived with a family.  Most recently I was with a dear, sweet older lady who was hospitalized in serious condition and I was forced to find a new home. Bless the children of that woman who entrusted me to Furbaby Rescue knowing that I would only go to the best of homes. I lived in an apartment with a cat so you know Iíll be kind to any cat in your home as long as the cat is kind to me. Iíve done beautifully with the other dogs in foster care. If I do slip up and bark, one word from foster mom and Iím reminded of my manners and I become quiet. Nothingís worth barking at unless itís a life and death situation. I love to play as I mentioned above. I love toys and fetch and toys and doing tricks and toysÖ..

My age is just perfect, if I do say so myself. Iím beyond that unpredictable puppy stage and I still have a long life ahead of me. I just read about myself on the internet and I see that I do require daily brushing, regular bathing and grooming, just like you do, right? Or hopefully you do! (Did I mention Iím a tease?) Oh, and my vet check up stated that all is good with my health. 

And then thereís the most asked question of all. Am I house broken? Yup!!! I am. I use a doggy door and if you donít have one, just establish a routine with me, and weíll be fine.

My dream is to hopefully have someone home with me the majority of the time and take me with you whenever you can safely do so. My other dream which I want to become a reality is that I never again have to find a new home. Letís just be together from adoption day until my last days.

See that smile on my face in the one photo? Thatís me knowing that my forever someone is about to click the e-mail link below, ask any other questions they may have and then apply to adopt me and keep me for the rest of my life. Is that you?

Adorable Bella now resides in Everson, WA

(Adopted June 1/14)
Katie (nka Willow)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
5 lbs

We have been blessed to have had Katie with us for awhile now and can report that she is a complete  character; funny, active, loyal, brave, and cuddly.   

What is the most amazing discovery is how much fun she is and how brave she can be.  Of all of the bedrooms in her foster home she could have chosen, she did not have to choose the one with the two dueling sheepdogs, and yet that is her choice.  She stands up to them, does what they do, runs with them, and goes on walks with them. 

She is so tiny but has a huge presence and a loving heart.  She used to sleep on a sheepdogís bed but now sleeps in a human bed and likes to be under the covers.  One morning she was packed up in a knitting bag she had been sleeping in and went to a knitting group, unbeknownst to her foster mom.  She quite enjoyed that.

Katie follows direction pretty well for a dog we wouldnít expect to be so responsive.  She likes to let everyone know when there are changes in the household and lets us know if someone is at the door.  She is very social and loves greeting all visitors. 

She is dainty, manages to keep clean with all of this mud of late, and it is SO much fun to tuck her in a bag and take her along places. 
Willow has a very nice home, in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted June 15/14)
Sassy and Daisy
Females/spayed/shots current
7 and 10 years old
6 and 10 lbs

Daisy and her daughter Sassy donít really know their names.  We donít know if they have ever had names.  Pretty much anything outside of a dark and filthy cage is foreign and scary to them.  They were relinquished when their owner was moved from her home. 


They were afraid of floors, stairs, being picked up, being on a leash.  They were in need of crucial medical care.


They started out living in their foster momís bathroom as this seemed a good transitional space for them.  They are now being slowly introduced to the rest of the house; stairs, flooring, potty training, and attention and affection.


Daisy, the mom, is possibly 10 years old.  We arenít sure.  She is quiet.  When she gets to know you she  is playful and affectionate.  She loves to sit on your lap and give kisses.  She is adorable and sweet.


She is really getting good at going potty outside but will also use pee pads. 


Sassy, the daughter is about 7 years of age.  She is shy at first but has started being comfortable with people.  She likes to play but doesnít understand being picked up.  She wants to warm up to you so badly and is really close to doing so but is still leery.  However, if you tell her to ďsitĒ, she will, and then she lets you pick her up.

She loves to bark and chat with everyone but someone cut her vocal cords so she canít make much of a sound.


Sassy has learned to go up the stairs but is still afraid of the floor.  She is pee pad trained and working on going outside to do her business.  She is learning from her mama.


Neither know what to do with wholesome and clean food and they are just learning to eat their meals.


They are both coming along with their leash training and walking.  Sassy ďbarksĒ at everyone and does not like bigger dogs.  She bosses the Great Dane in her foster home and he is scared of this little tiny fluff of fur.  She doesnít make much sound so we have to smile at her ďpresenceĒ and how it affects this very large dog.


Daisy and Sassy are a very bonded pair and cannot be broken up.  Each relies upon the other.


Great owners, residing in Bellevue, WA  



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