Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted July 8/06)
Lassie (nka Chloe)
Yorkshire Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 12 months old
6 lbs

So do you want to meet an outgoing, friendly, self confident lil parcel of joy, Ms. Lassie is the girl.  She is very friendly to anyone she meets, thinks she is a big dog in a tiny body, is fearless, endearing and a treasure.  
She does well with most of the resident dogs and rescues in foster, but does vie for undivided attention, which has led to a scuffle or two with one other dog here, who is about her size...
She loves men and women, Yorkies are not a great choice of dog because of their delicate size for a family with young children, adult home only or family with teenagers.

Lil Chloe has just the greatest new Mom and Dad, who dote on her..she is so blessed.  Residing in Mt. Vernon, WA

(Adopted July 14/06)
Lina (nka Mary-Jane)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 months old
*sadly Mary Jane passed from heart complications Nov.2/15*
Lina is an absolute dollbaby, playful, loving, full of herself, appears to love everyone, dogs and people...she is so cute, of course she doesn't have her full coat yet, she is just a baby, she loves to chase balls, frolic in the yard, follow you everywhere...a pure delight.

Mary-Jane was certainly a lucky lil girl, joining a wonderful Mom and Dad, who have adopted 2 other babies from Furbaby Rescue, unfortunately one baby passed away, and wanted her to join their other adorable Peke Charlie, and Ivy...happily residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted July 19/06)
Shih Tzu/Maltese/Yorkie
Female/spayed/shots current
3-4 years old
12 lbs

Hi, my name is Emmie-Lou. At least, that is my name now. I donít really want to remember any other names because the people I thought loved me really didnít care at all. They left me locked up in a shed and they moved without me. No one knows how long I was there but this is a picture of what I looked like when the new people moved into the house and found me in their shed.

 I was terrified. I didnít know who these people were and how was I supposed to know they were trying to help? People came in a big truck and caught me with nets and put me in a cage in the shelter where big dogs barked and it was cold and lonely. They called me ďMop DogĒ and they didnít even know if I was a boy or a girl. Days went by in that place. I made sure no one came near me again. I growled at them and made them stay away. Then some people came and stared at me and I heard one of them say ďSure, Iíll take Mop dogĒ. They came at me again with loops and shoved me into a small crate and again I went for a ride. But this time when I got where we were going someone took me out of the crate and fed me hamburgers and talked to me. I hid under furniture but they kept talking to me and whenever I came out the lady gave me a treat. When I came near her she scratched my itchy hair on my head and my back. I liked being scratched. Then she took me another place and they gave me a bath and took all my hair off. It felt so good that I rolled and rolled and rolled.

Now my name is Emmie-Lou and I love to curl up in dog beds and chew on hoofs and sleep under the covers on the bed. I love to eat the good dog food and I run when they call ďtreatsĒ. I love to be scratched and to ride in the car. I really like to put my head out the window when I ride. My foster mom says I am a character. I go outside to go potty but I donít want to stay out there unless she stays with me. I want to be sure I donít get left out there again. When my mom is gone I curl up in my bed and wait for her. I donít mind the other dogs here but she says that soon I will have a home that is just mine. I wouldnít mind sharing with another dog but I want someone who wonít leave me again and who will love me and give me good things to eat. My mom says I will be really pretty when my hair grows back. She laughs when I get excited and my ears fly up. She says I am a character. I hope my new family finds me soon she says they will really love me like she does.
And Emmie's  family really does love her, and will never let her become neglected again, residing happily in Tacoma, WA

(Adopted July 20/06)
El-Roy (nka Rocket)
Boston Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months
*with great sadness this sweet boy passed to the bridge Feb.2/17*

El-Roy never had much of a write up, he just found the perfect family he could ever want..great dog for a great couple, happily residing with his new sister Boston in Anacortes, WA


(Adopted July 25/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 12 months old
9 lbs

I wish Kimba could tell his story, he was picked up as a stray, put into the shelter, where he was terrified, he was loving, and gave kisses, until he was put into his cell, and he was so scared.  After his hold time, the shelter called, to please help this frightened boy.  He was such a you can see from the picture below:

I banded his hair up, so this poor lil boy could see, until he was able to be groomed, unfortunately the mats were so bad, his coat could not be saved, and my groomer was not going to try and put him through the torture of trying to demat him.  Kimba is a VERY VERY sweet boy, he is so starved for love, he wants to belong to someone who will dote on him.  He is housetrained if he is able to get out on a regular basis, he wants to be in your arms, and love you...he is trying with his whole lil being to fit in, and be a part of someone's life.  The only time I have seen him, the least bit snarky, is with another dog, when he is desperately trying to get attention.  Won't you be part of his life, and give him the love he so deserves?

He is getting that love and much much more, he has attached himself to the resident dog, and his new Mom and Dad, residing in Burlington, WA

(Adopted July 27/06)
nka Buddy

Silky Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2- 3 years old
7 lbs

Finnegan is an active loving little boy. He is a typical terrier chasing his ball (a full size tennis ball, no less) through the yard and around the house. He loves pets and comes to ask for his share. He is clearly used to cuddling up in bed or on the couch with his person and loves to give kisses. He is good in the car and OK on a leash. He is fairly good on his house training and will probably be a bit better now that he has been neutered.

Finnegan was found wandering in a rural area and was not claimed from the shelter. He needs an active family that will take some time to do some training with him. He is smart and will learn quickly if he is worked with. He is good with other dogs and would love another dog to play with. He absolutely needs a securely fenced yard and cannot go to a home with children. Donít let his small size fool you this boy is a true terrier and some experience with terriers is a must. If you have the time and energy for this pint-sized boy you will have the dog of a life-time.

Buddy was just what this exceptional couple needed to ease the pain of the passing of their wonderful terrier, and to help their lil Shih Tzu (who they also rescued) enjoy life...a great dog for a great couple, residing in Vernon, B.C. Canada

(Adopted July/06)
Cairn X
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
17 lbs

A small terrier mix, Dakota sports the long, beautiful flowing coat and the temperament of a terrier. She is housetrained and walks on a leash. Her previous home had children, so she would probably do well with those over the age of ten. Dakota can be shy and snap if she thinks someone is going to grab her and hurt her, but that is only if she thinks she is cornered. Her basic behavior is happy, playful and affectionate. She loves squeaky toys, jumps up and down in excitement, especially over food or yummy treats. Her grooming needs are similar to a Lhasa, brushing, combing and trimming as needed. was very matted and filthy when she came to our rescue, some of her hair was cut at a shelter to remove mats and fleas, but it is growing out again. She needs someone who will continue to patiently introduce her to grooming and let her see that it is a time for enjoyment and one on one socialization so she becomes comfortable being groomed.

Dakota can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone with no other dogs or people. She has not been the least destructive while in fostercare, as she had reportedly been in the home that gave her away, but she is never without a doggy (or two, or three or more) companion. This is a dog that would benefit from at least one other dog as company, hopefully an easy going ones, since she will, in true terrier fashion, express her desire to be the top dog. Dakota does get alone very well with the mixture of small sized fosters, her tolerance of cats is unknown.

This is an smart, attentive little gal that needs someone who understands terrier behaviors and will be positive in interacting with her, yet give her direction and attention. Dakota is up to date on her vaccinations and looking for her new home now.


Dakota has a great new home in Seattle, WA

(Adopted July 30/06)
Boston Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
9-10 months old
18 lbs

Truman is a wonderful baby. At 9-10 months old he is a bit shy and wants to spend most of his time cuddled up to his person or at least with a doggy friend. He likes to sleep under the covers and play with toys. He likes to ride in the car and go for walks but needs a bit of work on both of these activities. Truman is working on his house training but still needs to be reminded. Truman would love a doggy brother or sister. Because he is a baby he will not be placed in a home with young children; he needs a home where he can get lots of attention and someone willing to work with him. For that lucky family he will become your dream dog.
And yes, Truman has one blue eye... 

Truman found his new Mom, her baby had just crossed the bridge, and she so needed a new companion..and Truman was the one.  Happily residing in Redmond, WA

(Adopted Aug.3/06)
Sprout (nka Elvin)
Sheltie X 
Male/neutered/shots current
1 year old
13 lbs

The perfect home, the perfect lady, the perfect everything, Elvin is one very special boy, and now lives with a very special woman, and we thank you Jan, for enlightening our lives, entertaining us, and becoming a friend...and also giving Schatzie  an extraordinary home too...
Elvin now resides in Ferndale, WA where I know he thinks he went to heaven. and he did.

(Adopted Aug. 6/06)
Teacup Chihuahua
Female/spayed/shots current
1.8 lbs
8 months old

Kula is cute, cuddly and needing someone to hold her, love her and make her part of the family full time, rather than when time permits.  She looks like she is marching when she walks, everyone says she looks like a miniature reindeer.  She is best friends with her gramma's lab/border collie mix.  She is being given up for adoption because the 19 year old owner, is just too busy with school and life, and wants her to have a better home.  And the resident dog, where she is staying with, is just too big, and are concerned for her safety.

Adoption applicant should:  Want a companion who loves to sit on your lap, play on your lap, tug at your pant leg, and sit inside your shirt.  If she's cold just pop her under your shirt and she'll immediately stick her head out the top.  And when she's tired she'll stick her head back in your shirt and go to sleep.   Loves to be carried around.  Her Gramma is going to miss her and so is gramma's dog.

She is potty trained to pee pads.  She has a little compulsive behavior when stressed and will circle.  She also has a health insurance which is $27 per month, if adopter wants to continue with this policy.

Kula will only be adopted to an Adult home, this dog is SO small, it is dangerous for her to be around large dogs, and small children.

Kula went to a great family, who had adopted Rocco (8.5 years ago, who sadly passed to the bridge) and Sheba, now residing and will be terribly spoiled in Poulsbo, WA

(Adopted Aug.7/06)
Cocker Spaniel
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
30 lbs (working on getting a few lbs off)

Sable is looking for a home without children, and someone who has experience with Cockers (he likes to be in charge).  He knows some of his commands (sit, down, off, he shakes hands) we are working on wait, stay and come.  Sable loves to play ball, and he does bring the ball back and gives it to you.  He also likes to play tug and knows when you say "give it" the game is over.  Sable is good with cats and other dogs, he also loves to swim and play with paper:-)
Sable is house and crate trained.

Sable has a devoted home who just adore him, residing on Orcas Island, WA

(Adopted Aug. 11/06)
Boston Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
12 months old

Dixie did not need much introduction, when Matt found her, she is now joined by two great fathers, and a darling lil male BT...loving life now in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Aug.20/06)
Jack Russell/Dachshund
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
21 lbs


James is a great boy. He is active, loving and a great companion. James is house trained, walks well on a leash and does well in the car. He loves chews, and walks and car rides. He comes to his name and knows some commands. James would make a great hiking partner or just someone to hang around the house with. James has many of the Jack Russell traits without the bouncy energy level. He is happy trotting around the yard or lounging around the house with his chews. James would like to be an only dog or would do well living with a doggy sister since he seem to think he has to tell other (especially younger) males what to do. James would love to go to a home willing to take him to training because, like all terriers, he is smart and really likes to know what he is supposed to do. James would do best in an adult home or in a home with older teens.

James has a great new home in Surrey, B.C. Canada..and I just love this picture of him with his new Mom, Dawn..James and Mom look so happy

(Adopted Aug. 20/06)
Tina Turner
Toy Fox Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 16-18 months old
14 lbs

This little girl with her long legs and her sparkly eyes is very shy until she gets to know you; then her full personality comes out. She is smart, loving, playful, mischievous, and full of joy. Tina loves to play with other dogs, curl up in bed next to her person and lay on laps. She tosses toys and loves her chews. She takes a few minutes to warm up to new people but then becomes their best friend.  Tina has never been well socialized and becomes frightened with new situations. She is only learning to walk on a leash and really wants to be carried everywhere. Tina would love an adult home where she can be loved and cherished. She would also love to have a doggy brother or sister to play with and follow around. Would you like to be Tina's forever home.
Tina found that forever home with an lovely Mom and an amazing teenager boy, who Tina adores, and the son adores Tina, residing in Marysville, WA

(Adopted Aug. 14/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
25 lbs

Hound is one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs I have ever met. His big soulful brown eyes tug at your heart and when he is happy his funny snaggle-toothed grin always brings a smile to your face. Hound lost his home because some kids in his neighborhood kept tormenting him and letting him out of his yard to run through the complex. Even though it was not his fault his owners were told he had to go or they would be sued and Hound's life could be at risk. Hound misses his family, especially his brothers: the 9 yr old boy whose bed he slept in and the little Chihuahua mix doggy brother he played with all day. Hound is a wonderful dog with NO bad habits. He loves kids and woman and other dogs. He is a bit shy with new men until they pet and talk to him and then he is their best friend.  He needs a family with a securely fenced yard and preferably with another dog. He would love to have older kids in his new family. Whoever gets this boy is getting one of the treasures of the dog world. Will it be you?

Just in case you think Hound is a large dog from his pictures, he is pictured here beside a Toy Fox Terrier to show size:

Hound found a home who both the husband and wife adore him, now residing in Deep Cove, B.C. Canada

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