Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Sept.8/02)
Dina (nka Didi)
Miniature American Eskimo
Female/spayed/shots current/micro chipped
1.5 years old
14 lbs
*Beautiful Didi passed away from cancer Aug5/15*

My face tells my story, I was shoved into a cat kennel, and dumped, I tried to chew my way to freedom, and I was lucky and found by some kind people.  Now I am here, I am spoiled, loved and adored, I love to crawl into your arms and heart.  I am a doll, who's true spirit is just beginning to surface, I feel a little bewildered, but am loving the kindness that is shown to me.  If you want a sweet, good natured and kind little girl, I am here, just waiting for the right home, you show me love, and I promise to give you my heart.
I am fine with little dogs, though I am intimidated easily, and not known how I will do with larger dogs, or kids...
Now has a wonderful family who adore her, she is learning to get along with the resident cats, and is spoiled...residing in Covington, WA

Didi lounging with Dad, and happy in her new home....

(Adopted Sept. 14/02)
Tibetan Spaniel
16 lbs
1.5 years old

Now I am one cute lil boy.  I am shy sometimes, I feel overwhelmed if surrounded by children, so I have decided I will not live with them, but I want to live with a super Mom and/or Dad, who will spoil me, I am active, but not hyper, I love to play, I like other dogs, not sure about the big dogs...I am a great little boy, but you have to give me a chance to get over my shyness.  I am crate trained, and sometimes I like to just snuggle in one, if I am feeling uncertain, but no need to close the door, just let me have my space when I need it.  I am housetrained, my foster Mom, said I can hold it for eternity...I am a great boy, and you will have a great friend in me, if you have a little time and patience, and open your heart, as mine is open for love.
This boy got a fabulous Mom and forever home, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Sept. 22/02)

Terrier / Dalmatian X
Female / spayed / shots UTD
23 lbs
14 months old
If you want a playful, fun, friendly and loving companion, LOOK NO FURTHER!!
***** HERE I AM *****

I ride like a grown-up in the car, walk like a pro on a leash, though I would prefer a nice romp in a backyard or off-leash park. My house manners are pretty good for a gal so young and if you have to go to work, I can stay at home and be a good girl, NO MESSES from this GAL. I do like to watch Animal Planet on TV while you are gone or listen to the radio, (Country tunes, please)... My foster Mom, Wende, says that I have so much energy that I would be a super candidate for agility or flyball training, so lets go sign up, sounds like fun to me. I have lived with children and cats and I have NO problem with either one. I think children are more fun though, they play ball and run around with me, till they are tired.. I rarely get tired but I will make believe that I am tired so that you can rest a bit, just don't get too carried away with a lot of rest... LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO REST TOO LONG!!!  Oh, the groomer told Wende that I was a good girl and the Vet said that if she was ready to get a dog, I would be the one. I am currently living with 7 other dogs and we are having a blast driving Wende crazy, she says she is going to crate us all and then she just laughs at us and gives us a treat, she is a pushover, but don't tell her I said that, okay?
Sophie is now living with a new sister doggie, playing to her hearts content, with a wonderful family, residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted Sept.23/02)
Pomeranian Mix
Male/neutered/shots current/microchipped
17 lbs
4 years old

Now, I don't look so Pommish, with my short summer cut, but I will when I get all furry again.  My family loved me, but they lost everything and had to move, and I couldn't go with them.  I am a happy, playful boy, I love big dogs, since my sister was a Belgium Malinois, and she was my best friend.  I do good with small dogs, but sometimes I grrr at the timid ones, cause I can.  And now my best friend here is this cute little 3 lb Sheltie, we play and play, and she can be annoying, but I am having fun showing her, how to run like the wind, except she is smart, she knows how to do shortcuts.  I like car rides, walks, and am a fun loving boy.  Sometimes when I meet
strangers I can be a bit shy, and bark at them, but I tend to settle down, once I am comfortable with them. 
Bear is doing well in his new home, adores his Mom, has a Shepherd sister, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Sept. 28/02)
Cocker Spaniel
Male/neutered/shots current
27 lbs
7 years old

Hello out there all you lovers of furbabies... My name is Champion and I am a great Cocker Spaniel. I have NO bad habits except that I love to sleep on tables and am very nosy. I am also an escape artist but only because I am so social I love to go visit the neighbors, so I do need a securely fenced yard. I love children and other dogs seem to be fine also. Give me a hoof or pig ear and I amuse myself for hours, though I would love to play fetch or tug of war with you. In my foster neighborhood, there are 3 girls who love to come and take me for walks, they say that I am so much fun because I love to run and play for as long as they will come along. My foster Mom, Wende, always has to make me come in so that I can have my dinner and get my beauty sleep, I think she just wants to rest because I know I am not tired.

 Now, for the basics about me.... I love car rides, walks, sticking my head out the window, getting groomed and even visiting the vet does not bother me. Now living with a nice family in Seattle, WA
Champion passed away in 03...goodbye lil one...



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Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

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