Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Dec.30/05)

Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
14 lbs

Rufus is a cute as they come, and this can fool you, cause this little boy likes to run the whole show.  And he will if you give him the chance.  He is a great lil boy if he has rules to follow.  The rules have to be consistent.  He does have some trust issues but the foster home believes that stems from him never quite knowing what to expect from his owners, getting away with something one time, and than being reprimanded the next.  If you feel you can take on this challenge you will be rewarded with a fantastic dog.  He needs to get out and about also, and not be pressured to meet anyone in particular just learning that you can be in charge and allow him to relax and enjoy "just being a dog"

Rufus has a caring and loving home now, who just cannot believe anyone would have given him up.  He has a new gorgeous Schnauzer brother, and a endearing new Mom and Dad.
Residing in Oak Harbor, WA

(Adopted Dec. 31/05)
2 years old
undocked/uncropped/soon to be neutered

Dewey was found as a stray in Salem, Oregon.  He has just come into rescue and is getting to know his foster family.  He appears to be very friendly and trusting.  We will update his bio as we get to know him.

Dewey now resides in an excellent home, with another Min Pin, great choice for this outgoing boy.  Now living in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Jan. 6/06)
Gus (nka Charlie)
Male/neutered/shots current
15 months old

Gus is a dollbaby.  He is good with other dogs and cats.  He is very playful and loving.  He is a sensitive boy, and will not do well with stern discipline.  He is trained with treats and does tricks such as: sit, roll over, plays dead, lays and begs with paws (in true Bichon style).  He is doing fine with potty training, uses the doggie door, so with some reinforcement he will be great.  He gets very excited for visitors and will jump up on them.  He loves to have a lot of attention.  When he is happy he will lick and shows affection by nibbling softly on clothing.  He loves toys and needs to have a chew or something to chew on.  He loves balls and will play fetch forever.  This is a great boy, and will be an awesome companion.
Charlie has a fantastic home, and a gorgeous new sister, Cheyenne, a cockapoo, who just love each other, along with his wonderful new Mom and Dad.  Residing in Lakebay, WA

Hmm they said I was a poodle.....but as you can see

(Adopted Jan. 13/06)

I really am:-)  I am a pretty Miniature Poodle, my name is Ninja,  weighing 17 lbs, but slim.  I am 10 years young, and you would not know it, I am playful, devoted, smart, housetrained, dances for treats. I just got neutered, all my shots, and dental . I love to sleep in your bed, cuddle on the couch.  No issues from this boy, I am not real happy when my foster Mom leaves for work, I just whine a little, but settle down. Ninja has a wonderful Mom, and his new pal is the teenage son, who cannot believe he is so in love with a "poodle"...being spoiled in Kirkland, WA

(Adopted Jan.21/06)
Boston Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old (BD 5/23/2000)
22 lbs of solid love

Bridget is a calm sweet girl. She loves to cuddle next to you on the couch or bed and snores gently as she sleeps. She asks nothing more than to be near her people but is also fine when she is left alone. Bridget is house trained and lets you know when she needs to go out. She does fine with resident dogs. She doesn't know a lot about toys and chews but is willing to learn.

Bridget has given her youth to produce puppies. She has been a mommy many times and is very happy to retire from the production line. She has been recently spayed and is in good health. Would you be a "retirement" home for this wonderful loving girl?
Bridget found that special home, with another wonderful couple, residing in Seattle, WA

(Rickey adopted Jan.21/06)
Hi My name is Rickey, I would also like to introduce you to my sister

(Adopted Jan 22/06)

Rickey and Roxie are 7 months old, and you will not find a cuter, sweeter pair of  lil terriers.  We don't know exactly what their mix is, except Terriers...Roxie looks like a cairn,, and her brother Rickey is well adorable with his gorgeous coloring. Roxie is very outgoing, Rickey is a little shyer.  Our wish is for them to be adopted together, as they adore each other, and they love people.  They have no bad habits, everyone who meets them, falls in love.  Roxie weighs 15 lbs, and is more short legged, Rickey weighs 16 lbs with long legs.  Our guess is they will be maybe 20 lbs when they grow up.  Both dogs have now been neutered and spayed.  Their shots are now current, they will need another booster in a month.
If you have another playful dog, especially for Rickey, we will consider separating them.
Both babies went to great homes, in Bellingham, WA where they each are adored.  They were separated, but each has new playmates, and teenagers who just love them to pieces.

(Adopted Jan.23/06)
Cairn Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old

Duncan is a great dog 95% of the time. He is loving and sweet and smart and independent but gives kisses and loves to cuddle with you. He loves walks and car rides and chasing squirrels in the yard. He does well with other dogs and likes meeting people. Duncan is all terrier, busy, self-poised and happy.

Duncan was very well trained as a puppy and young dog. He knows many commands and willingly follows them. Unfortunately he was too active for his first family. He was adopted by another couple who loved him dearly. Unfortunately for Duncan that love did not include making him mind. He was given whatever he wanted until he was overweight and thought he ran the house. He decided that no one had the right to interfere with his food or to make him go anywhere he didn't want to go. Finally he snapped at his mom's caregiver and the family decided he had to go. Coming into foster care Duncan quickly found his place with the other terriers. He gets along well with all the other dogs. He very quickly learned the rules and has no trouble following them.

There are only 3 issues left that Duncan's new owners will need to work with: Duncan is a loud persistent barker when he is chasing squirrels or birds (even if it through the glass) so he will not be placed in an apartment or condo. If Duncan is crated or closed in a room, he will go in but then attack the door snapping and barking.

He is very protective of his food bowl. He growls if anyone approaches his bowl and will bite if you try to even move the bowl. He does not show this behavior when he is given treats. He sits for his treats and takes them nicely and will even wait his turn with the other dogs to take his treat. But he cannot tolerate anyone around his food bowl.

Because of these issues Duncan will NOT be placed in a home with children or visiting children. He will only be placed in a terrier experienced home who is willing to work with these issues and to work to bring Duncan back to the  wonderful dog he was and can be.

Duncan found a very special home, residing in Marysville, WA they are working on his food aggression, but have totally fallen in love with this spirited boy.

(Adopted Feb/06)
Silky Terrier X
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 1.5 years old

Chelsea is a very loving and very mischievous puppy. Both at the shelter in Bellingham and at the vets office (where she boarded while I was out of town) everyone fell in love with her. She remembers anyone she has met and greets them with her happy dance and kisses. When I stopped at the shelter to pick up another dog, Chelsea insisted on going in and ran through the room greeting all the staff she remembered, including the animal control officer who had picked her up.

We think she is a silky/Cairn terrier mix. She was found on the Lummi reservation and has been battling demodectic mange (this is the non-contagious type that dogs get when their immune systems are very low). She is on a daily med that she will need to take for another 2 months. This has gotten the skin condition totally under control but she needs to continue with it until we are sure it will not re-occur

Chelsea is a very active little girl. She loves to play with other dogs and does very well with my other terriers. She loved the lab mix pup I had here for a while. They were best friends. Chelsea is still not totally house trained. She is very good about going outside when you are with her and take her but does not yet know to ask and will have accidents if she is not watched.

I would love for Chelsea to have a yard to play in and other dogs around. I think she would thrive. Chelsea will not be placed with young children or in an apt. She will complete her potty training faster if she is not left alone for long periods of time.

Chelsea is now living with a Mom who just loves her, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb/06)

nka Joey
Chihuahua X
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 10 months old
14 lbs

Lobo is an energetic happy go lucky lil boy who loves everyone.  He is very affectionate, kissy and snuggly and gets along well dogs and cats.  He is definitely part Chihuahua, and the rest, well some kind of terrier.  He is fast building confidence with people and on walks.  He can be submissive, so won't do well with stern, loud reprimands.  He will need continued reinforcement for housetraining.  He would be an awesome little boy to take to obedience class, as he would love the interaction, and help build his confidence.  
Joey has so many people who love his puppy ways, his zest for life, and his love of everyone, residing with Whisper, a beautiful American Eskimo dog....and a wonderful family in Edmonds, WA

(Adopted Jan. 28/06)
Yorkshire Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old
8 lbs

Buttercup definitely is a Momma's girl, but she will sit happily on her foster Dad's lap.  This darling girl just had extensive dental and lost most of her top teeth.  She is eating kibble now just fine.  She is completely housetrained.  She is very affectionate and likes to give kisses.  She can, have a lil temper when things don't go her way, but after all she is a Yorkie, and most of them have a tad bit of attitude.  She is living with other dogs, and has no issue with them at all.  She is not playing with them, but she may in time.  She will only be adopted to an Adult only home. 
This little Diva, has found a great home in Portland, Oregon

(Adopted Jan.31/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
7 years old
*Sadly Lil Rusty passed to the bridge from complications of kidney stones, early in 08)

Rusty is an absolute doll.  He is animated, cute, cuddly lover.  He is housetrained and he will be such a great companion to a home that loves to dote on him.  He does not like to be left alone, so will need someone who can be with him a lot.  He can bark if left, he is not destructive...he loves to go with you in the car, go everywhere with you.  He is housetrained, and will let you know when he has to go out, and will certainly let you know when it is time to come back in.  He does not have to be on top of you, he likes to just be in the same room as you, lounging by you on the couch, or in a doggie bed.  He truly is a delight.  He did have problems with stones a couple of years ago, he is now on UD diet, and has had no problems.  
Rusty now "owns" his people, they do his bidding, and love every second of it.  He has a retired Dad, and a wonderful Mom, who think he is the sweetest boy ever, and he is!
Residing in Stanwood, WA

(Adopted Feb./06)
Schnoodle (Schnauzer Poodle cross)
15 inches height/15 pounds
12 years young
Good indoor manners and uses doggy door
Crate trained
Lonely for her own home


Once upon a time, I did  have a good life...I was used to care, to companionship, to cuddles, but my life has been changed and changed again much too fast and too often, right now I am a frightened, cautious girl...I lived several years with an older lady, but I walked too fast and was too energetic for her and her walker...yes, I did bark at people when they walked by our apartment as I stood out on the deck...what is a good watchdog supposed to do anyway? Nobody told me that I shouldn't look out for and warn my person if I thought there was danger...Sigh...

So I returned to a big dog rescue, at least I was safe from sitting in a shelter...but it's been overwhelming for me...the big dog rescue sent me to Furbaby, where I would be with dogs more my size and with people that could help me get a great home again. I still tremble and am often scared, I go into the quietest corner most of the day to lay curled up and try to figure out what is ahead for me...

I want comfort, I want cuddles and I want lots of quiet time with a quiet person...My foster family has worked with me, I still do stay at the edges of the doggies here, but I come out now and then on my own, to see my "Auntie" ,the boys or the Big Man when he comes home from work...I love to lounge on the soft couch, I will sit in your lap, though I'm not a tiny fluff ball...I love yummy chews and healthy treats...I am learning to trust again, sometimes it difficult, but I am getting there very slowly...I still shake and tremble sometimes, afraid that even this sort of life will be memories, good and bad, are still with me, but with the right home, I can return to being the outgoing happier old girl that occasionally appears when I feel really good and safe here in foster. 

My eyes don't see so good, but I get around fine, none the less. I do my potty outside faithfully, using the doggy door. I don't mind sleeping in a crate or staying in one when you gotta go out for a short time. The vet said I was in VERY good shape for my age, inside and out. I've been very quiet at my foster home and haven't barked at anything, but I don't look out on a busy street or sidewalk...

I have a wonderful Schnoodle smile and a heart full of love and devotion to give to the people who can help me trust again...I need you to be patient and consistent with me...I need a home with a lot of love and quiet, I HATE commotion and noise, like kids make and younger dogs make...Please say yes to me, I want my own home, my own person, my own life.  I know this is a lot to ask, but I've given years of my best to my owners, and it is time for someone to give the best to me...

Heidi is now living in Edmonds, WA with a lady who was the founder of and worked with animal rescue for over two decades. Virginia's little terrier mix (also a rescue dog) passed away a few months ago, just two weeks shy of his twenty-first birthday. His owner cared for him well and even had a double corneal transplant done on him to improve his vision in his later years. Virginia wanted a mature dog, more matched to her age and energy rather than a youngster or puppy. A wonderful pairing of comfort and love, Heidi very quickly decided that this was her person and her home. She has found an adoptive Mom that treasures her and will do what is needed to keep both their lives golden.



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