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(Adopted Nov. 4/05)
Black and Tan Dabble Dachshund
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months old

Bosco is a lively though not obnoxious little guy. Loves to go for walks and car rides. He does not  pull on the leash but ready to go. He is thin but will put on weight. He is a voracious eater, eats morning and night. He has a favorite bone and his own bed, which he does not sleep on... Likes to sleep in the people bed. I have crated him during the day and he seems to be okay with that. He apparently was crated earlier in his life. He likes kids, dogs, and cats. He does not like rain, typical doxie, but if I walk with him he will do his business outside in the rain. He will need retraining on potty rules. I don't think the previous training was consistent enough for him to get the picture. And doxies can be difficult anyway.
Bosco is not a fussy eater, likes treats, rawhides, chasing a ball or toy. He will play with a squeeky by himself.  He is a sweet dog, will try to play with my dogs but will back off if told to. He comes when called, probably would be food motivated.  Would love to have another dog to play with him or a person.
He is very barky when you enter the home, but does settle down.
Just a very nice little dog. Would be fine in any home as long as he gets play time.
Bosco is now living a wonderful live in Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Nov. 4/05)

Toy Fox Terrier/Maltese ?
Female/spayed/shots current
10 months old
16 lbs

Not real sure on what her mix is..except SO CUTE...
She is happy, fun loving, playful, sweet, darling, easy going, intelligent, loves people, loves other dogs..she is WONDERFUL...don't hesitate to adopt this girl, she is exceptional...
 She is housetrained.  This is a nice girl, if she has no people all day, she would do best if she had a doggie pal, or if people are home, than she may be alright to be doted on.  She is energetic, so she needs an active home, but easily settles down for her naps and lap time.
This darling girl got two wonderful parents who think she is perfect, she is now adored, residing in Mount Vernon, WA


(Adopted Nov. 5/05)
Cocker Spaniel
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 1.5 years old
16 lbs

This beautiful girl found her great home quickly, residing in Bellingham, WA

Zena (Adopted Nov. 5/05) & Zoe (Adopted Nov.11/05)
Miniature Schnauzers
Females/spayed/shots current
Will still need 3rd Dhlpp and rabies in one month
11 weeks old

Well what can you say about two adorable lil puppies like these girls, except get your application in quickly for one of these precious babies.

Zena is now living with another young Schnauzer with a great couple in Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Zoe was a lucky young girl, who went to a wonderful lady who had adopted Dexter in '03, now residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted Nov.12/05)
Female/spayed/shots current
12 lbs
* sadly her wonderful owners had to say their final  good-bye to this adorable girl, who had complications from Graves disease, she crossed to the bridge in March/2013, she had two awesome men who adored this precious girl*

Not only was I adored by my Mommy, I was her service dog, alerting her to seizures, I guess I was unable to help her the last time.  Mom was giving me a bath, and no one is positive what happened, either a stroke or a seizure, but my Mommy keeled over and drowned in the tub.  I miss my Mommy so much, I went everywhere with her, stores, doctors offices, absolutely everywhere, if you saw my Mom you saw me.  I went for walks everyday, and I if I got tired, Mom would put me in a baby stroller, I loved that:-) I do a few tricks too, I roll over, pray, crawls, plays dead, Hi 5..but I only do this for treats:-)
I don't like to be reached for fast by strangers, and I really don't want lil kids around, I will leave.  I paw the floor when I have to go potty, but I also paw the floor at night, cause I am used to getting a piece of cheese before bedtime.  I am a good girl and love to give wet kisses.. I will make the right person a perfect friend..oh and before I forget I love to be brushed.
Darling Sassy got two wonderful Dads who she adores, and they adore this "sassy" little girl, now residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Nov.17/05)
West Highland Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current

It is hard to believe this gorgeous boy, is almost 10 years old, but according to his AKC papers, his birthdate is Dec. 12/95.  Booker lost his home, when the resident children would not stop pulling his tail, and he finally snapped.  Booker is having a hard time adjusting to foster care, there is a strong chance he is used to being the only dog, and now has to contend with 6 other terrier type dogs.  He follows his foster parents everywhere, and stays close to them, but is not readily accepting pets yet, he wants attention but is holding himself back.  Prior to going into his now foster home, he was just an angel with grooming and being around we think it is the other dogs that is making him uneasy.  He appears to be possessive of his toys at this time, no problems with food.  He is completely housetrained, and ignores the resident cat.
Booker will do best in a home possible with another Westie, or low keyed he spent a couple of hours with my Shih Tzu, and had no problems with them. The foster home has taken Booker out walking and visiting and he is wonderful with everyone, away from all the other dogs. 
Adult home only, and Westie experienced home preferred.
Booker now has a doting Dad, who I think needed Booker as much as he needed him.  Happily spoiled in Anacortes, WA


(Adopted Dec/05)
Katie:   black/rust, docked, cropped, spayed 6 lb female.

Katie was dropped off at one of our shelters with her two minpin brothers.  While her brothers took the change without much problem, Katie was absolutely terrified at the shelter.    She would stay in the back of her kennel and growl at everyone! 

Rescue was called and once Katie got to the foster home she was a totally different dog! 

Katie is very loving, loyal friend  once she knows you BUT it does take her awhile to warm up.  Please don't expect this gal to jump into your arms the moment she meets you.  Once she gets to know you, and decides that you are okay, she is glued to your side.  I have woke up to this little gals head on my shoulder with her gently tapping her paw on my cheek.

Katie has done great with the other minpins of the house (one being 5 lbs and one being 8 lbs), is housebroken and is pretty quiet.  Cats are pretty tempting at the moment.  Katie does need some work on letting strangers into "her" house.  She is very serious about protecting her family which is typical of this breed.

Katie has had yeast problems in the past so the new home will need to fed her a high quality dog food (Duck and Potatoe). 

Because of her size please no young children.
Katie has a wonderful new home and is doing excellent.


(Adopted Dec.7/05)
Papillion mix 
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 4-5 years old
8 lbs

Darling Chiquita has been passed from home to home..why? because she is peeing blood, once taken to my vet, three LARGE bladder stones were discovered once x-rayed.  She went home with antibiotics and her surgery is scheduled for Nov. 26/05...and finally after she recuperates, she will be pain free, and not have to bear down and try and try and try to pee.  This girl is absolutely precious, she is playful, spirited, happy, loving, cuddly...everything that makes her a perfect lil darling, who you just want to nurture and take care of.  It is very sad that people just pass these babies around, without somehow finding them the help they need.  Our rescue cannot afford to take on these expensive surgeries , but we will not allow her to suffer, when she has so much love and laughter to share with the know Chiquita is to absolutely love her.
She will probably need to be on a special diet once the nature of the stones are analyzed.
* Update Nov. 27/05, Chiquita did very well with the surgery, she is now home recuperating, she was unable to have her shots as her white blood count is still elevated a bit.  Once she has her stitches out in 10 days, she will be retested.  And if all goes well she will be ready for her new forever home.  The stones are struvite, and she will need to be on the CD diet.
*Update Dec.5/05, stitches out, bloodwork is normal now, urine test showed low ph.  Apparently the CD is not quite the right diet, advised to let her eat the normal dog food, mix with some CD and have her retested in a few weeks.  At this time she is available to be adopted.  Whoever adopts her, will need to have her checked periodically.
Chiquita got an awesome Mom, with a wonderful extended family, who all adore her, as she adores them.  Happily residing in Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada

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