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(Adopted Dec.4/08)
Please Help Bailey
Read about this incredible boy
Residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Dec. 23/08)
Female/spayed/shots current
5-6 years old
10.5 lbs

This little Angel needs an Angel of her own. She is a doll baby and a true people “person”. She has never met a person she doesn’t like. She loves to be held and petted and carried around. She struts like a show dog on her leash; sits pretty and dances and high fives for treats. She does OK with other dogs but likes to tell them what to do.

If you have the heart to be this baby’s Angel, she will bring love, happiness and her dance-y little self to fill your home with her exuberance and joyful spirit.

Angel has a wonderful new Mom, residing in Fircrest, WA 


(Adopted Dec.22/08)

Male/neutered/shots current
5-6 years old
22 lbs

Simon is a loving boy. We seldom get lab mixes in small dog rescue but this boy is like a mini-lab. He was turned into the shelter with his Dad, a full size lab, because his family lost their home. Simon has the lab personality: easy going, eager to please, loyal to his person, and a true toy boy and a bit of the pug stubbornness he got from his mom.

Simon can be a bit bossy with some other dogs (though he gets along well with more assured or dominate dogs). Simon is working on his leash manners as he can be dog aggressive on the leash. He can be barky if he is in new surroundings or unsure of himself but he does respond well to correction for this. He has lived with cats and seems to be OK with them. Simon is a very smart dog who learns quickly and is eager to please. If you have ever wanted a lab but been put off by the size Simon may be the perfect dog for you.
Simon is NOT suited for apartment living.

Simon got such awesome parents, we could not be happier, residing in Seattle, WA
Pictured with is new loving Mom


(Adopted Dec.26/08)
8 yrs old
10 lbs (FAT) should be 6 lbs

Hi Everyone, My name is Amigo. I am a SUPER SWEET and loving Chihuahua.  I adore people and do fine with other dogs and I am hoping to find my forever home... maybe that is with you! I am very easy to get along with...I like to just hang out with you, watch TV, read and go places. I am quiet ( I know.. surprise for a Chihuahua) and love to snuggle.

When I came into rescue I had multiple tooth abscesses, so I had to have all of my teeth pulled out!  Sad, I know, but at least now I have no pain! My tongue hangs out, just a little... everyone says it gives me character! I do well eating soft food.  And as I am sure you have guessed from my size.. I am food motivated!

I hope we can meet real soon, I just know we could be good friends.

 His good friends and him reside happily in Abbotsford, B. C. Canada

(Adopted Dec.27/08)
Miniature Dachshund  
Male/neutered/shots current
9 years old
8 lbs
*Thank you Marc Belair, Bellingham, WA for sponsoring Momo...we love your dedication to our older babies*

A true gentleman, Momo is a healthy and happy little guy who adores squeaker toys and prefers to be close to his person.  He’s a mellow boy who gets along well with other dogs (he can get cranky with rambunctious young dogs and puppies).  We’re not sure if he likes cats, but we do know that he chases them (!).   Momo is a little reserved but loves people – as demonstrated by his waggy welcome when his person comes home.  He’s housebroken, with a bark that’s much bigger than he is (and that he only uses occasionally).   A rawhide or the occasional hoof will keep Momo happy for hours.  He came to us when his family was forced to move and could not find a home that allowed dogs.  If you’re looking for a calm, loving little dog who will provide companionship and gentle affection, come and meet Momo!

Momo has a lovely new Mom, residing in LaConner, WA

(Adopted Dec.31/08)
Scruffy(nka Sparky)
Cairn Terrier/Boston Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
13 lbs
3 years old

Scruffy is a comedian. His antics will make you laugh and the sparkle in his eye always draws a smile. A complete terrier he is smart, fast and loves to play. He can find toys everywhere and meets you with his latest treasure in his mouth when you come through the door. 

Scruffy loves his own people but is not a dog who immediately warms up to everyone. He gets along with some dogs but others he can decide he does not like and go after. No cats or small kids.

Even in the middle of a curfluffle with another dog, the foster mom can pick Scruffy up and he just grins as if to say, "that was fun!" Scruffy is not a dog for an inexperienced owner but if you love terriers and have some experience with them, this boy with his unsinkable special zest will bring joy and love into your life.

Sparky found a wonderful new home, with a great man who adores him...thanks to Karin of Westie rescue, who helped us when his foster Mom had to leave due to illness in the family...hooray for rescues working together.

(Adopted Jan.2/09)
11yr old
2.4 lbs (yes, you did read that right.... )
Well hello!  My name is Edith... but my foster family calls me Nanna sometimes. I guess I remind them of a grandma! 
Why don't you pull up a chair and let me tell you all about myself.
I was originally brought into our local animal shelter as a stray, I was held there for about 10 days and no one ever claimed me, so that is when they called Furbaby Rescue. I had my medical exam right away... the veterinarian found that the few teeth I did have left were all rotten, so they had to pull them all out!  I don't miss them though, I eat very well. I am happy to be pain free!  They could also tell I had had several cesarean sections in my life ( maybe I AM a grandma by now!)  To top that all off, I have a condition in my knees that makes them pop in and out.  The vet says due to my size surgery is not an option... so I am on a mild pain medication ( although they did not feel my knees bother me much) I can walk fine, but cannot walk on slick/hard surfaces or stairs, so I will need a house with carpet or small rugs/runners to get around.
Everyone is constantly telling me how sweet I am!  I am quiet and very snuggly. 
I just want to be with you all the time, but am content to be alone.
I am living with other small dogs in my foster home and do fine with them, but I would be perfectly happy to be an only dog.  Cats kind-of intimidate me... but I could adjust to one (I have learned to not look directly at them... then they leave me alone!)
I am NOT into going on walks but love outings where you can carry me around or keep me in a carry bag.  I enjoy meeting new people and giving kisses.  If you think I might be for you,  the house needs to be quiet and have no stairs that I have to do. 
I am perfectly potty trained to my wee pads,  but will go potty outside if you ask me to. 
I am hoping to find someone who knows I am ready to retire and live my best life ( I have been thru enough already!)  I have many, many good years left and I deserve to be  pampered princess!

Sweet Edith has a super new home, residing in Poulsbo, and in memory of Rocco and Sheba

(Adopted Jan.2/09)
Italian Greyhound X
13 lbs
App. 2 years old

Zipper is a fun and athletic little dog.  He is friendly, loving and enjoys outdoor activities.   Any outdoor activity you do he would love to join  you.  Whether it be hiking, running, or throwing his favorite rope toy.  This also includes, chasing and barking at the barn cats.  Despite being caught "red pawed" , and reprimanded , he still finds it a worthy endeavor worth pursuing.  So this will have to be a consideration for those with cats. He gets along very well with his foster siblings,  but can be a bit overprotective with strange dogs.  He is a perfect gentleman walking on a leash and is learning how to "sit" and "shake".  He's a very quick learner, and wants to please his alpha person/persons.  He's crate trained, potty training is coming along, and he baths well.  He absolutely loves a card ride!

Despite his outdoor enthusiasm, he is surprisingly quiet and well mannered in the house.  He loves to snuggle next to you under a blanket and relax while you read or watch TV.  He is a kind dog and loyally keeps track of his family.  He  would be a perfect addition to any home where he will be provided with daily outdoor exercise, and a warm loving lap to snuggle in.  Once he joins your household you will know undoubtedly  that he is in his "forever" home. You'll never want him to leave!!

Super home for this special boy, residing in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Jan.5/09)
Maltese mix
Male/neutered/shots current
3 years old
11 lbs

Sonny (or affectionately called Sunshine) is a bit shy at first, we really feel there has been some abuse or neglect in his past.  He is definitely Maltese, and probably mixed with Bichon.  He is a little lover and he looks to her person for reassurance.  He is also very treat motivated.  He loves the car and rides extremely well.

He can be a funny lil boy, finding your shoe and tossing it around, having such a good time.  There is a lot to this little boy, as he slowly comes out of his shell.

He is very good about letting you know he needs to go potty, but has made a few mistakes, as most of these rescues do, when getting used to a new home and environment.  He has eyes that melt you, and would love to sleep right next to you.

He does well with other dogs, but does prefer his own space when sleeping.
He looks at with like he is so thankful for being saved, and he will be so thankful when he has his home that he can call his own.

Wonderful new home, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Jan.6/09)
Boston Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
27 lbs

Dixie loves to play with other dogs in the dog park, to chase a ball and above all, she loves squeaky toys – the squeakier the better.  Dixie is house trained and crate trained.  Given the opportunity, her cuddle-bunny nature comes out as she snuggles at your feet under the covers or by your side on the couch or lies on her back getting a tummy rub.

Dixie is well behaved and calm inside.   She has learned to not bark at noises outside, is happy to follow you around and just to be at your side.  She has recently learned to sit and stay and is eager to learn new tricks.  She is leash trained but requires a few exercises at the beginning of the walk to get her focus directed at you.

Last year Dixie moved from the suburbs into the downtown core and has proven not to be a downtown/apartment dog.  She has developed dog aggressiveness on a leash when she perceives that an unknown dog will come into her space and needs an experienced dog owner/family who can be firm but loving and who has the time to help her work through her dog aggression.  When she is not on a leash, however, she plays very well with other dogs and lived happily with another Boston Terrier for the past 2 1/2 years.

Dixie would thrive in a home that can provide her with lots of love, time and affection. She would do best in a home with a yard where she can run and bathe in the sun.  Dixie does jump up a bit when you first get home so she could be intimidating for small children.

Dixie chases cats, birds, squirrels, skunks, etc so would not work well in homes with other types of animals.  She would be suitable for a single or multiple dog home.

Dixie has a great new home, residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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