Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted June 21/05)

nka Chico
Long Haired Chihuahua
Male/neutered/shots current
6 lbs
12 months old

Cuba is such a dollbaby.  He lived his life in seclusion, and honestly does not understand about socialization, but he is learning so quickly, that dogs are not a threat to him, and starting to understand about playing, not being left alone for 12 hours.  He is a baby, and anyone who really knows Chihuahuas will love this boy dearly.  He just wants to be with you, be part of someone's life, and not locked up and forgot about.  So if you love Chis, understand this breed, he will be a fabulous companion...he wants to bond with his people so much..give Cuba a chance, and you will not be disappointed.  Cuba has a wonderful, very special Mom, who adores him, residing in Seattle, WA



(Adopted June 27/05)
Johnny (nka Yanni)
Toy Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 7-8 years old
4.5 lbs
*Sadly Yanni passed away in July/07*

Lil Johnny was found in such disgusting shape, matted, skinny, teeth deplorable.  We can not even imagine the life he has lead.  He probably had little love, and was used just for breeding.  He was found by a wonderful lady, and she helped nurse him, and than he came to Furbaby, to be altered, shots, and SO needed dental.  Luckily, he only lost one tooth.  This boy needs a little more weight on him.  He also does get upset easily, he acts like he has been mistreated, both physically and mentally.  Whatever has happened does not stop him from crawling into your arms, put his tiny head into your shoulder and ask for love.  He will love to be doted if you are a poodle lover, and you have a little time and patience, Johnny will love you forever.
Yanni is completely spoiled by his new Mom and Dad in Edmonds, WA

(Adopted July 10/05)
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5 years old
12 lbs

Kashi is a very sweet boy, he really needs his person though, and is very devoted.  He is typical of the breed, always having to be close to you.  He had severe flea dermatitis, and possibly allergies, as a result his is missing a large patch of fur on his back, but the fur is slowly growing back...he will do best having his person around a lot, and a possible companion dog..

After Kashi was in rescue for awhile, he started to have seizures, he was taken back to the vet, and now on medication.  Regardless a very wonderful family wanted this special boy, now residing blissfully in Seattle, WA


(Adopted July 15/05)
Ruby & Paco
Schnauzer & Chihuahua
Female & Male/both altered/shots current
2 years old

So you think you have seen the odd couple, well we are really it..a Schnauzer and a Chi..we will both be 2 years old in July, actually we are one week apart in age.  Both of us were bought at a pet store together (I guess the ex owners could not decide on breed)..Paco has AKC papers which shows he comes all the way from puppymill hell in MO..and I am sure Ruby came from the same place...regardless, they are both wonderful, good good doggies...Ruby is one of the gentlest, sweetest Schnauzers, and Paco, is pretty typical Chihuahua, he is unsure, a little worried with life...but Ruby takes care of if you want two wonderful, young, playful doggies...these are great...Paco needs some understanding, because of his breed...these two love to play together, sleep together, but the MOST important thing to both of them, is YOU...they love their person..and look forward to finding you....
These two babies got the wish I had hoped for, to stay together forever, they are now residing with a great new family in Yakima, WA

(Adopted July 21/05)
Miniature Schnauzer
3 years old
Male neutered/shots current

This is one heck of a gorgeous spirit and in looks...appears totally housetrained, gets along with other dogs, loves men..but certainly does well with women.  He is a good boy.
Adult home only
This wonderful boy, is now adored by a very nice couple, who recently lost their Silky (Knickers) who was also one of our rescues.  He now can enjoy the wonderful life, of walking on the beach, and being doted on, residing in Camano Island, WA

(Adopted July 23/05)
Oscar "The Great"
Standard Dachshund
Male/neutered/shots current
17 lbs (of solid muscle)
3 years old

Oscar is great, he is one of the MOST beautiful Doxie's I have seen.  He is VERY playful, and just loves to play with toys, and would just love to have a playmate. Mostly though he wants his person to bond deeply with and love. He really would do wonderful if someone would take him to obedience, and allow his full potential to come forth.  He appears housetrained.  He is a very affectionate and extremely loyal.  As with many doxies, he is protective and loyal to his home and person. We are looking for a doxie experienced, adult home only..and if you are it, you will not regret having this gorgeous boy into your home and heart.  Oscar is AKC registered .  Oscar has a great new Mom, named Rose, and just about the sweetest Rottweiler sister I have ever met...he now has that wonderful new home in Kent, WA


(Adopted July 30/05)
Darling Mica crossed to the bridge July 25/08 from an auto immune disease, she is SO missed by her wonderful Mom.
Maya (nka Mica)
Rat Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
11 months old

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Maya, at times I am affectionately called PiPi, just a nickname, I answer to both.  So pat your hands on your chest, and I leap into your arms, and beware I will cover you with kisses.  I love everyone, I love kids, I am housetrained, I am adorable, I love toys, I love to prance around, I love to play, I love life. I am AMAZING, let me into your heart and home, and you will understand.

Maya was given to rescue, because of changing unavoidable  circumstances in the family unit, she was loved and adored.  

Maya is such a good girl, it makes me want to embrace this breed.  The only thing with her, is that she is very shy of new people and circumstances, she takes time, so meeting her will not show her true self, when she entered my home, she hide for about 3 hours, and slowly she peeked out, and once she knew "I was alright" she became my best friend, when she meet hubby, she did the same thing, stayed away, but now, she adores initially she is shy, so anyone who meets her, must understand this is 

Mica has a wonderful Mom, who is taking her to training, to bring out the best in this girl.  Happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted August 14/05)
Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 7 years old
7 lbs

Twinkie is a boy who cuddles next to you and crawls into your heart so fast you are not sure he has not always been there. His wistful face and timid manner make you want to protect him and he wants nothing in life more than to cuddle up next to you especially under the covers or a blankie.  This is the perfect lap baby.  

Twinkie was rescued from a high kill shelter in California and placed in an adoptive home. After 3 years in that home his mom remarried and suddenly there wasn’t room for Twinkie any more. Back at the rescue Twinkie was depressed and there seemed little hope of finding another home for him. So Twinkie hitched a ride on a transport coming north to search for another home, hopefully permanent this time.

This boy asks nothing more than love. He is house trained and is good with people. He tolerates other dogs as long as they do not get into his face. He is part Chihuahua after all and he does not know how small he is. Twinkie is in excellent health and up to date on shots. Twinkie has no problem being left while you work and he does not need a big yard though he loves to bask in the sun whenever it gets warm enough for him. Because of his delicate build, Twinkie will not be placed with small children. 

Twinkie has a very special new home, with parents who adore this imp residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Aug.10/05)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 1 year old
9 lbs

Lucy is a little bundle of energy and joy. She loves to run and play with other dogs. She barks at the other dogs to get them to join in the play. She chews on toys and hooves (and paper plates if she can get them).  She is a self confident little girl who warms up to people quickly and will become your best friend in a heartbeat. She also loves to cuddle up next to you in bed and cover your hands with kisses.

Lucy came up from California after her owners could no longer keep her. She has never known anything but love and she shows it. She will need a family who is willing to do some work with her to continue with her socialization but she already has been taught a lot about how to interact with people. She is not nippy and is well on her way to being house trained. She is learning to come but neither knows nor cares about any other commands.

Lucy would love to go to a home with another dog to play with. She definitely needs a fenced yard and because of her breeds she will not be placed with young children.
Luci has two wonderful Moms, who find her an absolute delight, happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Aug.15/05)
Rat Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
15 lbs
8 years old

Fawn has lived her life with a wonderful elderly woman, who is now suffering from Alzheimer's, and can no longer care for her baby.  Fawn also lived for most of her life with a male Rat Terrier, who has now passed.  This darling girl has been so loved, never really trained, so stayed a perpetual puppy, who loves to be petted, sleep on Mom's bed  curled in her blanket,  and loves to give kisses.  She knows how to sit, stay and lie down with a firm command, and especially will do these, if a treat is in store for her.  She gets along well with most dogs, sometimes not so well with larger breed dogs.  She likes cats, she loves to meet people and is pretty social, but does need some work on the leash.  Fawn is a sweet endearing girl, lets make a happy new beginning for her, and a peace of mind for her loving Mom, who had to leave her because of illness.
Fawn has a wonderful new Mom and Dad, and is getting doted on again, as she deserved, residing in Yakima, WA

(Adopted Aug. 17/05)
Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher
Male/neutered/shots current
11 lbs
App. 18 months

Trey is as alert and interested in everything as he looks in his pictures. This boy is totally committed to his person and he lets everyone know it. He loves to play with other dogs and has learned to wait for treats. He is good about sharing toys but he doesn’t like to share his person much. He has learned to deal with this by having “his” spot on the bed or under the computer chair. Trey is a great “watch dog” and really lets you know if something is going on outside that is new or different. He likes being outside but only as long as you or a “doggy friend” are there with him. He loves to go in the car and can’t wait to explore new places.

Trey arrived in WA on January 31st,  with 38 other small dogs, on a transport from high-kill shelter in CA. These dogs were disbursed to several local rescues with 8 of them coming to Furbaby. Unfortunately these dogs had been exposed to distemper. Several of the dogs including died of the disease soon after they arrived. Some of the dogs had obviously had shots and did not get the disease. Others appear to have fought off the disease but that seems to be all their immune systems could handle because they then came down with kennel cough and in some cases pneumonia. Trey has spent several months recovering from pneumonia.

As he has been feeling better and better his curiosity and energy have increased. Now he is finally ready to move on to a home of his own and a lifetime commitment. Trey’s house training is fairly reliable but he is still curious and mischievous enough to get into things occasionally. He is also something of an escape artist so he will need to either be in an apartment or have a very securely fenced yard. He would not do well with small kids because he has very definite ideas about what and who he likes. Trey would love to have another young dog to play with since that also keeps him from getting quite so possessive of his person. Whatever home he goes to this boy will keep you laughing and loving him. 
Trey has a very loving new Mom, and a wonderful large doggie brother, who he both adores.  Residing in Bremerton, WA

(Adopted Aug. 14/05)
4.8 lbs
App. 10 months old
Male/neutered/shots current

Have you been looking for that perfect lil Chihuahua, well meet Cisco, he is adventurous, would love a friendly doggie to play with, is very affectionate with his person.  Loves to sleep on your pillow, curled on your head, or snuggles deep under the covers.  He is a sweetheart, and will be a very devoted companion.  He adjusts quickly to a new environment, as long as you have a lot of love in your heart, he will return it a million times over...
Cisco has an adorable lil Chi mix sister, a wonderful new Mom and Dad, and a great new life ahead where he will be totally doted on, residing in Seattle, WA



(Adopted Aug. 19/05)
(affectionately called Jackawa)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
13 lbs


Rusty is a very sweet boy; he can be a little timid at times. He loves to sit in your lap and be petted and be with you when ever possible.  If you are busy he likes to have his place (bed) to go and lay down that’s just his.  He gets along well with my 5 dogs and one cat.  He learned to use the pet door in a couple of days.  Rusty seems to be fully house trained; we have had no accidents, he uses the pet door regularly.  Rusty can jump at least 2 feet high; as he can easily clear the exercise pen he was in while he was sick. (Note: when Rusty came into foster care, he immediately began very ill with pneumonia, he has had repeated vet visits, tests, medication and nebulizing,  with the expertise of the vet, and wonderful foster care, Rusty is now doing wonderfully)  He does well with car rides, sits on the center console and watches out the window.  He walks on a leash just fine for me.  Not sure how he does with small children as he has been around none while he has been with me.  Does not seem to have slept in bed with people, stays in his pet bed in the exercise pen all night, but wants the door to the kennel box left open, will fuss if you close it.  I let him sleep with us, but after about an hour he wanted back in his own bed. He seems to do fine being left with the others when I’m gone.  He will be sitting at the gate with the others wagging his tail when I come home. 
Rusty has a wonderful new home, with a doting Mom, a couple of kitties for company, and the beginning of a new and wonderful life.  Residing in Bellevue, WA


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