Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Aug. 26/06)
Male neutered/shots current
1 year old
16 lbs

Well we had to do our research on this breed. What is a Feist?

The Feist breeds are descended from the terriers brought over by English miners and other working class immigrants.  These terriers' probably included crosses between the Smooth Fox Terrier, the Manchester Terrier and the now extinct white English Terrier.  Some of these dogs were crossed with Whippets or Italian Greyhounds (for speed) and Beagles (for hunting).  Eventually these tough little terriers evolved into today's squirrel hunting Feists.  In addition to their keen hunting abilities, they make wonderful pets.  They are extremely outgoing and friendly, but they do bark when people show up and they sound BIG.  Feists are easily trained.  Although they can be a bit hard-headed about some things.

Very active 1 yr old Feist; a great blend of Terriers,  just like a great blend of coffee he has it all

He is as cute as they come: -)

He is learning people are great to be around (they have treats in their pockets).

Those little terrier paw are like arms around your neck (he likes to be close). 

He is learning soft mouth he loves to play hard and sometimes gets a little rough. With just a reminder (soft mouth) he is careful.  He likes to show all his teeth  while playing but itís all in fun.

He gets along with other dogs but, does chase the cat.

Conner would thrive in a one dog home with someone to fuss over him.

He is very protective and is learning that all people are not a threat. He needs more socialization and needs someone who will train and work with him.

  Connor has a great new Mom, who we pray can work on his socialization problems, he is perfect with his person, but has problems meeting new people...residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Aug. 31/06)
Alex (nka Mac)
Wire-haired Fox Terrier X
Male/neutered/shots current
9 months old
13" tall/17 lbs

This 9mo old wirehair terrier cross is the most loving little guy with a bad hair day. He loves to run and play or just sit in your lap. He loves to snuggle your neck. He gets along with other dogs well. How ever he would like to be the one and only. He is doing well with his crate and house training. He is up to date on his shots; he is neutered, and  micro chipped.

Happily residing in Acme, WA with 20 acres to play and roam.


(Adopted Sept 1/06)
Holly (nka Sophie)
Female (soon to be spayed)
10-12 months old
10 lbs

Holly has a slight case of Kennel Cough, is on antibiotics and once she is 100% will go in for spaying, shots etc. She is a very sweet but needy lil girl, who only wants her person. 
This sweet darling girl, has an equally kind and wonderful new Mom, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Sept. 2/06)
Terrier Mix
Male/neutered/shots current
9 months old

Mack quickly found his home, he is the brother to Alex, he came into rescue after Alex, and had great apps for Alex, so was easy to find him an equally good and loving home.
Mack has a great home, walking the beaches of Birch Bay, WA

(Adopted Sept.3/06)
Gabrielle aka Gabby
Boston Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
5 months old

This is an absolute lil dollbaby, loves everyone, sweet and endearing.  Presently she is being treated for demodectic mange (the non contagious one) she is on ivermectrin, and whoever adopts her, must be willing to take her for vet revisits. We are not sure she may be battling food allergies (not uncommon with the BT) so this is being addressed also with an allergy diet.
Gabby has a fantastic home with a Veterinarian and his wife, happily residing in Pullman, WA

(Adopted Sept.9/06)
Isaiah (nka Ian)
Toy Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
Will be 3 years, October 25
9 lbs
*Sadly sweet Ian passed to the bridge March/2018*

This boy loves attention, the more he can get the happier he is, and when he is really happy he smiles.  He is your constant companion and shadow.  He is EXTREMELY smart, so need a home smarter than he is:-)  He does fine with cats and other dogs (small dogs, do not know about large ones)..he is a happy, energetic lil soul who would love to have someone around a lot (in true poodle fashion)...sometimes he likes to think he is "leader of the pack" as long as the new owner establishes themselves as the leader, he will follow.  He does need some reinforcement on housetraining..fantastic boy for the right home.
Adult Home Only
Ian now lives with one of the volunteers for Furbaby, did not realize how much she loved poodles:-) Happily residing in Deming, WA

(Adopted Sept.15/06)
Daphne (nka Pidgett)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
9 lbs

Daphne is a very loving and sweet lil girl.  She does like to play with other dogs, but because she had not had proper socialization it takes her awhile to be comfortable around them, and she had been attacked by a large dog, so she is fearful of them.  Once she has time to feel comfortable with another dog, she is great.  She jumps with ease, loves car rides, loves people...she is going to need a home who will give her socialization, lots of love and she will be an awesome lil companion.

Pidgett has a wonderful new home, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Sept.22/06)
Sadly Jock had a sudden illness and passed quickly Aug/07
Brock (nka Jock)
Scottish Terrier
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 9-10 years old

Brock is a doll.  He is the friendliest, sweetest Scottie that the foster home has ever met.  He loves people and gets along well with the foster's houseful of bossy terriers-unlike many Scotties.  Brock was so matted and his toe nails had grown around and into his pads that he could barely walk.  He went into the vet, for altering, dental, he had a badly abscessed tooth, and did fine.  He is a tad overweight but not too bad and his right front paw is bent out, from his long toe nails.  The vet says it is very important to keep the nails trimmed so he can relearn to walk properly.  It appears that Brock has been mostly outside for at least the last few years.  He loves being in the house and has had no accidents, but when he is called to come in, he comes only to the doorway, and he has to be talked to come all the way in the house.  Once in, he is SO happy.  Most Scotties are aloof, this is NOT Brock.  He wants to be right by the foster Mom, and wants to sleep in the bed, but has been content sleeping in a doggy bed right by the bed.  He puts his front paws up on the bed asking for pets and is so happy with the attention.  This dog will be one awesome companion.  If someone is willing to take an older dog, this one is a GEM.

This darling boy, found a great family, they cannot rave about him enough.  Happily residing in Mission, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Sept./06)

Cuddy is truly a character and he is now ready to find his forever home.

For six years, Cuddy lived with his Dad and was VERY happy - but Dad was moving to Korea and couldn't take Cuddy. His Dad had Cuddy's vaccinations updated, a groomer shave Cuddy down (that was their idea of grooming a pom???) and prepared him as best he knew for Cuddy to go on to his new life.  He took him to an area shelter and told them that his little friend was fit and ready to find another home. Unfortunately, Dad did not realize is how ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED this little boy would be in a shelter. Cuddy shook SO hard that you could see the trembling from several feet away. When staff went in to comfort him, he charged at them and then ran to hide. Luckily for Cuddy the shelter called Rescue and asked if we could help this boy.

When Cuddy came into foster care, he screamed at almost everything. He screamed when approached by other dogs, screamed at any noise and movement of normal household activity. Almost anything and everything caused him to squeal and dash to hide somewhere. He was unable to walk even a foot on a leash and was almost impossible to brush, screaming and struggling since he was SURE he was headed for trouble. Cuddy had had a VERY sheltered life with little stimulation and was unsocialized in many ways. EVERYTHING was new, different and terrifying!!! But with time, patience and understanding, Cuddy now prances on a leash, plays with toys and is a very happy boy who adapts well to most situations. Even combing and brushing are becoming relaxing and enjoyable activities where he can stretch out and snooze in a warm lap.

Cuddy LOVES men since he was Daddy's Boy previously, but in foster care he loves his foster Mom as well.  He enjoys going for car rides, doesn't mind being crated (he puts himself into one for bed at night though he would MUCH rather be in the human bed)  His FAVORITE place is in your arms or snuggled up against you. 

For all his progress in foster, Cuddy does needs a home with some dog experience and one that is willing to continue working with him. A home with a fenced yard would be grand, but he could probably adjust back to apartment or condo life. Cuddy would still prefer to be an only dog but could live with another dog. He retains some quirks and occasional odd behavior, but he has made incredible progress.

Occasionally Cuddy still becomes upset and gives out a scream, but it occurs only rarely now and even that will probably fade away as he realizes that nothing is going to harm him. Basically he gives a little yipe if startled and investigates what it was, no longer throwing himself into hysterics and escape. Cuddy wants to see what is going on and be involved in it (especially if it involves treats!), he longs to be the center of someone's universe and experience it with them.

Someone possessing patience, a dollop of dog savvy and lots of love will find themselves gifted with a real little character, a wonderful funny, furry highly intelligent companion. He dances and delights, play bows and yodels to get you interacting with him. Treats get him literally bouncing off the walls! He is full of life and ready for love. Cuddy is looking for someone to adore and to dote on him, and let him be their best friend - to see what new things life will bring.

Cuddy has a great new Mom and Dad, residing on Camano Island, WA

(Adopted Oct. 1/06)
Miniature Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
16 lbs
13" tall

This is a very loving dog. He loves to be in your lap as much as possible.  He wants to be with you at all times, so if you don't want a Velcro dog don't choose Joey. He  gets along with  the other dogs  and the cat .

If you grab at him suddenly he will try to nip.

I don't think there is any thing wrong with this dog. He will make someone a great dog.

I feel he should be with someone that is home a lot because he like the companionship.

Joey is now residing in Bellingham, WA with a wonderful new Mom

(Adopted Oct.2/06)
Mini Schnauzer
Male/neutered/shots current
10+ years
17 lbs

* Darling Jack went to rest on March 26/08, I thank the wonderful family who took this older lil boy, showed him love, and in return he showed them devotion, and unconditional love.  He is so missed by his family.*

The police found me in a ditch, they thought I was dead, I was curled tightly in a ball, matted so badly, no one was even sure what breed I was.  The police took me to the vet for help, before they could even begin to work on me, they had to shave me completely down, so they could find my skin, my nails had grown into my pads, they were not even sure if I was able to walk.  I had been hit by a car, and my life seemed precarious, but I am a survivor, I had to be, to live the kind of neglected life I was given.  Once all the medical was all taken care of, I went into foster care, where I was loved and nurtured.  I love my foster parents, I will follow them everywhere, I like the resident Schnauzers, and I am a happy boy.
My hearing is impaired, but my love is not, I will worship whoever will love me again, maybe for a short time, maybe for a long time...but please is it not my time to be doted on.

This special senior boy found a wonderful home, with a Mom, Dad and teenage son, who think he is a super lil boy..residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Oct. 5/06)
Cocker Spaniel
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
18 lbs

The fleas covered my body, the stench of my fur was like a sewer.  Painstakingly the mats were shaved off, three power washings, and my buff colored fur, turned to white, with gorgeous red markings...I rolled and played and smiled as I once again felt clean and beautiful... my once gorgeous coat is now all gone, but it will grow back, and I will be even more stunning...with my cute freckled lil face, and outgoing charm.  I am outgoing and happy to everyone I foster Mom will let you know more, as my personality shines through...but so far everyone who has met me, loves me..
Dutchess foster Mom, says that she is VERY energetic, can leap over a puppy/baby gate with ease.  She is a happy girl but can be "cocker" stubborn.  It appears she has not been taught much in the way of manners, so will need someone who has a bit of time and energy to work with this girl, and have a wonderful companion.
She is housetrained, pulls on a leash, rides well in a car.
Adult home only

Dutchess found two wonderful parents, and is happily being spoiled in Surrey, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Oct8/06)
Boston Terrier/Chihuahua
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
13 lbs

Koda is a real love. He loves to curl up on your lap and give doggy kisses.  He loves to play with other dogs; loves his chews and squeaky toys; loves to cuddle up to you. He loves to go with you for car rides or walks. He is definitely still a puppy and has the activity level and mischief of a puppy. If you have lost something in the house and it is on doggy level Koda will find it for you. When I am missing a shoe I look under Kodaís bed. He doesnít chew on it but he takes just one of each pair and hides it and then gives you a totally innocent look when you find it.  

Koda has had three homes in his short life (counting his foster home) and while he has not been abused he definitely takes a few minutes to warm up to new men. He loves women right away but he barks at men he does not know and it take a few minutes of treats and attention before he warms up. Once he knows the man he becomes his normal cuddly affectionate self. Koda likes kids and would be OK with visiting kids or in a home with one older child.

Koda needs a lot of socialization. He would do well with a family who is willing to do some training with him and take him out and about. Koda is a fairly submissive dog but he tends to bark at new dogs until he gets to know them. He takes corrections well but can easily be overwhelmed by any harsh words. He will do anything for rewards. Koda is fairly well house trained (with a few reminders when he goes to a new house). He can be an escape artist so he needs either to be on a lead or in a very securely fenced yard. He would love to have another dog to play with and has lived with both bigger and smaller dogs and plays well with them all.

If you have the time and patience to give Koda a place to really settle in, you will find the dog of your heart.

Happily residing with his new Boston sister, two great parents in South Seattle, WA

(Adopted Oct.8/06)
Jack Russell Terrier
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old

Boomer is a little girl with a big-boy name, and if it's short for boomerang, she wears it well.  As many times as you're willing to throw out her ball is as many times that she'll fetch it back, drop it and then roll it to your toes with her nose.  She lives for long walks, hiking about or playing rousing sessions of fetch ball,  and she played well with others on her visit to the off-leash park.  She was also quite companionable with the grown-ups and (older) children there, and has bonded with the new people in her life quickly and easily. 

Boomer has the Jack Russell's love of activity, although at 7 years she's slowed down some and enjoys her naps during the day.  She tucks in next to you on the couch for a nice long snooze and burrows under the covers to become a contented little back warmer in the bed.  She will also sleep on her own cushion next to the bed through the night, burrowed under her own blankee, of course.   Boomer rides shotgun in the car and loves to go for rides.  She's housetrained, and comes with an interesting sound effect as standard equipment.  When she first heard it, a very smart foster mom friend exclaimed, "Oh My!   Boomer HUMS!".  And here I had thought she was merely thinking aloud:  She is indeed melodic..... kind of like a little kazoo! 

Boomer needs to find a new mom or dad who are Jack Russell savey or understand how to be consistent and persistent with a little bundle of determination.  Boomer knows all of her basic commands, but is sloppy and needs a firm and loving hand to help her relearn how to obey them each time.  It is really tough for her when she's quivering to explore the world, but she does want very much to please her person and she's already making progress.   Consistency is a quality Boomer will always need from her family, as is true of her breed.  Deeply adored by millions of devoted owners all over the world,  the single most common reason Jack Russells come to rescue is a misunderstanding of this commitment.

Boomer would also do best as an only dog or possibly as the alpha dog in the family.  She wants to be first in your heart, and takes the time to firmly impress who's the boss to her new foster brother, although they keep good company in shared adventures otherwise.  It's unknown how she is with cats.  She barks at company coming to the door but has quit when instructed that her job is done and what a good girl she is.  And also in true Jack Russell style, mole hills were made to be inverted into holes.  We'll see more about all of that as days go on.

This is a little girl who's melted my heart when she's gazed up at me with  her earnest, unquestioning Jack Russell face.  If you have the time to share and the patience to give,  you'll be endlessly rewarded by the presence in your life of a staunch and stout-hearted best buddy prepared to stand at your side every day she has to give you ..... and there's no reason that couldn't be for years to come. 

Boomer has a new playmate, and two young energetic parents, who adore her, residing in Blaine, WA

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