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(Adopted Aug.24/02)
*Note Odie passed away due to heart failure Feb./04*
Cocker Spaniel
Male/neutered/shots current

My name is Odie. Anybody out there got room for an older guy who is a real love? My Mom and Dad rescued me when I was one year old and we had a great life together till my Mom got sick. My mom just died and my Dad had to go into a nursing home. I had some great friends who wanted to keep me but they live
in an RV and travel. I hate riding in the car. I am a real homebody except that I LOVE to go for walks. I love everybody and my foster mom laughs when I beat her young dogs to the door to welcome her home but that's the best way to get first dibs on the pets and hugs I love. I don't mind being home during the day cause I like taking naps but I kinda miss having someone around a lot.
As you can tell I let myself go and got a little chunky but I am doing really well on my diet. My foster mom says I am in great shape for a dog my age. I get along well with other dogs and do OK with older kids but the young ones move a little fast for me. I love my foster mom but I really miss my Dad and would love a guy to hang out with. Don't you need me to come on short walks
and warm snuggles with you? 
Spoiled and adored in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Aug. 25/02)
Wheaten Terrier X
Male/neutered/shots current
1 year old
*this sweet boy passed away July 24/15*

OOPS...what the heck am I doing here, look around, I am a BIG dog, alright I belong on another page or next door to BIG dog rescue...well sometimes the heart of these rescue people at Furbaby overrules their brains.  So all you small dog fans that visit here, can you tell your big dog friends to come see me...since I will be the only big dog you will ever see on here again, but really I am a small dog in a Big Body...I am 24" tall, and just a baby, I am a big, goofy, happy boy.  I love to play with toys, and I love to get into baths, I even have my own rubber ducky.  I will need a fence  and a yard, as I need to play, run and have fun, I also am good at unlocking latches, so you had better watch out for that...I will be a great fun loving companion, who loves tummy rubs, and I would get into your lap if it is big enough (see I think I am a small dog)
This adorable dog, lives now with a lovely lady, who adores him, he has new furbuddies to play with, and is spoiled rotten, residing in Tacoma, WA

(Adopted March/02)
Pom/chi and give a guess??
Male/neutered/shots current
12 lbs
*dear Poppy passed to the bridge Feb.26/18*

This baby is an absolute love. All he wants to do is to be held and cuddled and his fur is the softest thing you have ever felt. When Popcorn came to us he had never walked on a leash or worn a collar, he didn’t recognize doggie treats or toys.  He yelped when he was bathed and cried when you put him down. He was turned in to a shelter by an owner who ”needed to get rid if a couple of his dogs”. Popcorn was so scared that he screamed and growled when he was put in a kennel and had to be separated from the other dogs. Luckily for Popcorn the shelter staff went into the kennel and sat patiently talking to him. He ignored them for a while and then ran and threw himself into their lap, cuddling up close. They knew this special little would make someone a wonderful pet. The director of the shelter contacted rescue, paid for his bail herself and sent him to his foster home.

Popcorn has learned to run and play with his doggy pals in the foster home. He runs into the yard and back in the house with all the other dogs. He loves his doggie treats and sometimes, even chews on toys. But mostly he wants to curl up in his foster mom’s arms. Popcorn really wants a Mom of his own. He does Ok with the neighborhood kids as long as he is being held by his mom but isn’t real sure about young kids full time (He looks and feels so much like a stuffed toy they forget he is alive). Popcorn is doing well with training but will need someone to continue working with him on his housebreaking, walking on a lead and other doggy jobs. 
I knew this would happen, get a foster home, and what do they do, they fall in love and can not part with one of their first fosters, well at least I still have her as one of my best foster homes...Jill is in love with Popcorn, and now he has found his forever home, and I am thrilled...adored by his crazy Mom, in Seattle...Jill you broke a ton of hearts, but Popcorn is home.....

(Adopted Aug. 20/02)
D.Lucky Dog
Terrier Mix
Male/neutered/shots current
1-2 years old
30 lbs

I am D. LUCKY DOG you got to AGREE
Here's my story, just read it and SEE!
I ran around loose, no collar to wear
Out on the streets, without human care.
One day I wandered just a bit too far
I turned the wrong way and was hit by a CAR!
My leg was hurt bad, I was alone and sad
Hunched down in pain in a Shelter, humane.
Too many dogs there, healthy and whole
I was in REAL trouble, since that car took its toll!
Three days I ached, afraid and ignored
My leg getting worse, my end moving toward.
A kind, friendly man saw my sad looking face
He knew down inside I needed OUT of that place!
He kept me in mind, he couldn't forget.
He wanted me safe and seen by a vet!
So to Furbaby Rescue, he drove long and far,
Then carried me over to my foster Mom's car!
I went to the doctor, got my leg and all seen
I'm bathed and I'm brushed , so handsome and clean.
Ready for playing, running, good bone to chew!
So now, here I am
LUCKY for You!!
  Lucky sports a somewhat wiry coat and a lot of personality! He is a young, active, very playful guy who will adore a new family quickly. He loves to lay against you, get his belly rubbed and just be around folks. Lucky is anxious to please and will benefit from obedience training to maximize his wonderful zest for life and bonding with people. Lucky crates well, travels well, is friendly with other dogs. Unknown behavior with cats. He is quiet, only occasional barking to let you know he sees something out of the ordinary. He gives a little yodel to let you know he is ready to play and glad to see you. He ABSOLUTELY must have a TOTALLY FENCED YARD! No one wants a repeat of his accident! Lucky would be happiest placed in a house type environment with room to run, with dog friendly kids +10 years of age. At 15" Lucky is a little over knee high, about 32" from nose to base of tail, 30lbs. He has had no accidents in his crate or confinement areas during his fostering.
If I could write the storybook ending to his story, D. Lucky Dog has found this home...he is certainly a Lucky dog, living with a family beyond our dreams, in Twisp, WA

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