Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted March 30/10)
5 years old
5 lbs

Hey, has anyone seen my blue ribbon that says "Nicest and Cutest Chi of the Century"?  Ok, "of the century" is just a bit of an exaggeration but I overheard some of the foster moms saying I was the nicest and cutest of all the Chi's they've had in quite awhile. I don't think my photos make me look very cute and I've been trying to tell these people that they just didn't get my good side when they took the photos. Get a load of my perky ears and alert eyes, not to mention my beautiful fur. Try and outdo that, Taco Bell dog!

I was once just a stray but boy have I progressed. I'm even proud of myself. I like other dogs, people, a soft warm bed, a plushy toy and a nice chewy. What more is there in life? I have a bum leg that has been checked over by a vet. They guessed I was most likely injured and had surgery to repair some torn ligaments and tendons. At least someone cared enough about me at one point to have it repaired instead of giving up on me. So I can't complain if I walk with a limp sometimes. It sure doesn't stop me except when it comes to climbing stairs. But I'm such a featherweight I would hope that someone would love me enough to carry me up and down stairs. I could be a carryall dog!  Hah, hah, hah! If you lift me up on the bed, I'll wrap myself up in the covers next to you and keep you warm and spend the night. If you don't like the four legged kind of guy in your bed (even though I am adorable), I'll be happy in a nice warm doggy bed. Your choice! 

Oh - one last thing - you can change my name if you'd like but my foster Mom loves calling me by "Hey, Tito the burrito!".  I think that's kind of fun but I'm willing to adapt to a new name for anyone who could love me enough for the rest of my life. 

Great home, with an adorable Pom, residing in Ferndale, WA


(Adopted April/10)
Schipperke mix
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old

Tyson is a real love with his people. He loves everyone he meets as long as he is not on a leash. Tyson gets along with other dogs but his real focus is his person. He is an active boy who can be an escape artist so he will need either a secure yard or a condo and an active owner. Tyson would love to run with you or along as you bicycle. Tyson would be a great dog for a farm or ranch as he does come back when he escapes but has very little street smarts.

Tyson may be a mix but he has all of the characteristics of a schipperke so be sure you are familiar with this breed. Tyson has been with one family but they gave him up due to a medical problem. The family cat scratched Tyson on the upper corner of his right eye penetrating his sclera ( the covering of the eyeball). Tyson has been seen by our vet who also consulted a veterinary ophthalmologist. At this time the eye has sealed itself and Tyson retains sight in that eye. At this time his condition is stable. 

Tyson will be a wonderful friend for the person and family who is willing to welcome this active boy into their home. 
Now residing in Seattle, WA 

(Adopted April 17/10)
Miniature Poodle
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
15 lbs

BATTER UP!!! Don't you just love it that baseball season is back? I'm trying out for the Mariner's next season. At two years old I'm told I need one more year under my belt before I can compete with Ichiro and the other "big dogs". Oh well, for now I'm just a happy 15 pound, apricot colored, poodle boy who LOVES to play ball and fetch.  I can't get enough of it so I'm looking for a new human coach, male or female, who will have lots of time to spend with me and throw that ball after I bring it back. Even though baseball and fetch are my most favorite pastimes, I do other things well, too, like tug-of-war. If you're more interested in important, non-play related issues, I'm very good at letting you know I want to go outside to do other things, too, like.....gosh, these rescues really want a dog to get personal when they give an interview. *sigh* .....things like going outside to go to the bathroom. Geesh - nothing is private anymore. 

My foster mom said I could have some choices in this adoption matter. I really would like someone who doesn't have to leave me for great lengths of time. I'm just a likable soul who wants to be around the person I own...I mean who will own me. Sleeping on your bed isn't critical but it would be nice. Providing a good groomer on a regular basis is important and I'm not sure if I like this current face do, or not. What do you think? Perhaps the more traditional poodle face do would be better for baseball? And I REALLY do want to know that I'll be kept with you for the rest of my life. I'm not real crazy about this constant moving from house to house stuff. 

Oh, one last thing - when you come to take me home, maybe, just maybe, you could have a doggy baseball jersey for me to wear? That would be the coolest! 

He found a wonderful home residing on Whidbey Island

(Adopted April 16/10)
Boston Terrier X
Male/neutered/shots current
12 months old
12 lbs

Are you ready for a super cool dude?  Check me out!  Mr. Easy is my name...because I am SO easy!  A perfect pooch!

I love walks and snuggles,  and bonded to people. I am good with other dogs.  My potty training is going very well,  and I am quiet, but will bark to alert you to stuff.

I have a lot of personality ( I enjoy sleeping under the covers!) I am not destructive and settle in the house very well. I got to work with my foster mom and think that is SO cool!

I am hoping for a home with someone who want a buddy to go on long walks and keep busy with each other.  I am really good about "checking in" with my people, I am very attentive to your needs.

I am really smart and would love to have more training,  maybe some agility?  I am food motivated and eager to please.

Residing with other BT in Coulee Dam, WA

(Adopted April 27/10)
Coton de Tulear
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 2 years old
13 lbs


I read the Furbaby Rescue contract that my adopters' signed. It said that if they split up, I'd stay with one of them so I'd never be homeless again. But I guess if there's a loss of employment AND a divorce that it can't be helped and I had to be returned.  I tried to help them but it didn't work. I cried when they returned me but my foster mom said it wasn't my fault and she promised she'd put it in big, bold letters in my write up. IT WASN'T OPIE'S FAULT !!!! 

 I was a puppy mill dog who was paralyzed with fear but I improved big time. I'll probably be afraid for awhile of being dumped again but if you'll give some extra love and play time, I'll recover and forget this last experience, too

I am a sweet Coton de Tulear who has blossomed into a charming and funny little guy.  I have embraced life and all the joys of being a safe and cared for dog.  I enjoy car rides, love walks, and I run across the grass like a little bunny with my ears flopping in the air. 

I  still need a little patience and you have to learn my "outdoor potty” cues.

I am currently living in a large pack of white dogs and sometimes I think I am  a West Highland Terrier but I don't dig ,  I stay cleaner, I don't chase or bother cats, and I hardly ever bark (way better manners then those silly Westies)

I greet each day with joy and excitement. I have a  lot of peaceful energy.  I do fine being left alone if I'm with another dog for companionship.  I am pretty social and I am a charming and entertaining playmate.

I'd love to sleep on the bed with my new human but I'll leave plenty of room for you. The foot of the bed is OK just as long as I'm near you. 

So, are you ready to propose to me? I'll say "yes, yes, yes" but it HAS to be "until death we do part."

PS - I don't need a ring or a fancy wedding - just some toys and LOTS OF LOVIN' 

Happily residing in Surrey, B.C. Canada


(Adopted May 9/10)
Long haired Dachshund
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
8 lbs


HI Everybody! 

My favorite children's book is Tommy Two Shoes. I've always meant to rewrite that story to be Tommy Four Shoes since I look down and notice that I need twice that many shoes but suddenly there's something more urgent in my life to do than rewrite a book. I need a forever home. That's not FOUR ever homes, just ONE Forever Home. 

I am a purebred, long hair Dachshund with a few quirks and some areas that will require a patient, loving owner but once we get each other trained - I mean once you get me trained, you're going to have one very handsome dude strutting around beside you. Just look at my coat! How gorgeous could that be once I'm settled in, eating healthy food and getting exercised? 

OK, let me list this out for you. First - I am a snuggler in addition to being good looking. Second, I do bark and will warn you when someone shows up at the door. You need to work with me on when to stop barking. Third, I'm good looking. Fourth, I'm shy and lacking in self confidence so you'll need to help build up trust and confidence around other humans.  The Furbaby Rescue people can give you some ideas. Fifth, I'm good looking. Sixth, I have a few issues on housebreaking because no one has taken the time or effort to work with me but I'm smart and I can get it. Seventh, I'm good looking. Eighth, I'm modest and will never gloat about being good looking. I might gloat about being handsome, but not about being good looking. 

So here's the deal - Adopt me and love me knowing that you need to invest some time making me the best I can be and I won't disappoint you. In fact, after I'm self-confident and know that I'm home forever, I'll rewrite that book, title it Tommy Four Shoes, and publish it. When the royalties start coming in, I'll help you live the lifestyle you wish to become accustomed to with one very handsome, modest (cough, cough) Dachshund beside you. 


Tommy has a wonderful Mom, residing in Seabeck, WA


(Adopted May 13/10)
5 years old
20 lbs

Watch my video, see how gorgeous I am


Would someone please explain to me why I'm being overlooked? Is cute and cuddly the current fashion trend instead of trim and dignified? I'm starting to get an inferiority complex when I see all the other dogs arrive here and then immediately get a home. 

Perhaps I need a new resume: 

MY EXCELLENT QUALITIES:    I love to be held and snuggle.   I am normally very mellow. I won't scratch at the door to be let in or out so your house (OUR HOUSE) will remain in good condition. I'll take you on a nice long walk every day so we both stay in optimum health. 

I can amaze you with my abilities such as sit, roll over, stay, and I won't beg to learn to drive the car but I'd love to go for a ride with you. 

MY NEEDS:   I am physically sensitive on my left side and I haven't told anyone why. So I need you to help me out by finding the most caring and gentle groomer possible because it hurts if someone accidentally pulls on that side while grooming me.  My foster mom thinks I was hurt badly by someone at some point but I'd prefer to not discuss it. 

I try to be dominant a bit over big dogs but we dogs get that resolved very quickly.  It's a doggy thing, you know.

I will be extremely loyal to and protective of my new forever family.  Until I know every person that is welcome in our home, you will need to escort me to meet each new person and I will greet them very nicely as long as you're there telling me that person is an "approved visitor." 

So what do you think? Are you the forever person(s) who will make your home, OUR HOME? Would you consider just coming to meet me and decide for yourself if I'm just as nice as all the other dogs who seem to be picked first? 

Great parents for this special boy, residing in Lynden, WA


(Adopted June 4/10)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 7 years old
22 lbs.

A Conversation with Susie Schnauzer as Overheard by a Mouse in the Corner



Susie SchnauzerSniff, sniff, sniff. 


Eleni – “ What’s wrong, Susie?”


Susie Schnauzer – “Oh, that lady you have who interviews us and then does the write ups said she couldn’t find anything cute to write about me.”


Eleni – “Are you serious?


Susie Schnauzer – “Yes, I’m serious. She said I needed to see a shrink because I can’t remember what happened in my past that makes me afraid of sudden moves.”


Eleni – “Oh, Susie, we all have things in our past that we have to overcome. That’s why there are people in the world to love us in spite of what happened and it almost always helps us to get over it.”


Susie Schnauzer – “Really?”


Eleni – “Yes, really. I know a dog named Murphy who was so afraid of men that he became afraid of nearly everything but we found him a great woman who was so gentle, loving, and patient that now Murphy is becoming a very brave boy. We just need to find you a home with no children and a nice quiet adult person who excels in patience and you’ll be just fine, too.”


Susie Schnauzer – “Could you explain that to the interview lady so she can write something that makes people want to come meet me? I really want my own forever home so I can have a lap to sit in. I like to watch TV with a real person. I like to cuddle and be petted and if it isn’t long enough I can gently nudge someone’s hand with my head to let them know “keep on petting me.”


Eleni – “I’ll talk to the interview lady and see what she can come up with. Meanwhile, let’s cuddle up together and listen to some music until bedtime. Tomorrow we’ll go for a ride.


Susie Schnauzer – “Oh goody, goody. Let me jump up into your lap though. I’d rather do that than be lifted. And can I sleep on the bed with you? And a ride tomorrow? WOW! My favorite things to do!!!


Eleni – “Wipe your eyes now, Susie, and blow your nose. No need to cry anymore. The perfect person will come for you soon.”


Susie Schnauzer putting the hankie to her nose. “HONK!!!!!  Thanks, Eleni. I know you’ll find me a kind, quiet person like you found for Murphy.


Eleni – “Yes, Susie, we will. Right now, let’s see who sends in applications.”  
Susie finally got her new Mom, now residing in Salem, Oregon

(Adopted June 6/10)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old (will be 2 in August)
13 lbs

Please watch gorgeous Brody's video.

Brody, Brady, Baby, Buggy - call me anything you want but I'll still be adorable and loving, more so than the average Bear. Well, what do you know - there's another name.

I am one of the original style Poms - the standard size but even at 13 pounds I'm easy to pick up and love. Hint, hint, hint! I can run like the wind and would love to learn how to play fetch if you're up to it. If you don't feel energetic, I get along with other dogs quite well so I could run and chase with some doggy pals or maybe another dog in your home? See how easy this could be? When I'm tired I wouldn't mind curling up in your lap, or on the back of the couch if it's near a window, or another one of my favorite places is on the floor at the feet of a gentleman. I can't explain why I like men's feet other than perhaps it's a doggy foot fetish thing.

 And as you may know when we Poms get attached to someone, we will be stuck like glue for life. So I need someone who can say "'til death we do part." Yeah, that's it - a vow to be forever together.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I NEARLY FORGOT THIS REALLY GOOD NEWS! You know how so many little dogs are yappers and barkers? Well, I'm not. I'm just a non-barking, lovable, good looking trusting Pom who needs someone to be devoted to me. (Well not totally true, I bark with glee when you come home, showing you just how much I adore you) Could that be YOU?

Brody got two new parents, a darling lil girl Pom to hang with, residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted June 21/10)
Chinese Crested Powderpuff
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
15 lbs

Watch Pokey's video.

Pokey the little puppy

I started my life out living in a dark box siring puppies for a greedy breeder who didn’t care about my health or welfare.  I don’t know how I knew but somehow I always knew that I was going to be set free one day and get to experience all the wonders of the world outside of my box.

When I was rescued I was so happy to see kind people that I was not afraid of them and when I wagged my tail they could see that I was happy.

I’m living in a really nice place, and I also have my crate which is spacious and comfy and never locked,it is my refuge where I feel safe when I need to.  I have a run which I began exploring and started using to go to the bathroom.  I very quickly learned to use pee pads on the floor but most of the time I’m able to time things just right so I hardly have to use them any longer. 

I’m learning how to walk on a leash and I love jumping and bouncing  with all the other dogs as we take our walks.  Because I’m a Chinese Crested and so intelligent I seem to be able to learn how to do new things very quickly and I really love expanding my experiences. 

I bark appropriately when someone comes into the house and I do talk to you but I’m quiet at night and just getting ready to consider sleeping with the rest of the household.

I know I’m ready to make the transition to a new household but it would need to be with someone who understands where I spent my first two years of life and that I’m still a little scared of things.  I’m building my self confidence but I’m cautious.  I do come to you when you call me but I’m still a little shy. 

I know that I’m going to be making more breakthrough’s throughout the next few months.  If you would like to spend your life with a sweet and frisky little dog maybe you would consider inviting me home.  They call me Pokey but I’m not slow by any means.

Pokey will need to be rehomed with another dog, very crucial for a puppymill dog, and a fenced yard is very preferred.

Pokey now resides happily in Bellingham, WA

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