Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions


(Adopted Dec.14/13)
Standard Pomeranian X
Male/neutered/shots current
5 years old
23 lbs

Charlie is a lovely and lively fellow who has recently joined one of our foster families.  Charlie is beloved by his first and only owner but unfortunately, that man fell, broke his hip, and had a stroke.  He will never get to come back home and in fact family immediately moved in and kicked Charlie out.  He was literally locked out of the house, his dog door was fastened shut, and he lost his human, his warm home, the security of love and creature comforts which come along with having a home – all in one day.  He had no food, fresh water, or soft place to lay his grieving body.

Yep, we were very sad when we heard about it, ourselves.

Thankfully, another relative was able to bring Charlie to us before the unthinkable happened.

We gave him a bath and he so enjoyed the warm suds that he fell asleep in the middle of being bathed.  He had some mats removed, got a bit of a trim, and started feeling like himself again. 

He did have a hidden dental issue which we discovered and that has been taken care of.  In the bargain he has freshly cleaned teeth.

Charlie is a sweet and loving dog.  He is happy when someone comes home, does the happy Pomeranian spin when it’s meal time, loves to go on walks, and for car rides. 

He gets along with other dogs but really and truly has a thing against cats.  No…it’s not just a fluke or a conflict with just one cat.  He sees a cat and goes crazy barking and charging.  On a leash we say “no kitty”, and he’s pretty good.  In his foster home he prefers to stay downstairs and the cats stay upstairs so there is a nice détente going on.  But we are very certain that he should not live with cats!

Charlie is not yappy but he is vocal and barks when he gets excited or wants to tell you something.

He is perfectly housebroken and barks to let you know that he has to go OUT.  His foster family just can’t get over what an excellent role model he is for the other dogs.  (Are they learning anything?)

Charlie has a great home, residing in Snohomish, WA


(Adopted Dec.14/13)
8 years old
14 lbs

Chrissie is a shy little girl who lived in puppy mill misery for the first four years of her life.  She was taken in by a family who she lived with for four years.  The owners fell upon some hard times; the wife passed away, leaving the husband in dire straits.  He had to find new homes for their dogs.

Chrissie needed some basic medical care like a dental and those things were taken care of for her.  She is in good physical condition.  She is a gentle girl and when she is afraid she turns into a statue.  Of the two reactions a dog can have in such a moment, hers is the preferable one.

She had a hard time adjusting in her foster home and used to hide under the bed.  After a few months of living in a quiet and loving home, she has responded to the kindness of the resident dogs, and has become much more confident.  She has become very good friends and best playmates with Joey, a Shih Tzu.  We love to see that she is reaching out and wishing to be engaged with others.

She trusts her foster mom more and more and experiencing some of the wonderful joys in life.

Chrissie is fine with other dogs but she will take a little time to warm up and trust. 

Now residing in Woodinville, WA

(Adopted Dec.21/13)
Cairn Terrier mix?
Female/spayed/shots current
8 years old
13 lbs

Smiley is an 8 y/o Terrier mix who tips the scale at 13.1 lbs.  She's spayed, up-to-date on vaccines and is microchipped.  She was recently vetted and had a dental.  A lot of teeth were removed due to periodontal disease but she's recovered and eats kibble soaked in a bit of warm water just fine.  

Her former owner has severe dementia and is now in a care facility.  Smiley wasn't permitted out of the house to take care of business but is doing well now and if taken outside on a regular basis, she does not potty in the house.  I'm sure this is just a residual effect of the treatment by the former owner.  

She's very sweet, a bit on the shy side, loves to snuggle and burrows under the bedcovers or the top blanket at night.  Smiley is never far away but is not on you all the time when you sit down. She's not a barker but will definitely let you know if someone is at the door!  

She's quite charming looking with her wee white frosting on top of her head and her white beard. Her coat is nice and thick and she loves to be stroked and scratched.  

She's starting to blossom and I can see she's going to be a wonderful companion for some lucky person.  

Residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted Dec.22/13)
Pomeranian/Shih Tzu
Female/spayed (by time of adoption)
D.O.B. 10/11/2013

How do you do?  I am sweet Madeline!  I very loving, snuggly, playful pup!  I am Pomeranian Mix,  with a touch of Shih Tzu.  I like all people,  and other dogs.  I am living in a foster home with cats too!  I am super social and can’t wait to meet you

A reward based training class will be required for my adoption, so be sure to look into schools in your area.

Fantastic home for this lil girl, residing in Bellingham, WA


(Adopted Dec.30/13)
Buster Rhymes
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
10 lbs

Hi everyone!  I’m Buster Rhymes. A super cool, funny, goofy Chihuahua.  Oh sure… I can be shy when we first meet and in new situations,  but a treat makes it all better.  I LOVE toys,  snuggling on the couch,  playing fetching games, spending time with my chewy sticks,  running in the yard and getting belly rubs.  I am crate trained, potty trained, good with other dogs and cats.  What more could you ask for!

I have been thru some training classes and know my basic cues and I even go to doggie day care, so send me and email and we can chat about getting together.


Residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Jan.11/14)
Italian GreyHound
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
14 lbs

Reggie is an 8 year old "Iggy"  (Italian greyhound) .  He weighs 14 pounds.  Reggie's owner could no longer care for him and he escaped shelter life thanks to Dr. Rachel who was able to vet him, get him needed dental care, and foster and love him.  He is perfectly housebroken, loves to go to parties, on walks, in the car, sleep with you, play with other dogs, and we are cautiously optimistic about his ability to live with cats.  He is doing well with dog savvy cats right now.  Dr. Rachel is concerned that if he doesn't find his forever home soon that she won't be able to part with him.  He is such a love.


Residing happily in Lynden, WA


(Adopted Jan.11/14)
Zilly (aka ZZ)
Havanese mix
Female/spayed/shots current
11 months old
12 lbs

My name is Zilly (Zilly rhymes with Lilly) and I’m a cute lil’ puppy looking for my forever home!  My birth mother is a Havanese and I’ve been told that my father was a mailman which is great because I really like to get the mail!  I am an active girl and I love, love, love to play with Willie, who is another one of the foster dogs here.  Willie is 3 years old, so we have very similar energy levels.  Willie is my very best friend, if there is anyway that he can be my big brother for life, I would surely love that!  Our foster Mom takes us on 3 mile runs a couple of days a week.  I love to run and exercise, so I would do best with an active family who wants to take me out to do walks and maybe even hikes!  I will be required to have a very secure fenced in yard and a family who understands that all dogs need to be on leashes when they are anywhere but in their own fenced yard or in a dog park!  After all, I am a dog and I can’t be 100% trusted to not want to go for a little run all on my own!   Because I am so young, I have a lot of learning to do and need to learn all sorts of things.  I am just about house trained and really appreciate being shown the potty ropes by the other dogs here.  I have been told that I am super sweet and that I don’t have a mean bone in my body.  I have a sensitive stomach, so you’ll need to be aware of this if you adopt me--my foster Mom will tell you what kind of food to buy for me!  I am easy going and love to snuggle up on the pillows on the bed at night.  I would do well as either an only dog or I would be a wonderful addition to a pack of sweet dogs as well!  Oh, one more thing…I’m a little nervous about going in the car right now, but my foster Mom is working on this and I always have fun when I get to where I’m going!

I know that it isn’t Valentine’s Day yet, but will you be mine??



P.S.  I probably shouldn’t live with cats because I like to corner them and bark and bark!  It’s fun!  They are funny looking!

Fabulous home, residing in Clinton, WA with Willy.

(Adopted Jan.17/14)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
20 lbs

My name is Isabelle, I am without a doubt an awesome lil girl.   I can be a bit tentative with people I do not know, but please do not let that sway you, my qualities are huge.  I am perfectly housetrained, I like cats (yes you read that right) and the first night was cuddled next to the foster Mom's cat while watching TV.  I love to go for walks, I love carrides, I love my person.  I love lots of attention, and love to have some activity...I am so pretty, with my merle coat, can you imagine how gorgeous I will be, when I have a lil beard and my ears are allowed to grow long and flowing. I do great with other doggies, I am without a doubt wonderful!!!! I am also a great bed warmer!!!!
And my name says it all!!!!!

I " irresistible S "soulful" A "adorable" B "Beautiful" E "Exquisite" L "Loving" L" Loving (never enough of that)" E "engaging"

Happily residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted Jan.18/14)
Dashalier (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Dachshund) 
 Male /neutered/shots current
9 months old
 10 lbs

Dagwood is an adorable dog who we know is part Dachshund and part Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

What you see to look at him is a very handsome long haired Dachshund.  Genetically, he is a nice blend.

Dagwood is super friendly and outgoing.  He is a very nice little dog.  He is easy in the car and loves to go on walks.  He has a young energy about him but as a small short legged dog he is not expecting long walks or hikes by any means.

As a young dog he will do best in a home where someone can be around to channel his inquisitive nature.  He loves other dogs so might enjoy a doggy day care experience, too.

Residing in Fircrest, WA

(Adopted Jan.22/14)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 years old
10 lbs

Ok… you can call me Joey.  I will be the first to tell you, I love getting kisses and giving kisses.  Rolling myself up into blankets and snuggling on the couch is one of my favorite things to do.  I like other dogs,  but would be fine as an only dog too.   I like to play tug and fetch with plushy toys and being carried like a baby on my back.  I am crate trained, potty trained and good with other dogs and cats. I have been thru some basic training classes and know my basic cues and I even go to doggie day care, so maybe we can get together and meet!  

Residing in Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Jan.28/14)
Duke and Lucy
Bichon Frise
Male and Female/altered/shots current
7 years old
13 and 12 lbs

Duke and Lucy are adorable 7 year old friends which are not related to one another.  They think they are siblings, though. 

Lucy doesn’t like Duke to “touch” her unless it’s her idea and she gives quiet growling warning but doesn’t act on it.

They are just cuddly, friendly, silly, and sweet little dogs.  They get along with other dogs and are a little overly interested in cats, perhaps.

They seem fine around children.  They are just generally very easy going little dogs.

If you would love to have two dogs jump for joy when you walk through the door; these could be your dogs. 

Residing in Enumclaw, WA

(Adopted Jan.30/14)
Miniature Schnauzer
Female/spayed/shots current
4-6 years old
13 lbs


You are about to have your heart stolen!!!

If you haven't already fallen in love with Geena just from the photos, brace yourself because your life is about to change. 

Geena was one of seven Schnauzers who were just rescued while being forced to live outdoors during our recent freezing weather. She was living in a home at one time but somehow ended up back in a puppymill where life has been beyond describable. Her estimated age is 4-6 years old, the perfect settled down age with a lot of years left to give. When Geena was picked up from the group to be taken to her foster home, the foster mom felt the paws grab around her arm so tightly that it was as if Geena was saying "Please save me, take me home and find my forever home." Foster mom's rarely fall in love with any dog that eventually must leave for their forever home but it happened this time. 

Due to Geena's neglect she has had extensive dental work done and lost all but two teeth so she is going to be a canned food diet dog. All other health issues have been resolved and you can learn more about those when you make your desire to adopt known. Foster moms are always more than willing to tell you everything they know so there's no misunderstandings. 

Geena gets along beautifully with the other dogs in the foster home and there is absolutely no reaction to the resident cat. She bounces with glee when she sees a familiar face. She loves to sit in your lap and cuddle so close, and same with the bed, so we want someone who will allow that. Geena has paid the price with the puppymill and she needs all the love and care she can get. She deserves that and much, much more.   

We are very proud that Geena does as well as she does with the housetraining. Most cases of puppymill dogs result in no housetraining. Geena only asks that you stand outside with her while she takes care of business. As with all dogs when first adopted, they need to learn what you want in the way of letting their needs be known and once those rules are set and maintained, it works out well and what's a few minutes for standing outside with a doll like Geena? 

There's a possibility that Geena was hit at some point because she will react by squatting when you reach for her but we've discovered that if you talk in a high, sweet voice, she is fine. We're probably more upset that something like that happened to her than Geena is once she receives loving, cuddling, praise, toys and food. Geena has not been heard to bark. One other dog in the rescued group was debarked but we haven't been able to determine if Geena was. 

In short, Geena is a heart stealer which is a total miracle considering the squalor she came from. Now, if you need to find your heart again, just click on the link to apply to adopt her. You'll quickly learn that your heart disappeared into those big, beautiful, soulful eyes. 
Lovely home for this lovely lil girl, residing in Ferndale, WA


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