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(Adopted Oct. 22/02)
Male/neutered/shots current
19 lbs
3.5 years old

Chewie is an extremely nice boy, with tail wags, and loves to sit in your lap..he is happy, outgoing and a true lover...he is a good car rider, good on a leash, and is quite obedient...
He will be so cute, when his coat comes back in, he had to be shaved down as he was a matted mess..but will be so beautiful...he has quite the underbite that so many of this breed do..he is a very nice boy.
He does love to sleep on your bed, so you have to be willing to let him do this.
Chewy got a wonderful home, with a Mom who takes him to work and a young daughter he just adores...happily residing in Bothell, WA

(Adopted Oct. 26/02)
Male/neutered/shots current
2 years old
18 lbs

Why hello there, I know you are all saying that I am adorable, sweet and cute and YOU are so right. I will look at you with my big brown eyes and you just melt, which is my mission in life. You see if you melt, I get more treats, see how this works. I love to sit on your lap and will sit up pretty so that you will pick me up and give me love and kisses. I also give lots of kisses and will give you a high five when the spirit moves me. You see, I am a Lhasa Apso and we have an image to protect, we are supposed to have a "tude" and well, I don't really have one, but please don't tell the "Lhasa Apso Union". I love everyone and just want to be your best friend. I like children, though those really small ones bother me a bit, they want more attention than me and that can not be an option in my house. I want all the attention that a small furbaby can get, after all, I am ADORABLE!!! Oh, I forgot to tell you, I love car rides, walks and playing with you or other dogs, not to sure about  those cat pets though...
Patches and Scooter the Cocker were adopted together, living with a wonderful family in Salem, Oregon....


(Adopted Nov. 7/02)
Sadly Tia passed away in April/09 after suffering from disc in peace lil one
Tia Marie
Female/spayed/shots current/chipped
17 lbs.

  I flew in from New Brunswick, I was used for making babies, and I don't produce properly (thank goodness) I walked off the plane, like I belonged here (heck it is too cold back there)...I happily walked into my foster home, decided I was the Princess, charging the new dogs, but oops the Queen spoke, and said "Knock it Off" and into time out I went, within 10 minutes I came out, a much humbler girl, and I decided I liked everyone...gee did she have to get her knickers in a twist...but I am happy now, like the other dogs here, am a happy little girl, who will love to be in any home who will love me back...I have no issues (alright so I had 5 minute issue, a girl has a right you know)..I love laps, I love everyone, so now are you ready to love me...I do like to sit out in the sunshine, play with dogs...and I have been around kids, so I am not bad with long as the kids are good with me...Spoiled with a great new Dad, Mom, and adorable lil Norwich in Everett, WA

(Adopted Nov. 19/02)
Male/neutered/shots current
35 lbs (soon to be less)

Well here is my story, my parents were killing me with kindness...some people like to say well upholstered, but foster Mom, says that doesn't cut it, I am FAT...35 chubby lil pounds...I need to "CALL LHASA HELP LINE" lose at least 10 what is wrong with my food of choice, a couple of cups of Kibbles and Bits, topped with gravy, and with an added touch of crunchy Chinese Noodles...sounds pretty good to me...and oh lets not forget, that my Dad, called me every few minutes, to lavish a milk bone on me, averaging 30 times a I have a bit of a chubby my foster Mom, says NO MORE...I think she is mean, she makes me eat this yucky healthy food, limits me to 2 tiny tiny treats...and thinks fruits and vegetables are awesome...I think it all sucks...I try to play with baby Carina, and in two minutes I need a nap...this is not good they the weight has got to go, I am relatively young, and have many years ahead, so I need to get some exercise, restricted diet...and will live long and prosper.
Buddy is an awesome boy, he lived with two elderly parents, who literally were killing him with kindness...his parents passed away, within 3 weeks of each other.  Their granddaughter saw this awesome dog, and decided to bring him home with her, Buddy was living in Arizona at the time, and now relocated to Washington, but there was one small problem, Buddy never lived with small children, and the granddaughter had 4 of them, and Buddy became overwhelmed and did not handle the change very well, he is a loving dog, but to take a dog, that lives a quiet lifestyle with older people and suddenly throw 4 outgoing children with him, does not work out well...he is a kind, loving and gentle dog, and now needs to just be with an adult family, teenagers would be fine...but not lil kids who do not understand about giving him his space.  His requirements for adoption are simple, no young kids, parents who will take him for walks and moderate exercise and will restrict his food intake...Buddy is a big boned Lhasa...and will do well at 20-24 lbs...but remember you cannot melt fat off of a dog, it has to be done slowly, and without starving, substituting low fat treats, vegetables and fruit, so he does not feel starved...this is for his well being, and it will help to give him years of happiness and health...Buddy just had his teeth cleaned, and hernia repair also removal of a cyst on his back leg... he is now ready to join a caring and loving will love this boy, he is a doll....and oh yes, you have to be strong willed, not to let his eyes and darling face break your resistance to "just give him a treat"....
He also does very well with other small dogs, which range from 7-24 lbs, and living with 6 of them, causing no problems at all...great in a car, and good on a leash (which helps, since whoever you are out there, he needs those walks)
Now residing with a very special young woman, who will get him slim:-) happy and loved in Everett, WA
* This darling boy passed to the bridge about a year after adoption....he is very much missed*


The incredible after by Adorable Pets Grooming, Bellingham, WA

(Adopted Nov. 24/02)
Female/spayed/shots current
2-3 years old
*darling CeCe passed away Nov.18/14 from complications of diabetes, she had incredidble owners*

CeCe is a real sweetie.  She has the cutest grin and is very affectionate.  She loves to ride in the car and to cuddle by you in your chair or on the bed.  CeCe is a busy girl and likes to be in the middle of whatever is going on.  She stands on her hind legs and begs if you say "sit pretty"  She puts her paws up on you to ask for pets-this is not really jumping as she stands on her hind legs and then leans on you.  She does fine left at home with the other dogs, but when you are home she hates to get too far away from her person.  She loves to go for walks and is very excited when all of my neighbor kids come over to walk the dogs.  She seems to do well with these kids (about 7-11 yrs. old).  I would prefer not to place her in a home with full time children as she has a bit of "Lhasa-tude" but she seems to enjoy visiting with them.  CeCe likes to play with other dogs but she cannot be with cats, she chases them obsessively.  
Happily residing with a great family, in Bellingham, WA


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