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Seven succumbed to heart failure, and left his family to wait at the bridge for them.
He passed away @7:30 pm Dec.29/09

(Adopted Mar.11/03)
(reaadopted July 29/04)
Male neutered/shots current
14 lbs
1 year old

Seven managed to steal my heart in 10 minutes, he crawls into your arms, and wraps himself tightly around you...
Seven found a wonderful home with two great parents...residing in Munroe, WA
Seven returned from his previous adoption to live once again with his Mom, as her husband had recouperated from his stroke, but bad times again happened to her family, and Seven once again needed a home...Seven has now found that home with a lovely lady, her adorable other babies, Chewy and Sparky, happily residing in Mount Lake Terrace, WA


(Adopted Mar.25/03)
Gizzy & Holly
Male/neutered/female/spayed/shots current
20 & 25 lbs

People call me "Gizzy", but my true name is Rudy Valentino, because I am such a lover boy. I am just a little cautious when I first meet someone, but if they give me space for a little while I come around rather quickly and show my big heart. The love of my life is Holly. You should have seen her when she was a teenager. She was a fox! Now she has gotten a little thick around the middle, but she is still a fox to me. I am living in my foster home with two cousins right now and even they like me. There are two kitties too, but I am not so sure about them. They are funny looking with those whiskers.

I always lived with this Canadian lady, but don't worry I don't bark "eh" at the end of my sentences. She had to go and live in an old folks home and they didnít allow for Holly and me to come.

I am not sad anymore, because I have a good time here in Orting. I just wish I could eat all the junk food I got before. But my foster mom is really strict and all I get to eat is this healthy dry food and carrots and broccoli and cauliflower. Yuk. But mom says I have to set the example for Holly, because she needs to eat it to look like a fox again. Holly and I get used to any routine easily. We know we have to go potty outside and not in the house. We love going on walks and car rides.  I love to play with tennis balls and I bring them back to you so you can throw them again. Holly and I are both talkers. At first my mom thought that we were growling, but its more like grunting (she says).

They told my foster mom that Holly and I are closing in on 10 years, but she says we certainly don't act our age. More like lively 6 or 7 year olds. We are really healthy and with this boot camp training here of diet and exercise we will be acting like puppies soon.

So thatís our story in short form and we would love to tell you the whole thing some day.
These two beautiful babies, went on a long journey to find their forever home, wonderful couple, now living in Juneau, Alaska

(Adopted April 13/03)
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
16 lbs...
*sadly this sweet lil girl succumbed to cancer and went to the bridge in March /10*

Princess is truly one.  She is so good with people, so easy to groom, wonderful at the vets...loves to go for walks, generally gets along with other dogs (unless they are bossy).  She does need a fenced yard, she tends to wander off, if not attended to, so she needs to be secure.  She has a stunning coat, she did have several mats and her tummy is shaved, but it is truly a glorious coat.  Princess likes to cuddle in your lap, be with you, and will be a fabulous companion, once she readjusts to her new surroundings.  No small kids, as she is not real comfortable with them.
This pretty lil girl, has a wonderful new Mom, and daughter, living a great life in Renton, WA


 After Thanks again to 
Adorable Pets Grooming
Bellingham, WA

(Adopted April 15/03)
Male/netured/shots current
19 lbs.
App. 8 years old

I personally want to thank Kirsti Renwell,of Abbostsford, B.C. for taking care of this abandoned baby, and finding help for him, my gratitude for your act of kindness will forever be remembered, and also  a great big thanks to Ana Marie of Boston Terrier Rescue, (who also helped our Babe) and Mia of Min Pin Rescue of B.C. Canada,  for  also helping this special furbaby. 

Hi, my name is Dewey, I lived my life with a family who had no time for me, as you can see  from my before picture, it had been over a year that anyone cared for my beautiful coat. The groomer spent hours dematting, and taking stone like mats out of my pads, my nails were curled into my pads.  I suppose I could be happy if someone loved me, but I spent 20 hours a day locked in a basement...and yet I have only love still in my heart.  I am a kind, loving and extremely good natured boy.  Now all I ask is for a home that will not lock me away, but open the key to my heart.  I am wonderful, housetrained, and very special...are you special enough to allow me to show you how great a dog I am.
He certainly showed what a great dog he is, living with a kind older gentleman, with a extended family, who all dote on Dewey, residing in Seattle, WA
*Note: Dewey had seizures, that were uncontrollable and passed away March/04, he is greatly missed by his loving family


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