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(Adopted Ap. 28/02)
Male/neutered/shots current
20 lbs
3 years old
*wonderful Cooper passed away Jan.12/14 from kidney disease and cushings his Mom is devastated*

This wonderful boy came a long way to join my rescue, from New Brunswick, Canada.  He is stunning, and a very tall Lhasa, at 20 lbs he is very slim.  He is extremely obedient, well behaved, house trained.  He is suppose to have Lhasa tude, so far all he has shown me is love.  I am sure it is there, but he bonded and trusted me very quickly.  He will do well in a home with a Lhasa experienced person, and no children, he will give you his love if you are prepared to love him.  His new Mom certainly loves him, and finds him absolutely perfect, happily residing in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted May 16/02)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
12 pounds

Tinkerbell was given to us by an adoring owner who had a heart attack and could no longer keep her. This loving woman was going to live with family, who due to circumstances could not also take in Tinkerbell. She was at one time considering having Tinkerbell, put to sleep, because she felt that no one would want her. Tinkerbell and Furbaby Rescue, thank her for finding us and letting us find a GREAT new home for her. We would also like to thank the vets that refused to put her to sleep, as they knew she could be re-homed with a fantastic future family.
Tinkerbell is a very quiet and loving little furbaby. She loves to sleep with you under the covers and will wrap her front paws around your neck and give big kisses. Her fur is a bit short right now, so she has a sweater that she likes to wear to keep her warm. Tinkerbell will follow you around the house and will wait politely for you to sit down, so she can climb on your lap to be loved and to sleep.
Tinkerbell is looking for a person or family that could love her FOREVER. She is good with cats, children and other dogs. This is a SUPER little dog that will give hour upon hour of joy to whomever decides to adopt her. 
This little girl found her forever home, she was going to be Grandpa's Dog, but she crawled into the daughter's home and heart, happily residing in Tacoma, WA.

(Adopted June 2/03)
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old?
17 lbs.

I came into my Dad's life at a really bad time, but I was about the only one, who gave him a reason to live.  My Dad lost his wife to cancer, and he ended up drinking too much, and that got him into trouble, he will be going to jail, and he had to find a place for me, he now realizes everything he lost, but losing me, hurt my Daddy a lot, many tears were shed, but I have to now find another home, because I can't be with him anymore, they won't let me stay with him in jail:-( I really loved Dad, and he really loved me...I am a really good girl, I am happy, like walks, and carrides, I love to sit pretty, and get treats, and I would love to have another Dad, I love my foster Mom, but I absolutely adore my foster Dad, cause I know how to twist these men around my paws.
Cleo would be fine in a home with women, she is great with everyone, but she does have a special affinity with men..she is a flirt:-)
Cleo went to a lovely older lady, who I think is as stubborn as this darling girl, happily residing in Kent, WA

(Adopted June 8/02)
Female/spayed/shots current
11 months old
11 lbs

Hi, my name is Chloe and I am told by my foster Mom, Wende that I am a bouncing ball of fur and joy. I was found by two nice ladies in Portland and they took care of me for awhile so that they could look for my parents. When they could not find them, Kris called Wende and she came and took me to her house to be cared for and loved.

 I am only 11 months old and was I ever scared to be on my own in this big city with no job and no car. They would not even let me ride the bus without something called a bus pass. Oh well, I am now safe with my foster Mom and she took me to the Beauty parlor so that I could have a nice bath and hair styling. Next week, I am going to have some female operation and get some shots, Wende says that they won't hurt and I believe her because she is older and wiser. I am living at her house with five other dogs, so I have allot of companions to play with, even one, she calls Peanut Butter,  who looks like me, if I  had longer hair. I am housebroken and give me a pig ear or squeaky toy and I amuse myself for hours, though I like to cuddle up and sleep by you at night. I love cats, children and just about everyone and I love to ride in the car, though I do tend to crawl into my persons lap so I can see out the window. CAN I COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND PLAY WITH YOU???  You do need to have a fenced yard, as I like to explore and see the neighborhood. I would love to have a forever family to grow up with and who will love me as much as I will love them. 
Chloe found that delightful family, she has a Mom, who adores her, and even is having a doggie shower in her honor, what a lovely young woman who adopted her, residing in a home filled with love in Seattle, WA.


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