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? = 


Sneaky neighbor's dog




Max   =

Puppy (aka Roni)

Now did everyone understand the above, confusing isn't it?  Well I was confused for a bit also.
Maggie got pregnant, by a neighbor's dog, the result is Raven, who no one would believe by looking at her, that she is 1/2 Shih Tzu.  
Than Raven got pregnant by Max, and the result is Puppy.

(Adopted Feb.13/06)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 4 - 5 years old
14 lbs

Maggie is a sweet endearing girl, she had a hard time with her spay, as she has had many puppies, besides Raven, and a VERY large hernia.  She is just starting to love and be loved....more information as I get to know her better.  She as all of the them, were horribly matted, and the stench was horrible, they have spent a lot of time outside in the pouring rain.  Maggie, once her fur comes back, is a gorgeous red and white, and will be so pretty.
Maggie has wonderful new parents, and adorable new brother Dusty, residing in Renton, WA

(Adopted Feb.27/06)
Shih Tzu and ?????
Female/spayed/shots current
18 months
19 lbs

Absolutely this boggled my mind, that Raven is half Shih Tzu, if she came into our rescue, we simply would have put her as some sort of Terrier mix, regardless she is one of the prettiest girls.  Raven has not been handled a lot, if at all, she is very shy, she is slowly coming out of this, but it will take time.  She is absolutely not agressive in the least, just a scared lil girl, who I believe relied a lot on her dog family.  Whoever adopts her, must have patience and a fenced yard...her eyes will cast a spell on you, and want you to nuture her and show her what love and life is all about.
happily residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb.11/06)
Male/neutered/shots current
4 years old
14 lbs.

Max is an outgoing lil boy, he seems to be adjusting well to the changes in his life.  He was such a horrible mess, as the rest.  Max will be an absolutely gorgeous boy when his fur comes back in.  The mats were rock solid on him, with no option, like Maggie and Puppy to completely shave them down.  He is doing excellent with housetraining, so I think he will be fine once rehomed.
Sweet sweet boy, who is kind of bossy with his son Puppy.
Max now has a family to love him, as new dog owners, Max will show them how wonderful Shih Tzu can be.  Residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Feb.19/06)
Puppy (aka Roni)
Male/neutered/shots current
6 months old
19 lbs
*sweet Roni, renamed Koa, passed to the bridge in Nov.2018*

Puppy is the son of Max and Raven, so he is 3/4 Shih Tzu, though when I met him, with his matted coat, and size, he looked almost Lhasa to me, but you can see the resemblance now that he is shaved to his Mom, Raven.  My groomer said that when his coat comes back it will be one of the most beautiful coats to die for, with his gorgeous brindle coloring, and Shih Tzu like coat, which will be soft and glorious.  Puppy is just a puppy, he is not sure of everything right now, but is a loving, outgoing, at times shy boy, who again, like Raven has not had much one on one handling...he will be fine though, he is just a puppy with love in his heart.
Roni has so many people to love him now, Mom, Dad, teenagers, who just adore him, as well as his new large doggie friend, residing in Mt. Vernon, WA

(Adopted Feb. 24/06)
Duffey & Abbey
Duffey (Shih Tzu/Pomeranian) Abbey (Shih Tzu)
Son & Mother
6 & 9 years
10 & 11 lbs

These two babies are very bonded, most of the time, you will see them sleeping and preening each other. They are Mother and Son.  They are very very sweet dogs.  They lived their live outside, existing on cat food, which has caused dry fur.  They eat dog food very well now.  Duffey was hit by a car, and damage was done to his rear leg, I had it x-rayed, and there is nothing that can fix it, he does use it, but tentatively.  It does not cause him any distress now, but when it happened, this poor baby would have been in excruciating pain, yet the owner never tended to it. Abbey does have low thyroid, and is on medication for this, it is very inexpensive.  She will need timely retesting, to make sure the dosage is correct.  Thyroid meds have no side effects.  Both babies have had full dental, and doing very well.  They just now need to find their forever home, where they will belong and be loved.  
We are just so happy with the home these babies went to, a former adoptee who is the "best" residing also with Elisa 
in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

(Adopted Feb. 25/06)
Snuffles (Snuffy) "nka Tucker"
Male/neutered/shots current
6 months old
11 lbs

Hi my name is Snuffy, and I am adorable, I love to cuddle in your arms, follow you around, love my chews, love my toys, like to play with other dogs...but oops I need more help with housetraining, cause no one spent anytime helping me.
I am a sweetheart, and I will jump right into your heart...

 I want to clone Tucker's Mom...what a wonderful woman, and her gorgeous Schnauzer girl Riley, have given a fabulous home to this impish boy, residing in Stanwood, WA

(Adopted March 3/06)
Male neutered/shots current
9-10 years old
10 lbs

This is such an endearing boy, he follows you from room to room, gazing at you with his big eyes, with a tail wag and a devotion that is unsurpassed.  Often you will see him walking around with a hoof in his mouth.  He will be vocal, when he wants dinner or no one is noticing he wants to go potty, he is totally housetrained.  This darling boy came into rescue with teeth that are appalling, and ears full of crud.  He is today (Feb.27/06) having dental, ear flush...hoping he does not lose all of his teeth.  This gentle boy, has impaired hearing, we are hoping that once all the crud is flushed, maybe he will hear more, right now I have noticed he can hear my Sheltie bark (which is high pitched, and some other noises)...
This boy will be your lover and your devoted companion...if you want a lap baby, and someone who thinks you are wonderful no matter how bad a day or how you look, this charmer will not care.
Mickey has a very special new Mom, who finds this boy such an endearing soul.  Residing in Maple Valley, WA

(Adopted March 23/06)
Female/spayed/shots current
2 years old
12 lbs.

Good Golly, Miss Molly, I am just about the cutest lil imp you will met.  Now listen to me, just cause I am adorable, don't swoop in here and decide to pick me up right away, I have my set of rules, I need to know you first...I am a good girl and I don't get intimate on the first date.  I will come and be friendly, but I want to trust you first, and once I do (oh say 1 day) you can pick me up, I will give you kisses, and I will be your constant, and I mean constant companion.  You better let me follow you around, cause I will anyway.  I love to play with toys, but I am a bit mouthy, no one taught me"gentle" but that is easily worked with.  I adore men, well basically I am a flirt, and I love women...
Housetraining after a couple of days is going well, just some reinforcement needed..course it did not help that I got stress diarrhea the first few days in foster care.  Just so many changes for me.  I really don't like being left alone, so would love to have a parent(s) who love to take me places, and be home with me.
Adult home only

Molly has a new home, where Dad is around all the time, and Mom comes home from work and spoils her.  They had just lost their beloved Shih Tzu to old age, and were delighted to bring this girl in and treasure her.  Residing in Tacoma, WA

Male/neutered/shots current
2-3 years old
13 lbs

This adorable chipmunk never did make it to my available page, since the right home was already waiting for him.  This baby was originally rescued by a wonderful lady who helps greyhounds, I applaud the work she did with this "once" unsocialized sweetheart.  And coming into my home, helped him do better with dogs of his own kind and size..he would sit up like a chipmunk forever, waiting for treats or love...great lil boy, now residing with a super couple in Everson, WA

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