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(Adopted June 3/02
PJ & Baxter
Males/neutered/shots current
18 lbs

PJ (rear) and Baxter (front) are father and son, they have been together their entire lives, and will only be adopted together, as they are very very bonded.  When you meet them, it is difficult to tell them apart, PJ has more tan/black on his back, and Baxter more red..but look at those faces together, and you think you are seeing double.  These boys have had a hard life, they spent the first part in a garage, as they were not allowed in the house, and than the husband became ill, and now for some reason allowed to come in.  The Dad dies, and the Mom suffers from Alzheimer's, and  forgets about the dogs.  A nice lady did adopt them, and tried to give them a good home, but with her work schedule, she felt they were not getting the home life they needed.  Both of these babies started out being very unsure, and tentative, but have become very outgoing, it is hard on these dogs, not having the security they need.  They would flourish in a home, where they had lots of attention, but the new home, will need to give them a little time, to slowly adjust.  They both have a loving and kind nature, and I am seeing it come out as each day progresses.   Adult home only. P.J. is very animated, he loves to do the high 5 wave, when he wants a treat, Baxter is the big oaf, who just spends his time, being contented being around you, and being loved, both boys are total sweethearts, and faces that melt your heart.  Really easy and well behaved boys, who occasionally like to trot around with a toy in their mouth, they are great in a car, and even walk pretty good together on a leash.
These boys got really lucky, two wonderful semi retired sisters, with two laps, to share two great boys.  Residing happily in Gig Harbor, WA

(Adopted June 21/02)
Shih Tzu/Pug
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 5-6 years old
18 lbs

Alright, what were people thinking?? Doesn't matter, I am as cute as can be, with a personality to match..yes I look like a Pug, I have the body, tail and face like one, with Shih Tzu fur, though I do shed just a bit.  I am built like a truck, to run you over with hugs, kisses and love. I like to play, I like to kiss and I love to love you.  I get a bit antsy in the car, I snore (well wouldn't you, if you had this pushed in nose) I love to get up in your lap, and I know I can love you or anyone, just give me the chance.  I like other doggies, I love my food (can you tell) and I would love to have a home, that will not lock me up in the garage and forget about me.  I am a very good boy, and I like everyone, including kids... 
Marty was adopted for 3 months, but due to unforeseen family circumstances, he needs to find a new home...are you the one?
Sometimes life is strange, a home that had wanted to adopt Marty months ago, but we're late in their request, they than adopted Mikki from me, a Lhasa/pug, well when they saw Martin, they leaped at the chance, and cornered the market, on the cutest pug crosses:-) Residing happily with Mikki and other furkids in Clinton, WA

(Adopted June 22/02)
*Due to complications with her heart, darling girl passed to the bridge Dec.03)
Female/spayed/shots current
13 lbs
7-8 years old??

Hi my name is Cinders, short for Cinderella, because I am a Princess. No one knows where my beginnings started, 4 years ago, this wonderful man found me in the ruins of an old home in Kentucky, I was such a mess, skinny, scared, and matted.  He scooped me in his arms, and took care of me, he brought me home to met his beautiful wife, who I loved.  I loved them both very much.  My Dad and Mom were such wonderful parents to me, they nurtured me back to health, physically and mentally.  I am a shy girl, but if you let me have time, I am a wonderful girl.  My Mom and Dad are the best parents I could have dreamed for, but one day, they brought home, a baby, the baby makes me very uncomfortable, as I am shy, it was alright in the beginning, but as this baby started to move around, I felt so uncomfortable, that I wanted to hide away all the time.  My Mom and Dad were so concerned about me, they knew in their heart, I would not be happy anymore living with their new daughter.  And she scared me, so much I either hide away, or growled.  With very sadden hearts, they put me in foster care, I know they love me, it was so obvious, they held me, and cried so openly I know they did this for my sake.  Now I am here, I am doing fine, and I want my parents to know this.  

It is not often that I, can speak so highly of anyone who decides to rehome their dog, I take an exception to the family of Cinders.  I have never met more caring, concerned and loving people.  They took extraordinary care of this girl. Cinders first few years had to have been very difficult, possibly a puppymill dog, as she had been breed several times, and her shyness indicates total lack of socialization in her early years.  Her parents worked hard with her, and poured their love into her.  Unfortunately you can  not always reverse all emotional damage, and when they had a child, Cinders could not adjust to this new life in her home.  Her parents decision on rehoming her, was a not a snap judgment, but their concern for her happiness was more important to them, as they watched their beloved dog hide away.  Cinders' age is not really known, she may be younger or older than speculated, as her condition upon finding, led vets to not really know.  Her eyes are clear, and my thoughts are she is approximately what I have indicated.  The best home for Cinders would be with retired people, no children, and she loves to travel, she is the best car dog, she is housetrained, and she is very sweet, but remember  when you met her she takes awhile to warm up, but when she does, what a doll.
This doll found such great parents, the Mom came bribing me with donuts:-) thanks Mom, my waistline needed that...what a wonderful new beginning for this girl...residing happily and spoiled in Ellensburg, WA.

(Adopted June 29/02)
3 years old
*darling Ty passed July/14 and Cinnamon Oct/13*

So you say that all you ever wanted in your life was an adorable furbaby to hug and cuddle and kiss.

How about the "Dynamic Duo"? 

Yes, we are brothers and we need to stay together. Ty is a bit shy and Cinnamon takes care of him so that he does not get too scared when in a new situation. Of course, once Ty gets used to his new place he is a bundle of love and fun. Cinnamon is so outgoing and loves to play. They both love bones to chew on and balls to fetch, though they don't like to give up the ball. Both furbabies LOVE car rides, sit quietly and just enjoy themselves. They walk well on leash, are housetrained and a TOTAL joy to have around. They get along great with small, medium and large dogs, not sure how they do with cats.

Now a word from the "Boys":


We have been told by our foster Mom, Wende that we are "VERY CUTE", but we prefer to be called "HANDSOME". We have tried to tell her but you know when a woman makes up her mind there is no changing it. Oh well, if she wants us to be cute, that's okay since she does hand out GREAT treats, lets us sit on the furniture and takes us on super long walks to the park with all the other dogs. Wende said that she loves us so much that she would keep us all to herself but she says that we need a family all our own so that we can be spoiled with allot of personal time and attention.  We would love to have children to play with, but it's okay if it is just a couple or even a single person, as long as they can cuddle good. Now a yard with a fence is very important as we love to run, jump and play with you or each other.


Please only respond if you want to adopt both furbabies and give them both lots of attention and love. They WILL NOT be split up, as they have been together all their lives and are very bonded.
And they were not split up, now residing in a great home in Mt. Vernon, WA

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