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(Adopted May 10/02)
1 year old
Male/neutered/shots current
17 lbs

Buddy looks like a huge teddy bear. He has the most expressive lil face and loves to snuggle. Buddy was given up by an owner that did not understand the importance of neutering and spaying your furry friend, and the consequences when it is not done. Buddy was dumped off at the Vet's office to be PTS and we were called, as the vet refused to do this to such a sweet dog. Buddy has now been neutered and is looking for a home that would love to have a fun-loving companion, that wants to play and cuddle. Adult home only due to the fact that Buddy has a bit of Shih-Tzu-tude. He is ready and waiting for the perfect new family, Is That You???
Special thanks to a wonderful Vet and her staff, 
Animal Hospital On Midway.
Buddy is now living with a gracious and loving couple, who find him an extremely cuddley dog, they just can't figure out how to get him to stop, bark talking non stop:-)..since he has decided he has an opinion on everything, they adore happily in Burlington, WA



Male/neutered/shots current

Female/spayed/shots current

12 lbs

12 lbs

(Adopted May 16/02)
These two are so cute.  Desiree and Bandit have been together since they were weeks old.  They have always lived together,  their Mom, felt she could no longer keep them, because Desiree is very uncomfortable with children, Bandit is not that great either, and their Mom now has child, and she watched how they were with other small children, and they would growl, they have never bitten, but she was afraid that maybe someday when her child was toddling around, it might happen, and also felt that they just were not happy with kids around. These babies were loved, and taken care of, perhaps the only fault was the lack of socialization that has prevented them from acclimating to children. Though they have done very well, with the big change, which does show me, that they were indeed brought up with love. Desiree is the shy one, and also she takes time to warm up to men, but once she does, she is a happy little girl, but when you met her like I did for the first time, she was timid, but it only took a couple of days, and she has glued herself to me, she is still a bit tentative with my husband, but that is slowly ebbing as each day passes, so with just a bit of time, love and patience she will be fine with men.  Bandit, is simply a outgoing, boisterous lil boy, he likes to woof woof, at you, and loves to have an ongoing conversation.  He will easily adjust to a new home with his sister in no time. 
These two adorable babies, found such a wonderful home, I loved the caring and devotion this couple had for this very special breed.  And was so impressed with this extraordinary couple...thank you Jim and your lovely wife, for giving these babies a truly wonderful home, now residing in Seattle, Wa..where I know they will never want for anything. 

(Adopted June 1/02)
*darling lil Joe, passed to the bridge July 11/10 from heart failure, he was the best dog and is so missed by his Mom*
Pokey Joe
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 4 years old
13 lbs.

I am just a little boy, my body stank so bad, no one wanted to even come near me.  I heard the phone call, "please help, open your doors, this boy has got to get cleaned up" I heard my new foster Mom, sigh with relief, her friend and the best groomer ever, even after a long hard day of work, once again opened her doors.  I was immediately put in the tub, and I heard gasps, never had they seen so many fleas, I was so used to it, fleas crawled out from everywhere, as Auntie Judy (apparently she is an aunt to over 400 dogs, gosh where do they all sleep) tried to cover my eyes and nose, to stop them from escaping, and poured the strongest flea shampoo on my body, and it seemed like I was scrubbed for hours, as they stared in horror at the black black dirt fall off me, and hundreds of fleas falling to their death.  Boy I am starting to feel better, I just sat and enjoyed all the scrubbing, and boy were they surprised, they thought I was a dark tan color, and I am really very belly is very distended, from the tons of worms living inside me.  I do feel better now, they gave me a bunch of medication, and later I went to the bathroom, and I heard the gasps again from Mom, kept saying, more worms than she had seen in her lifetime, from one doggie, she said also she will make sure there is nothing else, and I will get a fecal done (whatever that means)...and than something about a hernia, oh yes an umbilical hernia that has gotten very large, but that will all be better too, once I go to have some thing called neutering done...gosh I feel good, and under all that I told them I really am cute...

Pokey does not really know what living inside is, his first home, chained him up outside, and put a bag of food down, and that was his life, the second home, though deeming to care, left him outside all the time, and his condition is appalling.  Thankfully though, all things that can be corrected.  I have been rescuing dogs for several years now, and never have I come across one so flea and worm infested.  The bloat in his tummy is already subsiding, as mentioned I will get a fecal to rule out any other parasites.  He will go into the vet, for altering, hernia repair, shots and whatever else he needs after the Memorial Day weekend. Updates on everything later.  His coat is not thick and luscious like it should be, but than this boy did not receive the nutrients as the parasites have taken their toll.  As for his personality, he is fantastic, he is happy, playful, cuddly, gets along extremely well with all the dogs here, has a very warm and endearing temperament.  He does do surprisely well in a car.  He is enjoying his new life right now, he loves to be inside, and is learning my dog door.  He will need some consistency to be totally housebroke.
Pokey has returned from all his vetting, he is now altered, shots updated, hernia repaired.  Fecal showed no sign of any other parasites, his ears were flushed, he does have an ear infection, and drops for them, he has meds for his eyes, for slight infection.  And he came out of there, tail awagging, and happy to be home.  This furbaby is just a doll...
Pokey now has a new beautiful lil sister Yorkie, and a splendid new Mom who has lots of time to give Pokey the home that he deserves.  Residing in Lacey, WA.

(Adopted June 1/02)
Male neutered/shots current
App. 4-6 years old
14 lbs

Everyone who came to see me at the shelter, thought I was very cute, and I had lots of people who wanted me, than they read my vet report, I have slight dry eye, needs dental, my skin is itchy, my ears are infected.  And everyone turned away, cause they knew they would have to open up their pocketbook, instead of opening their hearts to help me.  I have found help, because I am here.  I never got home for hours, cause foster Mommy whisked me first to the ophthalmologist, and I got all these lights and drops put in my eyes, I have really good vision, but I do have dry eye, so I get drops twice a day in my eyes, and I will need to see eye doctor again the end of June.  Next stop was the groomer's, and I got all cleaned up, and than off to another vet office.  My teeth are clean now, I did lose a couple, my ears are flushed, and I got a thyroid test...Now I feel so much better, I am taking antibiotics because my mouth was infected, and ear drops for my infected ears...I am waiting to hear what they will say about my thyroid, but in the meantime, I get wonderful baths, that make me feel so much better, and good wholesome food, and I don't itch so much anymore, and if I have a thyroid problem, my foster Mom, says no big deal, a pill a day, and my skin will start to get better, if it is allergies, no problem either, I will just need a good diet...and now that I am on the road to health, I need my own home.  I stay very very close to my foster Mommy all the time, I am a little uncomfortable with my foster Daddy, I won't tell anyone, but I know some man was not nice to me, but with a little time, I will understand he is one of the good guys, so I need a little time to feel comfortable with men, and to trust them again.  I am playful and affectionate, don't mind other dogs, I am living with a pack of them.  The only one I got mad at was this silly girl Peke, who thought I should actually listen to her highness when she spoke, and I think I will the next time.
Parker's thyroid is normal, and now that he is on a good diet, his skin has greatly improved, and he is great with my husband now. He loves to play with balls, he will bond very deeply to someone who shows him love.
Parker is a lucky boy, he has the most wonderful new Mom, brother, and two furkids.  This was a fabulous adoption, to a very caring and special lady.  Thank you Cathy..residing in Vancouver, WA

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