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(Adopted Jan.4/08)
8 weeks old B.D. Oct.31/07

I was a Christmas gift...need I say more?  This time I get to chose my own home, who will really want me, and not be a "whim".  I am adorable, tiny, cute and give those wonderful lil puppy kisses.  As with any baby my age, I play, eat, pee, poop and start over again.  Though I am pretty good at hitting the pee pad.  So far I am quiet in my crate when it is bedtime.  Cause I am a baby, I need someone who is committed to taking care of my needs, and able to help me become a wonderful adult, I am a wonderful puppy, so that should be easy.  I am going to be a small Shih Tzu, my foster Mom guesses, maybe 7 lbs (course we could be wrong) but from my tiny size at 8 weeks, she does believe so.

So if you want puppy love, don't wait long to apply for me:-)

Maggie has wonderful and doting new Mom, residing in Mission, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Jan.13/08)
Female/spayed/shots current
8 years old
15 lbs
*precious Cookie passed to the bridge Feb/14*

This absolutely adorable lil girl lost her home twice, first when her Mom went into a nursing home, and then when her Mom went through a she has found her forever home, with two doting parents, and her new brother Chester.
Residing happily in Edmonds, WA

(Adopted Jan.22/08)
Poncho (nka Mushu)
Male/neutered/shots current
B.D. Sept. 11/07

Residing in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Feb/08)
Kyser and Santana
4 & 3 years old
*in great sadness Kyser/Kaiser succumbed to cancer and passed to the bridge Nov.13/2015*
*Santana joined his brother at the bridge Jan/2019*

Well this picture sure doesn't show how gorgeous these boys are..they are now happily living with their new big sisters, Sammie and Katie, being absolutely spoiled on Bainbridge Is. WA

(Adopted Feb. 9/08)
Female/spayed/shots current
6 years old
16 lbs
*sweet Ginger passed away 2018*

Lil Ginger needs to go in for a touch up groom.  Ginger was in our rescue 2 years ago, and was adopted to a very wonderful couple, who doted on her.  The husband passed away from cancer, and Mom has to move, with a very sadden heart she needed to give up her baby.
Ginger is very sweet girl she gets along with all the dogs here though prefers people to dogs. She eats well and loves to go for walks. she has some allergy issues that we know how to treat and if she is monitored her new family should be able to take care of these problems. She is very vocal and "sings" to let you know what she wants. She is very easy-going and friendly, she would prefer someone home most of the time, however in her last home the Mom did work.  She has beautiful soulful eyes that just melt your heart....

Special home, for a special girl, residing in Seattle, WA


(Adopted Feb.28/08)
(aka known as Laurel and Hardy, because they are a comedy team)
Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
2 years old
Males/neutered/shots current

Sadly these babies had to be shaved down:

They came from a backyard breeding situation..but they are just dolls, and keep you laughing.
These are two of the sweetest dogs I have ever had in foster. They get along with the other three or four dogs in the home and are very friendly and easy-going. If chastened by one of the other dogs they just say, "who me?" and go on about their business. They like each other and will play/chase each other but they don't push the other dogs to join them...they just are wonderful little guys. They eat well, whatever they are given, they will sit for a treat. They love to go for walks and are great in the car as well. They rarely bark and are such happy boys. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are almost perfect. They did finally move from the floor beds to the people bed (without  being invited, but I don't mind them there). But they could be directed back to dog beds if needed. They come highly recommended by their foster mom.
They will only be adopted together.

Fabulous new home, residing in Everett, WA

(Adopted March 1/08)
Male/neutered/shots current
2-3 years old
16 lbs

Watch out he will wiggle his tail so hard, he will send you spinning.  He is animated, full of himself, loves to play with dogs, toys anything..he is a hoot to be around.  Sadly Neddie was living in squalor, when he came into rescue, he looked worse then any puppymill dog we have seen.  Fur so matted, dreadlocked and filthy.  Once shaved down, the fur was glued to one of his eyes, and as a result he has an injury to that eye.  He is now being treated for his eye, and ear infections.  Ned is also an allergy dog, and needs to be on an allergy food.  If you have room in your heart, Neddie can be a great dog.  He does need work on housetraining.
Adult home only

Neddie got some really great new parents, residing in Oak Harbor, WA

(Adopted March 2/08)
Ping & Pong
Shih Tzu/Lhasa
Males/neutered/shots current
9 months old

We are a comedy team and best of friends. We love to play with each other and just watching us is so much fun you will have lots of laughs. We love everyone we meet and everyone really likes us we are "charmers."

We do enjoy a car ride as long as we are together. We would love to go on walks and meet new people. We are very good with other dogs that live in our foster home. If you had kids to visit we would do well with them also. We love to cuddle up and sit on your lap or lay next to you. When we go to sleep we must have our bone with us just to lay with but don't worry we like to sleep under the bed but must have a bone in order to settle down for the night and go to sleep. The potty training is going very well. I think as long as you gave us our favorite treat when we came in which is a peanut butter dog treat from Trader Joe's we would be well on our way to being even better about our potty training. A  dog door would be nice for going outside and we enjoy lounging in the sunshine.  We are also free fed so you don't have to worry about us eating too much at one time we do not over eat our dry dog food.

Great home for two great dogs, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted March 21/08)
Female/spayed/shots current
16 months old
10 lbs

Jessie is such a sweet adorable little girl, who loves to play.  She gets along with other small dogs and cats.  She is shy when she meets new people, but she warms up quickly, she is just a little coy and unsure.  She is doing well on housetraining, just needs more one on one...she will warm your heart, and will be such an endearing lil companion.  She is a treasure..and once you spend time with her, you will be in love.

Jess has a wonderful new Mommy, and older Lhasa friend, she is absolutely adored, "thank you Jackie" residing in Mukilteo, WA

(Adopted March 23/08)
Update:  Furbaby Rescue wants to thank EVERYONE for their generous support for Misty.  We are all so grateful, her bills were paid...and because of you, we can help save more and more...

*Sweet Misty is on her journey to the bridge, she had congestive heart failure Feb.28/15*


Update from the new parents:

Miss Misty Update!

Misty came to our house last Friday (March 21/08) and has ask to stay forever!  She really likes her new family of Moms Gretchen and Jennifer, brothers Kaiser and Paris who are rescued pit bulls and  Lugnut the pit bull/mastiff mix foster dog. Although she is being spoiled she is also learning the rules of the house that apply to everyone.

She loves to go and the sight of her leash makes her start dancing on her tip toes!  She has been so many places already. Also my clients love her and she is able to travel with me many days out of the week. 

Misty is doing great with her mouth.  She will have a check up with our wonderful vet to follow up on her healing and begin a monitoring program. She saw her groomer today who will also help us watch for any changes.

Misty is very grateful to all of you for your generosity and care. We would like to thank you too!  For now we will all just settle in but soon we will find out if Misty wants to become a therapy dog (we think she will) and get out there and make people smile!  If any dog would be good at therapy it would be Misty!

Thank You for all your love and support!

"Hi, my name is Misty. I do not usually look this sad. I am a happy girl who loves everyone and dances when I see my friends. I love to play with my doggie friends and even with my cat friend. I am an avid walker and stop to greet everyone I meet on the street. If you stop long enough to pet me I love to roll over for belly rubs. I am just a little confused right now about all the changes that have been going on.

Misty came into our rescue a couple of months ago, she had a huge tumor growing in front part of her lower right jaw.  Our vet removed the tumor and biopsied it. The good news was that it was a benign tumor and chances were good that it would not grow back.

Misty went to a new home but after Christmas some of her teeth seemed loose and her new Mom took her to the vet. The tumor was not only back but it had grown and spread through the bone and erupted by both of her lower canine teeth.  Her Mom was not able to afford the cost of the surgery the vet told her Misty needed and sadly her she returned Misty to Furbaby.

Misty has a nasty epulis tumor, which is benign.  These tumors if caught early can be removed and there is success.  In Misty's case, when we got her, we were not fortunate. Our vet has looked at the new x-rays, and there is a significant change.  He is planning to do the surgery on Misty and she will lose much of her lower jaw. Hopefully after her recovery she can find a home with a family who can not only help this loving brave little girl live a normal life but can afford any other vet care that she may need.

The cost for the surgery will be in excess of $1000 or more, we don't know for sure, and how extensive it will be.  
She needs your help, we need your help.  We are asking if you can find it in your heart to help us, help her...

Thank you, and Misty thanks you.  It will be a very painful procedure, but we are going to be optimistic on her recovery, this girl is so sweet she melts your heart.

Feb. 3/08: Misty had her surgery on Feb.1/08, she lost a significant amount of her lower jaw, our vet. Dr. Kevin Erickson, with the consultation of the dental specialist at WSU,performed the difficult surgery.  After surgery there was significant swelling, which was to be expected.  Lil Misty is a trouper, right now she is eating food that is shaped into little meatballs, and immediately she took to this.  The only time the staff heard Misty, was when she decided she wanted attention, tired of her kennel confinement...showing us, that her wonderful loving nature prevails strong, even in this time of horrible pain.
Feb.4/08: I picked up Misty from the vet, she trotted out, with tail up, and to see her little tongue now hanging out, it only adds to her sweetness. She greeted all strangers with a smile.  I was told by someone who had spent time with her, if you could just hold her for a few minutes, everyone would understand why we are fighting to help her, she touches everyone she meets.  She is back in her foster home, on pain medication, the foster Mom will watch for abnormal swelling, and keep her comfortable.  She will need to go back in 3 weeks for recheck, stitches out, and we PRAY and please everyone PRAY with us, that the tumor does not return.  If so, she may have to have radiation treatment.
To date, with her first surgery and now this one, her bills have exceeded $2000...but believe me when I say, she is worth it. 
Feb.7/08: Stoic lil Misty is continuing to do well, eating her meatball supper, relaxing and sleeping in her lil bed, prancing for her foster Mom.  Her mouth is being monitored closely, there was some more swelling, but it has gone down again.  So far now, all is well..she continues on antibiotics and pain meds, even though she is not exhibiting pain, her quietness is a strong indication that she is uncomfortable.
Feb.8/08:  Foster Mom noticed after she was licking her paws that there was some blood, sure enough, a couple of stitches had come out.  She was taken to the vet to have them redone.
Feb. 17/08: Misty has decided she doesn't want to eat her meatball dinner anymore.  She has always loved kibble, so foster Mom, soften the kibble just a bit, and she is happy, happy and more happy.  She will be going in for her stitches soon, so lets hope there is a good report at that time.
Feb.23/08: Misty had her stitches removed, and it looks FANTASTIC, she had a slight swelling from the stitches (which is a normal reaction).  She is the favorite of the vet staff, she just laid down, and simply allowed the removal without a peep.  The vet is"confident" that the tumor will not return, with the amount of jaw removed, and several x-rays, he feels good about her outcome.  Again time will tell, but at this time, he feels she is going to be just fine.  And now Misty can go back to eating her kibble that she so loves, and is on the road to being a normal lil girl again.  Currently she is still sleeping more then normal, but this was a major surgery, and her body is still catching up.
Now we are starting to look for a new home for this very special girl, we are looking for a home, who will watch her, and take care of her...we will always be here for this girl, but she so deserves a home that can give her more then we can in foster care..where she is not one of many, where she is the Princess...and I promise you, once you meet her, you will understand what all the fuss is about.
If interested in adopting, please email Furbaby Rescue.  Thank you everyone, without you, we could not continue.

A very special thank you for your help to:
Russ and Linda Young, Sammie and Katie in memory of Tebeau Bainbridge Island, WA
Tammy & Scott Basset, Munsin, Cuddles, Spokane WA
Wendy Mayfield & Jimmy, Jackson, &Little "Danny the Dog", Bellingham, WA
Janet Needler, in honor of Bear (lil Chi), Bellingham, WA
Shamah Gamrath, Seattle, WA
Brenda McCreight, Timmie & Bianca, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada
Aliesha Alexander, Georgio, Fox Island, WA
Nicole Oswald, Buddy, Vernon, B.C. Canada
Michael & Kimberly Olson, Bayle, Everett, WA
Billie Marquiss, in memory of Ginny & Cinders, Ellensburg, WA
Carol Eells & Abby, Grants Pass, Oregon
Kirstine Leppard, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jackie Worth, Mukilteo, WA
Russil Lea, Lisa & furbaby Ashlea, Burnaby, B.C. Canada
Fiona O'Donoghue, Kira, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada
R & G Graves, Tualatin, Oregon
Vanja Hacquard, Ontario, Canada
Glenna Ashley, Benji (fka Kitty), Milo, Niki & Otis, Wilsonville, OR
John & Eileen Ratchford, Miko, Port Townsend, WA
Glenda Simpson, Nady, Bear and the zoo household, (we love you Glenda) Redmond, WA
Sandi Catherwood, in memory of our beloved Lacey (1988-2005), Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Laurie Lewicki, Rio, Harley and in memory of Junior, Sequim, WA
Kirsten Reid, Gumbi, Bellingham, WA
Anonymous Donor,  Bellingham, WA
Samantha, in memory of Poppi, Homer, Shannon and Saylor
Alta & Susan McIntyre, Bothell, WA
Jeff & Narathip Garland, Seattle, WA
Earl & Janice Thomas, Elsa, Qualicum Beach, B.C. Canada
Michele Bruce in memory of Murphy and Molly, Delta, B.C.
Betty Bruno, Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown, Toby, Nakita, Sultan, WA

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