(Adopted May 26/10)
Miracle nka

This video tells the story, please watch, and we are asking for help.
Victim of Neglect

A Miracle Comes from Neglect

Now Your Help is Needed


We’d like you to read this entire story and feel the range of emotions that we did. Then we’d like to ask that you focus on the positive and help us recover some expenses and let the little dog that is tentatively called “Miracle”, go on and enjoy life as a dog should be able to do.

Imagine for a minute that you received the e-mail below. Note: We have *** out identifying information because we know there could be people who would react in an inappropriate fashion. 


I have a very small Shih Tzu who does not like my kids and is biting them.  This dog is extremely cute and that is the only reason he is not buried in the yard.  This animal is in need of immediate rescue.  If this animal is not rescued prior to March 26, it will be dropped off at any available shelter, bridge, overpass or cliff.  I will not tolerate an injury to my children.

I would be willing to make a moderate donation to a shelter or foster facility.


Leave any messages at:  ***-***-****

Breed: Shih Tzu (pure)

Name: ****

Sex: Male

Age: 3

Weight: 5 pounds


All Shots

Do you feel rage and anger at the person who wrote this? You aren’t alone but we tried desperately to consider that perhaps this person just had a sense of humor that we didn’t understand. That person did do the right thing by relinquishing the dog, just not soon enough. We quickly put the initial reactions aside and moved quickly for the sake of “Miracle”. Thankfully one of our special volunteers got this little Shih Tzu and rushed him to a vet after realizing something was very, very wrong.

“Miracle” was barely 5 pounds at 3 years old, plus became seemingly unresponsive shortly after being relinquished to our volunteer. Talk about rescuing with no time to spare. The little dog was dehydrated and blocked up intestinally. After all tests were done and X-rays taken, the little Shih Tzu went to surgery where a small, round plastic object was found to be lodged and blocking the intestinal tract. The vet said it had been there for a very long time. The plastic object (perhaps a toy ball?) is in our rescue’s possession but it is so filled with germs that we’ve been warned by the vet to not open the package. Imagine what this little dog was dealing with between a foreign object lodged in his tiny body and all of the related infection surrounding it.

With that part explained, what are you now feeling? Compassion for the little dog and an understanding why he’s been temporarily named “Miracle” for surviving this nightmare that never should have been allowed to go on for so long? Are you feeling gratitude for the volunteer who was alert and quick enough to rescue and get help for Miracle?  

If you’re still feeling anger, we’re going to ask you to overlook that, as difficult as that may be, and concentrate on the life that Miracle can now have once a very special “forever home” is found for him.

We’re also going to ask for help since the vet bills are over $5,100 and there could be some follow up expenses until Miracle is fully recovered.


What can you do to help us pay off Miracle’s vet bill so that we’re able to help the next dogs that come along? Hopefully there will be none as serious as this has been but unfortunately it seems to happen all too frequently.

While saying doggy prayers for Miracle, would you say a prayer for the small children who were supposedly nipped at by this little dog? May they somehow understand that dogs in such painful and serious medical conditions as Miracle was, will not want to be touched and may react in an unfriendly manner. May many dog owners learn from this story and realize that dogs need to be watched as closely as small children because everything goes into the mouth and is at risk of being swallowed by both children and dogs.

We appreciate your help. No donation is too small, no donation too large. We thank you and Miracle will surely thank you from this day on and especially after finding the perfect forever home. 

March 18/10
 Jamie was picked up from the owner, the volunteer never saw Jamie in the home, he was already in a crate.  Brought him home, took him out of the crate, and he was totally unresponsive.  Two hours later he was at the Emergency.

March 19/10:
 Jamie underwent surgery, as mentioned above.

March 20 & 21/10
  We are unsure, if Jamie will make it.

March 22/10
 There is good and steady improvement...yea

March 23/10
 Jamie is released from the hospital, and transported to foster care in Sedro Woolley.

March 24/10
 We had a little better day today with Jamie.  He was much perkier, but still not eating like I would like him too.  He has had 4 small meals of the canned mixed with fresh chicken and I will do one more a bit later.  Pretty much everything else I try with him he will immediately bury with his blankie.    Okay, evening meds went well with his loaded cheese balls.  One more round to go at 1 am.  It was such a nice day I took him outside and we sat under a tree for several hours.  He's been so cooped up I thought it would be good for him.  He pretty much does not move much more than about 2 ft from me at the moment.  He prefers to be sitting in my lap or right next to me.

March 27/10: 

Day Nine After Surgery

  All is well!  Judging by the deposit Jamie left me this morning, I am finally getting some more food into him!  It was a fine one and I was IMPRESSED!    Let's hope we can keep it up!  Three more good meals today and I will do one more later.

  Jamie is getting stronger by the day.  We spent some time outside again because the weather was nice, and he did some more snooping around the yard.  He goes so far, and then he sits and rests.  He looks SO deep in thought when he does.  I'm sure he is wondering what in the %#*& just happened to him!  He is still quite bonded to me, but the poor thing doesn't have a choice now does he?  He's totally at my mercy!  :-)

  Grooming is going slow.  I have most of the mats out of his back now and we will start legs tomorrow.  I got brave again and tried to scissor his eyes and quickly realized my initial evaluation is correct.  I will need help with that!  I got one snip in, and it became perfectly clear that I should stop before one of us got hurt.  :-)  (I'm more worried about his eyes than me!)  I think that is a two person job at the moment.  I'm just pleased he will let me do the rest of him for now.....well, he doesn't like it but............we ARE going to do this a little at a time. 

March 30/10

Day 12 after surgery

  It has been one week today since Jamie has come into my home after 6 days in ICU to save his life.  It astounds me that 13 days ago he was rushed to the vet literally hours from death.  (thank you angel volunteer!)  Jamie the Miracle continues to make progress and improves a little with each day.  He does, however, still have a ways to.  He is getting stronger daily and doing a little more walking now before having to stop and have a rest.  He remains crated unless he is outside to keep him quiet and let his healing continue. 

  Because he still will not eat on his own yet, I am hand feeding him several times a day as before.  Yesterday I started adding cracked kibble into his meals to start the slow transition back onto a normal diet.  He's a picky eater, but we are making progress.  Jamie is now off of all of his meds except the pain killers.  His incision looks very good and all staples have remained intact.  Bowel movements are still normal which is a huge issue with his past history of diarrhea in his previous home.  (he did have giardia in his medical history)  Perhaps it was never properly treated in the past?  We shall never know. 

  Jamie goes in for his recheck on Thursday.  His staples will be removed at that time.  We are also going to have the spots in his eyes examined.  I'm thinking these are due to the prolonged time he has had this hair in his eyes which can be so irritating.  Slowly, a little at a time, I have been working on the mats in his coat.  Grooming is not Jamie's favorite activity so I'm keeping the sessions short and we are coming along.  Monday the 5th of April I think he will be feeling well enough to have his groom with Sonya who is expecting him.  She will make him look very handsome!!!!! 

  Jamie is showing great spirit with all of this and we are SO proud of him!  Many thanks to all of you who have sent prayers his way!  He so appreciates them and please keep them coming!

April 1/10

Day 14 After Surgery

  Jamie had his two week recheck today and did very well!  He is now up to 5.7 lbs!!  This is excellent news!!  We will keep working on his eating habits.  The last couple of days he has eaten a couple of meals all on his own!!!  Bravo!  Major progress!!!  This is another good sign he is starting to feel a little better!  His staples have been removed and the cone is off and he LOVES that!  His eyes have been examined and look normal.  (I must have seen a reflection, but its so hard to tell with all of that hair!)  He is also now off of all his meds.

  Since we did have the 'foreign object' in our possession, we did ask our vet to examine it for us.  We were warned to not open the bag without gloves and a mask.  Oh my goodness!  It smelled simply awful from all of the infection that was going on!!!!!  The vet did show it to us and it was also full of strings etc and did resemble a tiny plastic pom pom.  Our vet also concurs with the emergency clinic that this infection had been going on for quite some time!!!!  How awful Jamie did not get medical attention sooner and had to suffer through all of this pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We can not imagine someone not wanting to help him!!!  This could have all been SO avoidable if he had been properly treated when symptoms started to occur.  This is just shameful!  Absolutely shameful!

  Jamie is now resting from his big day out on the town.  He is still weak, so a big day indeed!  He's just exhausted!  He met lots of new people at the clinic (they passed him around) and he gave big kisses to them all to thank them for their healing prayers.  Jamie will still need more time and TLC to build up his strength and stamina   Bless his little heart for trying so hard!!!  Thank you again from Jamie for your thoughts, prayers and help! 

April 3/10

Day 16 After Surgery

  Jamie is coming along very well in his healing progress.  He is still getting lots and lots of rest, but also starting to be more active during the day.  He's doing much more exploring and is now getting to know the other resident dogs.  He's still being a bit shy with them, but warming up.  He even did some trotting around today so another good sign of recovery.  I think he is so very happy to have those huge staples removed and that darn cone off!  Jamie is wanting more and more tummy rubs too!  We'll keep up with the TLC and loving!  He's getting more and more energy everyday.

  He has also started eating entirely on his own per his choice.  We have slowly worked whole kibble into his meals and he is now eating that very well.  Meals are now whole kibble (instead of crushed), a little canned food and a bit of fresh chicken and rice mixture.  His appetite is much better and he prefers his meals warmed in the microwave at about 12 seconds please!  It smells much better to him now! 

  We have been testing him around squeaky toys, and he doesn't seem to have much interest in them right now.  (and he will never be left alone with one until we know if he will destroy it)  Oh goodness, we wouldn't want a repeat of all this.  We are just testing to see if he is a soft toy eater, and so far, he is not.  Maybe that will change when he is 100% better?  We just don't know.


  Currently Jamie is pretty glued to his foster mommy, but that is understandable considering the amount of time they have spent together recently.  He got along very well with every one that held him the other day and he is also doing well with the husband of his foster family.  Jamie continues to get a little better with each day!  He thanks everyone again for all the prayers coming his way and please know they are working!  He's on the mend!  :-)          

April 5/10

  Jamie had his big day at the groomer today and he did very, very well with her.  I have slowly been working on his mats since he arrived, but there were many more to work on.  I've noticed as well that he is losing some of that hair as I've been working on him.  Today, he did lose a bit more hair as the mats came out, but we do think this is due to the poor quality food he was previously being fed, his illness, and general stress from his whole ordeal.  The many mats on his head were removed as well so he is now a bit thin on top for the time being.  With time for healing, good nutrition, supplements and lots of love, this should clear up when his new hair begins to grow in.  He is resting quietly in my lap and enjoying feeling groomed and clean again!  He looks very handsome and smells just heavenly.

  Every day Jamie gets better and better!  He thanks you once more for all of your thoughts and prayers!  Thank you!  Its working! 

April 7/10

Jamie continues to improve with each day and gets more active daily.  This is such exciting news for all!  What a trooper he is!!  Today was a very busy day for him and he is now resting from it all.  You see, he has been invited to be interviewed for a local TV show.  WOW!  Lil tiny Jamie is going to be on TV!  If you live in the PNW you will be able to see him on the new show New Day Northwest at 11 am tomorrow morning!  (channel 5 locally)  Wow!  The subject of his segment is going to be called Rescuing Blind Dogs because they are also going to be interviewing our dear friend and extremely talented Yvonne Harper who is an excellent photographer as well as artist/writer.  She recently released her new book called Blind Faith and it is all about rescue dogs that have disabilities.  A wonderful book!  She has been the owner of rescued blind dogs for many years and now can not live without one of these exceptional babies.  Thank you Yvonne!

  When Jamie found out he was going to be on TV he panicked  because he has absolutely nothing to wear!  Oh no!  How can a rescue dog go on camera without proper attire?  Oh dear!  He was taken to visit Bow Wow's and was amazed at the quality of all the fine men's wear available at this boutique!  Wow!  So hard to choose!  Heather (the owner of the boutique) stepped right up and brought out many outfits for Jamie to try on and offered her expert advice.  Thank you Heather for your assistance with dear Jamie!  :-)  Now Jamie will be stylin'!!

  Because of his big day today and his trip tomorrow to the studio, Jamie is on bed rest!  He's doing wonderful with all of this and we continue to be so very proud of him.  He thanks you again for all of your prayers and thoughts! 

April 8/10

See lil Jamie, on TV

April 10/10

Watch lil Jamie's new video

April 12/10

Jamie took a couple of days off to have a little R&R after his big week!  Whew!  He went to see Sonya the groomer who made him look so very handsome first.  And then he got to go to Bow Wow's the wonderful boutique and look at all the fine men's clothing available.  Wow!  His head is still spinning after all of those choices he had to make on what to wear for his big TV appearance!  Boy, and then off to the big city to face all of those cameras.  What an adventure for this dear little boy!  He'll never forget it! 

  He is feeling very good now and actually started playing with the resident dogs today as they ran and played in the yard.  Because he is so tiny he can't really keep up, but he did run and follow them around and vocally gave instructions as to who should be going where!  Too cute!  He has appointed his little self as the official referee and/or aerobics instructor.  It doesn't appear anyone is listening to him, but we won't tell him that and he gets an A+ for effort from me!!  You go Jamie!!  The most important thing is that he is feeling better and interested in this type of interaction now!  And those tiny wee legs of his go just as fast as he can make them go to keep up.  They are just a blur.  :-)

  We do feel that Jamie is now ready to go to his new forever home.  His new family must understand he is a tiny, fragile little dog and experience with tiny dogs will have preference.  Jamie is a dear and has left me a list of things he would like to have for his new forever and ever family and no small children is number one on the list.  Oh boy, he doesn't want all of this to happen to him all over again. 

  Jamie thanks all of you again for your thoughts, prayers and support while he has gone through his journey to recovery.  He is one amazing little dog!!!

April 28/10

Jamie is doing wonderful and we are all so happy for him!  He loves to run and play outside (unless its raining and the grass is wet.....ewwwwwwwwwwwww!)  He is quite the charmer and makes us laugh so often with his antics.  His hair is starting to grow back in now so all is well.  What an ordeal he went through and bless his huge heart for being such a champ through the whole thing!  What a special little dog indeed!  When its chilly outside, he is borrowing a jacket from his buddy here who is about the same size.  He thinks he looks like George Clooney in it!  :-)

He has trained his foster family well on when he wants to be picked up and cuddled.  He has the cutest little squeak to let you know when he needs attention which is most of the time because he knows how special he is!  Being cuddled and carried everywhere is simply grand in his honest opinion.  And, of course, he knows best after all don't you think?  :-)

Jamie is ready for his new home and what a wonderful companion he is going to make for his new special family.  He can never thank you all enough for the thoughts, love and prayers that you have sent to him!  Another little Miracle for all of us!  Jamie is one fabulous little tiny dog!  Jamie sends a big wet doggie smooch to all of you!  Thank YOU!  

May 19/10

How do you like my new "attire"?  Teresa who has the
The Embroidery Room  made my darling blanket and bandana, and generously donated them to me, so please go and visit her site, tell her Jamie sent you:-)


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