All these babies have now been adopted, 
Thank you for all your support and to the wonderful homes that have opened their hearts to them...we all miss them

The winner for the Cavalier Framed Print will be announced tomorrow Dec. 14/09
and as a special bonus, we have one unframed print we will draw for also:

Jan & David Sanders, Darby & Bailey, Lopez Island, WA  for the Framed Print
Bob & Kate Carter, Emma & Tinker, Port Angeles, WA for the unframed Print
Congratulations, and please enjoy 


There will be no cute story with this write-up because itís not a cute situation.

Furbaby Rescue needs donations badly. If you watch the website, youíll remember that we took in many Coton du Tulears that needed a lot of medical help. The vet bills soared and there werenít enough funds to pay the vet.

We recently took in numerous Shih Tzu that were the result of an irresponsible home breeder which you can view further down this page.  There were the usual expenses of spaying/neutering and vaccinations but the unexpected rapidly set in. Huge amounts of dental work were needed on the dogs.  One dog alone had 25 teeth extracted. Two dogs had teeth that were so bad that the resulting infections caused their jaws to break. It gets worse. One little female had a lump that the vet feared was or could become mammary cancer so that was surgically removed. And it gets worse again. One little female was X-rayed and found to have a bladder stone the size of a golf ball. Can you imagine a dog thatís about 10 pounds with a golf ball sized stone in the bladder?

So by now, without going any further, you probably can imagine the size of the vetís bill. Itís to the point that I donít know how it will ever get paid unless there are a lot of Doggie Angels out there. We hate to beg because our rescue supporters are the best but with the sour economy and these vet bills in the many thousands of dollars, we have no choice but to ask for help.

Once again I have had a framed limited edition print on canvas donated for this cause. We will enter the names of all donors and draw out someone to receive this print. Even though the current situation is to benefit the Shih Tzu and Cotons that have been helped by our incredible vet, the original painting is of two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that were Furbaby Rescue dogs. The painting was created by Karen D. Dreyer of Camano Island who fostered the two Cavaliers and captured this pose in a photo which resulted in a painting.

"Do You Think We'll 
Ever Get a Forever Home?"

Click on picture to enlarge

 Our rescue was able to find the perfect home for the Cavaliers and they are now thriving and beautifully cared for just as every dog deserves. 


Not only does Furbaby Rescue and all volunteers thank you, we know these dogs will thank you. And if you could do one last thing - start telling everyone that extra special adopters will be needed for these extra special dogs.

(Adopted Dec. 9/09)
App. 3 years old
13 lbs

The first Furbaby Rescue volunteer who met Chrissy said she nearly wagged her tail off to see someone greet her so cheerily. There's no doubt in our mind that Chrissy should adjust quickly and become happier every day with someone to appreciate her wiggles and waggles. Chrissy was one of the luckier ones, besides all the normal, spay/shots/microchipping.  She only lost a few teeth.

(Adopted Dec.11/09)
App. 4 years
12 lbs

As I watched Lacy in severe pain, my heart broke for this lil one.  She strained and strained as she tried to relieve herself and you could see the pain. Once x- rayed, she was found to have a large stone lodged in her bladder.  Lacy had been enduring that for who knows how long until she was relieved with surgery.  Her eye was also bad so she was taken to the Ophthalmologist where she was diagnosed with fluid build up.  Lacy revisited the Ophthalmologist, on Nov. 10/09. She went to a different one, as Animal Eye Care is local.  Her condition is called bullous  corneal edema, caused by a severe injury to her eye.  This condition will not get better, but it is a time bomb waiting to happen, if she rubs it or bumps it, it could rupture.  She does have 60% vision in this eye, and perfect vision in her right eye.  To protect her eye, the specialist wants to perform a surgery called"Tarsorrhapy Partial Unilateral" permanently closing part of her eyelid to protect that part of her eye.  This surgery is estimated at $1200.  Her vet bills already have exceeded $1500.
Doggie Angels we really need you.
 She will need her "forever human" to always care enough to stay on top of her health and never let Lacy suffer like that ever again. 
Update Nov. 18/09
Sweet Lacy had her eye surgery:

She was uncomfortable for a couple of days, but she is doing excellent now.  Lots of cuddling and holding made it better for her.  In a couple of weeks she will have a recheck, and she is on her way now to a long painfree life.  Whoever adopts her will not be sorry, she has a shyness about her, but that just makes you love her more. 

Lacy and Chrissy enjoying a REAL life.

(Adopted Dec. 15/09)
App. 4 years old
13 lbs

This sweet endearing lil girl, was so FULL of milk and in pain, compresses and binding her helped relieve the pressure (and where were the precious puppies that needed their Mom ?)  She lost a few teeth also.
Faith is doing FABULOUS in foster care, the resident doggies are Goldens, and she adores them, you can see her spriting through the yard in glee chasing with them, and when playtime is over, she will cuddle close to them, she is a darling lil girl.

(Adopted Nov.14/09)
App. 6 years old
13 lbs

Wanda-Joy's mouth was rampant with infection and as a result her jaw had fractured.  The jaw will eventually heal, but she is only able to eat soft food for the next two months. Wanda-Joy will need her "forever human" to have a caring, maternal instinct to help her through the healing process. You will be rewarded with a very devoted little girl dog because these dogs don't forget who treats them well and who didn't treat them at all. 

(Adopted Dec.12/09)
Justice ( aka JJ)
App. 2 years old
14 lbs

This boy had such a raging ear infection, it was pouring from his ears, and infection going through his body.  His eyes have scarring and he is diagnosed with dry eye, which he will need ointment for life (just plain neglect for such a young dog)

His foster Mom says:

After coming from an unpleasant situation with a bad ear infection, JJ is doing much better as he settles into my home with our dogs.  He really wants to learn how to do dog stuff.  However, you can see that he is waiting for his forever home so he can bond with someone special.

You will never find a sweeter boy than this little fellow that is so happy-go-lucky and self-assured.  The worst habit he has is chewing string like items.  He doesnít always understand what to do, but he tries really hard and is eager to learn.  No matter what you are doing or what is going on he is always happy to just hang out or be involved.

Whoever adopts this little guy will have a devoted, good-natured, and kind friend forever.Ē  

(Adopted Nov. 24/09)
App. 6 years
12 lbs
*sweet lil Will passed away Feb.12/2018*

Poor sweet lil Will, I am not sure of the correct count, but he lost over 25 teeth, and the infection was pouring from his mouth, and his jaw was fractured because the infection was so rampant.
He is recovering, and will need soft food for a couple of months, maybe always.  The foster Mom says he is one delightful lil pistol


(Adopted Nov.24/09)
App. 8 years old
12 lbs
*Sweet Gracie passed away Nov.25/14, from complications of pneumonia and other health issues*
Poor darling Grace, Foster Mom says she is so sweet and endearing.  She had multiple things happen, first she lost one of her eyes, the other eye has scarring and she has also dry eye, both of which she is being treated for.  Upon examination a small fatty mass was found, after taking samples, thankfully it was not cancer.  Another small nodule was discovered on one of her breasts, the vets did a partial mastectomy, ensuring all margins were clear.  The biopsy just came back...and DRUM ROLL...she does NOT have Cancer...YAHOO

Donations may be made payable to
 Furbaby Rescue 
9718 Allan St., 
Blaine, WA  98230 
or if itís easier you may call our vet,
 Kulshan Vet Hospital,
Rescue Acct : 3325560A

Email Furbaby Rescue if interested in adopting.

Our thanks to:

Nicole Oswald, Penny and Buddy, Vernon, B.C. Canada
Boo, Cody and Phoebe. Woodinville, WA
Jan & David Sanders, Darby & Bailey, Lopez Island, WA
Kelly Doyle, Girlie, Missy and in memory of Junior, Des Moines, WA
Leilani Erps & Joy, Camano Island, WA
Karen Lofton & Maggie, Bellingham, WA
Janet Needler, Bear &Bob & in memory of Bomber, Bellingham, WA
Bette Harpham, Snohomish, WA
Sue Gillespie & Kirby and other furbabies, Seattle, WA
Linda Morrell, Seattle, WA
Donna Taylor, Seattle, WA
Ann Almlie, Benji & Marty, Puyallup, WA
Russ & Linda Young, Katie, Sammy, Kaiser & Santana, Bainbridge Is. WA
Laurie Krick & Portia, Camano Island, WA
Tim & Pam Serna, East Olympia, WA
Dr. Maureen Bendick, Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada
Rick LeClerc, & Sasha ,Bowmanville Ontario
Brenda McCreight, Timmie & Bianca, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada
Marcia Peterson, Theo & Cookie, Snohomish, WA
Yvonne & Jason Harper, Kizmit & in memory of Twinkles, Ferndale, WA
John & Eileen Ratchford and Miko, Port Townsend, WA
Christine Lam, Seattle, WA
Carol Eells & Abby, Grants Pass, Oregon
Margaret Martin, Bremerton, WA
Cheryl Williams and all the Crafters *thank you everyone" Tacoma, WA
Ken Steffenson , Piggy and in memory of Louie, Victoria, B.C. Canada
Nell Eva Caldwell, Tomi & Bebe, Susanville, CA
Glenna Ashley, Benji (fka Kitty), Milo, Niki , Zoey and in memory of Otis,
Dee Stahl, Jake & in memory of Teddy, Sparky & Sam, Bellingham, WA
Clifford & Sylvia McKee, Rocky(fka El Roy) Holly, Lily, Lacey & Pico, Anacortes, WA
Anne Calico, Gracie & Robbie, Shoreline, WA
Joan Spratlen & Gracie, Eugene, Oregon
EE Lyn Khoo, Rick Loch & Wrigley, Seattle, WA
Margaret Gribben (Kizmit's Granny)
Donna Bang, Westbank, B.C. Canada
ALFAS group (Alter Laws for Animals Sake) Chilliwack, B.C.
Maris Peters, in memory of Dayze & Ginger (two very special ST) University Place, WA
Jan and Earl Thomas, Elsa & Emma, Qualicum Beach, B.C. Canada
Gail Scott, in memory of Kramer, Seattle, WA
Kay Yoakum, Caleb, Roscoe and in memory of Cindy, Selah, WA
Billie Marquiss, in memory of Ginny & Cinders, Ellensburg, WA
Jennifer Alford, Olympia, WA
Kim & Cynthia Putnam, Olympia, WA
John & Cynthia Allen, in memory of Toby Lee and Sammy, Kirkland, WA
Stacie Henderson & Willie, Albany, Oregon
Jane Couch (La Shalimar Shih Tzu) Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Joan Horton, St.Catharines, Ontario
Shih Tzu Fanciers, Southern Ontario, Canada
Julie & Stephen Holmes, Sherman & Chloe, Arlington, WA
Beth Lockwood, in memory of Bijou, Hannah & Wicket, Coldwell, ID
Bob & Kate Carter, Emma & Tinker, Port Angeles, WA
Ellen,Terry, Tara Horne, Kiki & Havanna, Everett, WA
Ellen Watson
Selma Barrosa, Washington, D.C.
Marion Mayer, Kent, WA

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