My name is Lucky and I am a 7 year old Shih Tzu. I would like to tell you a little bit about me first.  I am adorable.  I am so easy going you would not believe it.  I adore everyone.  My favorite things are food, going for car rides, OMG do I adore rides...I will run right up to the car patiently waiting for the door to open so I can jump in, curl into a ball and wait for the driving rhythm of the car to lull me to sleep.  I love walks.  I don't bark, I can, but you never hear me, I think my foster Mom heard one quiet bark.  I am housetrained, and I get along with anyone or thing...I don't care.

When I came into foster care, I had one of the worst ear infections anyone had ever seen.  The infection was pouring out of my ear, and the smell was horrendous.  I was taken immediately to the vet.  Upon closer evaluation, he could see what he thought perhaps were polyps.  

Jan:16/09..The vet did surgery on my ear, removing by laser  as much of the "polyp" as possible, till the bleeding was too much and he had to stop.  My ear was packed with medicine, so foster Mom did not have to put drops in my very sore ear and sent home with heavy duty oral antibiotics. The polyps were sent to the pathologist.

Jan: 17/09: I came home, gosh I was happy, but I was in a lot of pain for one night, I let my foster Mom know this, by my quiet lil cries.  She helped me and gave me good pain medication, and I felt so much better.

Jan:18-25:  Foster Mom can't believe I am the same dog, I love to chew my hoofs, do the happy dance, I am calm, happy, sweet, and love to steal squeaky toys.  I feel good now, ear infection cleared up, and no pain.

Jan: 26/09:  My foster Mom is crying, she is talking to the vet.  The polyps are cancer.  I am scheduled for surgery on Jan. 28/09.  I will either have a partial removal or a total removal of my ear canal.  Total removal will mean I will be deaf in that ear. (my other ear is perfectly healthy) A small sacrifice if it means I can LIVE.

Surgery was postponed today.  Lucky's ear was checked, and all infection has cleared away.  The vet wants to find out more information by talking to WSU and the specialists on this particular tumor, and expectations.  The tumor is Ceruminus Adenocarcinoma.  It is expected he will have the surgery next week.  Updates as I know them.
Lucky was just happy to go for a car ride, and come home to chew his hoofs.

Jan:29/09: After thorough discussion with the specialist, it has been decided that an MRI is needed and a specialist to do the surgery.  Waiting to hear when this can be scheduled, and estimate of cost. (poor Lucky Spunky Boy)

Jan:30/09: Are you all sitting down? I wasn't.  My vet talked to the specialist, the estimate cost for MRI and surgery is close to $7000.  My vet was in shock as I was.  He will be looking elsewhere, and we may decide to have him do the surgery.  

Feb: 4/09: Still waiting to hear from my vet, presently he is playing phone tag with WSU, there could be a chance they will do the surgery...hope to know more by tomorrow.

Feb: 6/09: On Monday, Feb. 9, Lucky will go in for x-rays, and it will be determined if my vet will do the surgery, so keep good thoughts for this darling.  If my vet cannot do the surgery, plans will be made for him to go to WSU...their cost is 2000-3500 (depending) there is also the long drive (400 miles) and motel stay that will be needed to do this...updates on Monday.

On a slightly happier note,
Stacy at the Pet Parlor in Renton, who has groomed and knows Lucky, has offered that when he finds a new home, she will  groom him for life, FREE...

Lucky and all the furbabies were sent some new toys, (thank you Carole and Selma &
Lucy) Lucky decided he just loved one...though when he was squeaking the toy at 2 am, I was not really impressed:-)

Lucky had surgery this morning,
I just spoke to the vet at 5:30 pm.  He feels like it went very well, he did remove his entire ear canal, another pathology report will be done. 

 The vet feels confident that the surgery went well, he has a pain patch on, plus a drip,
to keep him comfortable.  He said the biggest challenge for the next few
days will be to keep him comfortable...though knowing this lil boy, he will
be very stoic...I feel so sorry for him.

He may come home tomorrow, or the following day, I will know more tomorrow
am, to see how he is of the biggest concerns was hitting the
nerve that runs from the mouth to the far it looks like that is
fine, he is not seeing any symptoms of this, and again will know more
tomorrow am. 

Feb.10/09: Poor darling Lucky is in a lot of pain.  It is being controlled very well by the vet.  He is staying another day, perhaps coming home tomorrow.  The Fantastic  news is, the nerve has not been damaged, the vet and us were all worried about this.  The side of his face is very swollen...this poor lil mite, the vet told me, as long as you hold him, he is so much happier...odd since Lucky was not one to held, be on your lap, be beside you, but never seemed to care about being held...but as any lil child or animal, when they hurt, the touch and comfort is so important. He will get plenty of that when he returns.  

Sweet Lucky came home yesterday.  This lil soul is in so much pain.    There have been some inquiries...Lucky did not lose his ear flap, he has his ear, his ear canal was removed.  The incision is along the side of his ear.  Last night I nor Lucky got much sleep, I kept him close to me, and he would doze for a couple of hours, and back to moaning...if I held and petted him, I was able to calm him.  Keep this boy in your thoughts, he is going through H**L now...

Feb. 13/09: Baby boy had a GOOD night last night, some restlessness, but he slept well, I cannot promise he was pain free, but he slept with his head on my legs, and I occasionally heard his soft snores of peaceful sleep.

Feb. 14/09: Lucky would like to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day.  Lucky started his day off, with his usual potty break,  after which he ran into the house and grabbed a squeaky toy, he is certainly feeling better.  He is still on  pain meds, but there is no more crying or moaning, he appears in pretty good spirits, with a good appetite...though I am spoiling him a bit with soft food, since I cannot imagine how it must feel to chew right now...he happily and I mean happily woofs it down.  He slept wonderful last night.  He is trying very hard to chew on hoofs, but that darn cone gets in his way:-)
He and I would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of emails/letters, the well wishes and donations that have come to help this darling boy.

Feb.17/09: DRUMROLL...YAHOO...Pathology report came back, no cancer found...this boy will have time and life ahead of him.  On a sadder note, this morning, I noticed Lucky had his right eye closed...after cleaning it, it was obvious something was to the vet.  He has a superficial ulcer developing, most likely when he was trying to rub his ear, he rubbed his eye, and ulcerated it.  The eye was stained, and he was sent home with eye meds, and his eye needs to be rechecked in a few days.  This time he is now sporting a longer cone, so there will be NO chance of rubbing his eye again.  Poor baby he looks miserable:-( but he is eating, and still does the happy dance when he think food is coming his way..and he was so happy to go for a carride today...sadly to the vets...

Feb:18/09: Gosh darn my eye is sore, Foster Mom continually cleaning it and putting drops in every 4 hours, it hurts.  Poor Lucky, just when he was pain free from his surgery, this has to happen...but really Lucky is lucky...this will pass.  He needs to return to the vet by Friday or Saturday for a recheck.  His stitches from his surgery have been removed, the swelling gone down considerably, and no pain when touched or manipulated.  He had a bath this morning, as he sure needed it...but so Ouchy trying to wash around his eye.

Feb. 21/09: Lucky's eye is 75% better, he has another appointment on Monday, Feb. 23...all is looking well...oh and Lucky has a secret, he will share really soon:-)

Feb.23/09: Lucky went in for his recheck, his eye is doing fine, it will take awhile to completely clear up, but it will.  It is amazing with this breed how easy it is to injure their eyes.
Once again Lucky wants to say THANK YOU.  Currently all his medical has been paid for.  THANKS to YOU...for the wonderful support, many were previous adopters, others  strangers, who came upon Lucky, and wanted to help him...I and my rescue, cannot begin to tell you our appreciation.  If any donation comes in now, it will be used to help our other fosters in our care.

Feb. 24/09: As mentioned, darling Lucky has a secret...he has been adopted, if I could have handpicked a family, I don't know if I could have found someone as great as his new home.  The angels sent these people to this boy.  He now lives in Medino, WA with two wonderful people, Linda and Michael..beautiful people who opened up their hearts to this boy.  He has two sister Shih Tzus, a stay at home Mom, who loves to take her "kids" everywhere...Lucky who is now named "Harry" since he was not lucky at all, till he came into my rescue and into their home.  I miss this wonderful boy, who came into my life, and showed me once again, why I do what I do.  He will always be in my heart.  And now he is in Linda's heart and walking right into their souls.


Can you find it in your heart to help this dollbaby.  Some dogs walk into your heart, he walks into your soul.

Donations are so greatly appreciated.
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"I was told at the vet's office a donation had been made in memory of Otis, I am sorry I wasn't given your name...whoever you are THANK YOU!"
Ruth Higley, Macee & Berlinn, Longview, WA
Jim and Monica Runyon, Spicolli, Issaquah, WA
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