Pray for Kassi

(Adopted June 20/09)
Born Dec. 18/08 (14 weeks old)
6 lbs
Shih Tzu mix

 I received a phone call about this adorable girl, and was told she had some breathing problems.  I tried to convince the owner to bring her to the vet for consultation, unfortunately she told me, she had no money.  She had bred her female and male, had 3 other puppies, and could not afford to do anything.

One look, and I knew I had to try and help her.  I did notice when she was sleeping her breathing was more labored.  Once at the vet, he checked her heart, lungs everything.  We did x-rays...she checked out wonderfully.

March 30/09:  This was a very sad evening, Kassi had a Grand Mal Seizure, 30 minutes later she had another.  I am used to seizures, and the best way to handle them, as our own dog, Miko, has been an epileptic since he was 6, so I have dealt with this horrible affliction for 5 years.  After her 2nd seizure, I gave her 1 mg of valium, in hopes of breaking the cycle.

March 31/09: Another Grand Mal Seizure.  I took her to the vet immediately, as this time she was not coming around.  Her eyes rolled back, and her breathing became extremely shallow.  As I drove, with tears running down my face, I honestly thought she would not be alive when I got there.  When I pulled into the parking lot, and raced to the kennel in the back of the car...there she was, tail wagging, and saying "what's up Mom"

My vet has done every blood test, bile acid test, all infectious diseases have been ruled out.  Liver is great, so no liver shunt.  Now what can we do, what is wrong with this lovely lil girl?

April 1/09:  Kassi has been put on Phenobarbital, we hate to do it, but 3 Grand Mal seizures are dangerous in such a  young puppy.

April 3/09: As I watch and observe this lil girl, for the most part, she is an absolutely normal puppy, she plays with toys, runs through the house in glee, plays with Carina...but when she goes to take a nap, she has lil cries of distress, and when she falls asleep, you can see her breathing is somewhat labored.

Sadly, she has the signs of a possible brain tumor:

Seizures - May range from partial (focal) to grand mal. Seizures generally
become worse as the tumor gets larger. Cluster seizures (several seizures
one after another over a short period of time) may develop. If the tumor is
not treated, seizures become more and more difficult to control as the
disease progresses.

- The dog may whine, whimper or even yipe without apparent reason. He
may shake or scratch his head or rub it against objects.  The dog may choose
to sleep on the floor, rather than a bed, so that it can rest its head on
the solid floor.

Difficult breathing - This is an important sign if it happens while your dog
is sleeping. Breathing may stop and start or seem labored.  Breathing
problems occur when the tumor puts pressure on the mid-brain, affecting
involuntary breathing reflexes.

April 4/09:  Kassi is the most darling little girl. When picked up she covers you with kisses. My heart is absolutely breaking.  My vet has talked to the specialists at WSU and the conclusion is the only way to know if she has a tumor is to perform an MRI.  Sadly, if the MRI  confirms a brain tumor, even with treatment, she only has months.  But if she doesn't have a tumor, maybe she has time and years ahead.  Sadly it comes down to money for an MRI or playing a guessing game. I am seldom stumped on the best course to take but right now I am being torn apart by not knowing what to do.   I am asking for prayers for one of the sweetest little dogs that has ever come to my rescue.  Please email and send wishes for Kassi.  She really needs prayers, positive thoughts or whatever your beliefs are to bring about the right solution for Kassi. I am so heartsick at the possibility of losing such a young, beautiful life

April 7/09:  Soul searching and decisions, hard ones to make, but I and everyone involved has made one.  She will go to a neurologist, and see what we can do to help her, if we can.  I was advised there can be other problems, and hey maybe she will be alright.  The guessing game is too difficult, and to look into her darling face, to see her play.  Oh and she was so happy yesterday, I think she thought I brought her, her very own toy, this toy is a 15 month old Bichon/Shih Tzu who is truly showing Kassi, that puppies have so much fun.  They have played all day.  So she has a another real puppy to play with for now, until he finds his forever home.

April 9/09:  Kassi and I will be making the long trip to WSU, Sunday April 12.  So you will know where we are on Easter Sunday.  Pullman is 400 miles from my home.  I am putting my faith in their expertise.  They saved my dog 5 years ago, perhaps they can save Kassi.  I have consulted specialists there, and they have said there is always  the possibility she doesn't have a tumor, as it is uncommon in a dog so young.  I will keep that prayer, and go with a positive outlook.  We need your prayers more then ever...keep them coming.  I have received such lovely emails, and I thank you all for keeping this girl in your heart.

I am putting out the plea once again for donations.  The quote for the MRI, anesthesia, spinal tap and neurological exam is about $1700..and it can go up from there, depending on her diagnoses.

April 12/09: Our journey began, what a horrible day, pouring rain, snowing in the pass.  Our lil passenger Kassi was a dream doggie, playing with her toys or chewing on her chew, and napping.  What a good puppy for travelling.  Occasionally she wanted a break from her crate, so a short walk and refreshments helped.  We arrived in Pullman at 7:30 pm, after a  long long drive.  Settled into our hotel room, all ready for the next big day.

April 13/09:  At 10 am, we met with Dr. Fred Wininger (Neurology/Neurosurgery) and Kristin Patterson (4th year Veterinary Student) (remember this is a teaching University).

Dr. Wininger did a very thorough neurologic exam on Kassi, she passed all testing with flying colors.  Next Kassi was taken for an MRI, Spinal Tap, Bile Acid Test, Urology test and many other tests.  I was to return at 5 pm for consultation.

5 PM: Results of the MRI...Kassi
DOES NOT have a tumor, or any abnormalities in her brain.  Kassi was taking a bit of time to come out of the anesthesia, and Dr. Wininger decided for Kassi to stay the night, observe her...and I was to return the next morning.

April 14/09: Preliminary results of the Spinal Tap had not come in yet.  Kassi is ready to go home.  Dr. Wininger said his goodbyes to Kassi, he loved her, as all the people who came in contact with her.  Kassi adores people, dogs, anyone who extends their hand and heart, as she extends her paws to you in glee:

  The other results of the Spinal Tap and urology tests will take up to 3 weeks.  We returned to the hotel room.  Kassi was very happy to play, chew and be a puppy, and she loved being on the bed with her stash of toys after her long three days.

And it did not take long for her to crash

April 15/09: Diagnosis (at this time) waiting for other test results.  Kassi acts like a normal happy puppy.  It has now been several days, since she has shown any distress.  She is diagnosed as idiopathic (unknown) which is unusual in a puppy of this age.  In a dog less then 6 months who has seizures, I have been told, that it is very unlikely she will have seizures as an adult.  Kassi will continue on the Phenobarbital, but we are switching to Potassium Bromide.  She will have the pheno and add the bromide for one month, and after that time, she will be taken off the pheno.  Bromide is not a drug, which is so much safer to use.  Eventually if she continues not to have seizures she will be taken off of medication in several months.

Course of Action:

Continue with her seizure meds, I have been advised to keep her with me for a couple of months to monitor.  And if all test results come back negative, Dr. Wininger feels she will be an excellent candidate for future adoption.  Closer to the end of April, Kassi will be spayed, and her last series of puppy shots, as well as microchipping and rabies.  Continue your prayers, I believe she is watched over by an Angel...

WSU: $1594.86
Kulshan Vet: $434.97
Spay, shots, microchip: $245
Total Bill: $2274.83

April 19/09:  That's it!!! My Foster Mommy is mean, she took away my favorite chewtoy, Ellis

he went to his forever home.  "But you never had him up for adoption"...that is because I knew the perfect home for him...sorry sweetie

he tried to kiss you goodbye.. his new Mommy was sure in love with you, maybe you will meet again.  I promise you will get a new friend to play with soon, for now you will have to play with Carina:-)

Kassi is doing FANTASTIC, no signs of distress, happy, happy, happy (well maybe not so happy that Ellis left)

April 25/09: Go Kassi Go!!...she ASKED to go outside and she pottied all by herself...yeah baby girl...finally a connection between her brain and her bladder...Kassi has a new lil friend, his name is Nikko, which is very confusing, since our own dog is Miko.  He is a 2 year old ST, which I will get up for adoption soon..and if I could ever get a picture of them playing, and not a blur would be great.

April 27/09: Long day yesterday for Baby Girl, she went for her bath and groom, all set for her big day tomorrow, which she is getting spayed.  She continues to do fantastic.  Do not have the results yet for the testing, my guess around the end of the first week in May, that will be three weeks...

Isn't she just adorable, many have commented she looks like a lil Owl, and she hoots like one too:-)

Kassi's Chew Toy:-) 

May 2/09:  Kassi did wonderful for her spaying, except for her wanting to scratch her incision, she has no idea anything happened.  She did not want me to take her friend Nikko today for his grooming and wanted to come along.

She had her little head under the fence, saying "hey what about me" don't worry, she can't make it under...that is as far as she can get:-) besides foster Dad was home watching her.

May 13/09:  Whew returned from a fundraiser in Zillah, WA.  A Canine and Wine Walk to support rescue.  Kassi joined me, as well as a few of the other  furry rescues and volunteers.  Ms. Sassy Kassi, was adored by everyone.  Had to watch no one walked off with this adorable fluff ball.  One special young lady held her, the daughter of the wonderful woman who sponsored this at Cherrywood B& B (you must visit if in the area, you will love it).  It was a pretty good turn out, for the first time for this event, over 100 people and their canine friends.

  Kassi went for a long walk, or rather carried part of the way with our volunteers from Spokane, Tammy and Scott Bassett.  She loved everyone and everydog.  She loved playing with a fabulous German Shepherd, once she learned to jump up on something to chew on his face:-)  She really had a blast.  And boy was she tired after the long day.

May 14/09: Today will be the last day for Kassi to be on the Phenobarbital, and only on the bromide, so our paws are crossed that she continues to be seizure and symptom free, as she has been just perfect.  I have not yet been informed of her last test results, both myself and Kassi's vet here (Dr. Erickson, Kulshan Vet Hospital) have left messages..will update when I hear.

May15/09: All test results have come in.  There was only one slight concern, but the specialist is dismissing them as a fluke, because of the sensitivity of the tests, and since the other tests she had ruled out possibilities of a problem.  Unfortunately the night of the 14th, Kassi had a break through seizure.  The specialist wanted her bromide and pheno levels tested, one issue is Kassi is growing, and while she is growing, the amounts need to be adjusted.  Until the results of the levels are in, I am to continue on the pheno throughout the weekend.  She most likely only needs the bromide amount to be increased.  The specialist was not concerned about this small seizure.  I was, because I had prayed they would never come back (wishful thinking).

May 21/09:  Both levels, the pheno and bromide were extremely low, the bromide has been increased, and continue on the pheno, and have her levels retested in a few weeks.  Kassi continues to grow, and makes you laugh with her adorable antics.  Kassi is 9 lbs now, and in the picture below, you can see, she needs to be groomed again, she is one big fluff ball.  Her newest friend is with her, Teeka, a 2 year old Shih Tzu that recently came into rescue.

June 1/09:

(Adoption pending)
Hi Everyone, 

This is the happiest and saddest day of my short little life.  

First of all, I want to woof out my gratitude to Furbaby Rescue for believing that I could be well and not giving up on me when other humans in the first part of my puppy days did give up on me. If it weren't for my foster Mom, I probably would be not alive right now. 

Next, this is one of the happiest days of my life, and I know I'm going to have a lot more happiest days, because I'm now available for adoption.  My doctors have said I can be adopted and  that I should have a good life. Of course, there are no guarantees for anyone in life but if I have a nice fenced yard, and my new family knows how to train, care for, and protect a dog, I plan to live until I'm 100 ......well, maybe 15 at least.  Ohhhh 15 human years equals 105 doggy years. Yup, I was right. I plan to live to be100. 

My foster Mom is going to be carefully screening applicants because she says I deserve the best possible home. She says I have a very special spirit and that I'm one of the sweetest little doggies she's ever had in her rescue.  She says whomever adopts me will have a very rare, special little girl, one in a million dog. Yup, that's me! Woof, woof! A friend of my foster Mom's said that one year with me would be better than 20 years with a ho-hum pet.  Hmmm, I never met any dog named Ho-Hum so I'm not sure who she's talking about. All I know is I have every intention of making someone VERY GLAD they adopted me and I intend to be their best friend for a very long time. 

This is the saddest day in my life for two reasons. I'll have to leave my foster Mom....and foster Dad's not too bad either. Mom thought she had the ideal family for me. Kind of a dream come true but something happened and they changed their minds. Must be this economy situation I keep hearing about that has so many people upset. I dunno, I would think if I cuddled up to someone as often as possible that I could make them feel happier. Anyway, it made me a little sad to know that I had a very special home lined up and it fell through but foster Mom assures me there are more exceptionally good homes out there. Are you one of them? Would you fill out an application? Let's see if my foster Mom would say "OK, Kassi, I've got the perfect home for you."  Be sure to provide LOTS of good references like your vet, your groomer, people who would pet sit me if you absolutely had to leave me for a day or so. Oh perish the thought of being without my human but sometimes it must happen. *sigh*

I'm looking forward to interviewing my future human family. I deserve the best. I deserve the best. I deserve the best.  See foster Mom, I'm learning to believe in what you say to me. I deserve the best!

June 8/09
Almost 6 months old:-)

June 19/09

Kassi as usual has been a busy girl, she had a blast with the last foster doggie, Wiggles, and was so unhappy when she went to her forever home.  Kassi had her bromide levels rechecked, and they are still too low, the specialist wants her to continue with the same amount, and be rechecked in two months time.  She is doing fantastic. and is looking forward to her forever home (though I must admit I am not) I will miss this special lil girl.

June 20/09
Kassi was adopted today, by a wonderful family, she was so excited when she met their other lil male ST Bodie, I know they will be great friends.  Looking at her little face, leaving me broke my heart, but I was  100% confident, this was where she needed to be..loving couple with a super lil boy doggie friend.  She will summer in Montana, and winter in Colorado...she will be loved and spoiled.  My job with her came to an end, but her new life is just beginning, filled with joy, fun and happiness...I will miss you so much my little girl.

The below painting, has been donated to help Kassi's medical.  It's a one of a kind acrylic painting on canvas 
board by Camano Island artist, Karen Dreyer.
Protected against sun fading with special coating.
Anyone who has followed my site, may realize this painting resembles another special Furbaby, Lucky (nka Harry.
Anyone who is able to donate, I will put your name in and do a drawing, and will win the
Furbaby Clouds of Blessings.
Drawing will be held, May 15/09

Winner of the Furbaby Clouds of Blessing
Stacy Hunt
Yakima, WA

Please help us help Kassi
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